Exclusive – Will Rocket Lab & NASA Send the First Kiwi into Space?


Featured False Image – Rocket Lab Retard Peter Beck. 


Will Rocket Lab and NASA send the first kiwi into space?


They will leach your tax money while lying and deceiving you and brainwashing / abusing your children with fake ball-shit. Rocket lab are part of the same inbred demonic / masonic bastards abusing children across NZ and Kiwis would be well advised not to let their kids anywhere near them.

Peter Beck is a lying masonic creep and another masonic leach upon our Nation.

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One thought on “Exclusive – Will Rocket Lab & NASA Send the First Kiwi into Space?”

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    Mike says:

    The “humanity spheres”, must be a joke. It is more likely, since the bigger the lie the more it excites them. That the humanity spheres are the exact opposite of that. Any guesses what they really are, the exact opposite is a very good place to start. His connections are probably just as inbred as Diana Spencer’s family tree that go back to the “groom of the stool”, in private chambers,wiping the ass of King Edward VII, while organizing the assassination of the actual legal King of England. Diana Spencers father is said by Hallett to be the favorite companion of Prince Phillip during his kiddie rape and torture sessions. It is any bodies guess how deep into the satanic stuff that family goes, but they were there right at the beginning of the current inbred paedophile satanist royal scam. A bloke I spoke to recently reckoned Prince Phillip was famous for getting himself sodomised by the crew on the navy vessels.

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