Jacinda Ardern on the KGB Tavistock Training Institute in London


Featured false image – Jacinda Ardern / Jason Derella / TransCinderalla. The name keeps shape shifting – a bit like her policy ‘promises’….and her teeth, eye colour, face shape, ears and forehead. The Soviet Jews choose our leaders decades in advance – often even breading them in a laboratory from inbred donors in preparation, then start placing them in the media from a young age with a fake back story and made up name. Meet the Ju Cinder –  so Ardent. 


Kiwi children are NOT safe with these demonic lying freaks in charge. Its the same old Judeo Russian pedophile ring… with lipstick on. 

Media Whores is reaching out to TransCinderella today for further comment on the time she spent in London working for Tony Blair, the World’s biggest war criminal of the past 30+ years.

We ask – did she attend night school at the Jewish/ Russian /KGB Tavistock Institute at the same time, like her old employer and mentor Helen Clark and most of these ‘shape shifting’ New World Communist/ Corporate Order ‘leaders’?


The person who collected the sexual secrets on New Zealand is the same person who became the Prime Minister – Helen Clark.

Helen Clark wears incontinence nappies due to a lesbian fisting session she had at the Whitehouse with whitehouse hookers – before being bribed into sending us into war in Afghanistan

KGB Prostitute and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark
Former New Zealand Prime Minister
Helen Clark, KGB Agent,
St. Petersburg Gang Bang Prostitute

She collected the sexual secrets from the seventies and sold them to a Russian intelligence agent called Valenti Putin. He had two body doubles, also living in Wellington between 1980 and 82, and they were called Alexander Putin, Valenti Putin and Alexia Putin.
Valenti Putin is Vladimir Putin.Helen Clark collected the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s politicians, lawyers, judges, mayors, gave them Valentin Putin, and he used them to create and govern New Zealand as a communist mafia dictatorship, that would do absolutely anything that it could to cover up its sexual shame.

Valenti/Vladimir Putin

Valenti/Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Helen Clark had been a Tavistock St. Petersburg gang-bang prostitute.

She came back to New Zealand wanting to become an MP, but everybody knew that she was a lesbian. She was in a relationship with Judith Tizard. So Judith Tizard’s mother became the wedding celebrant, and Helen Clark married Peter Davis.Peter Davis is a known homosexual and child sex abuser. He was on the police list of those who needed cover.

So Helen Clark, lesbian and paedophile of a ten-year-old Vietnamese girl in Vietnam in late 2002, she married Peter Davis for cover, and became an MP. And because she had supplied the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety to Vladimir Putin, they both became the leaders of their country at the same time.

Helen Clark became the Prime Minister of New Zealand on the 6th of December 1999 and Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia on the 31st of December 1999.


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    Mike says:

    I was reading some stuff on “veterans today” website in Afghanistan where the opium poppy supply has gone from 168 hectares to 328,000 hectares since 2001, when these words reminded me of the local NZ mafia Gestapo. “the corrupt elements assembled therein are not looked upon as a legitimate government rather they are considered a band of usurpers, looters, mafia warlords and drug-dealers while at the same time, the resistance against them is considered their legal, moral and national obligation”. Which brings me to a guy, a highly skilled and extremely politically savvy marine engineer called Sid Hanslik who burnt himself to death outside parliament after the courts, to the call of “pedophile cult”, “stop murdering the fathers”, “stop taking the children off the mothers”. The guy was so upset about the local judiciary and political pedophile rings he actually burnt himself to death. How about something to celebrate him.

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      mediawhores says:

      sorry – we looked for details and couldnt rule out it was another masonic hoax.
      very sorry
      please post his details here – full details

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