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Featured Image – the face of abortion in New Zealand – Terry Bellamak of the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ.


[Bumping this article back up today – Media Whores has a special disdain for this monster] 

Not much political crime going on in NZ at present obviously – well not being reported on at least – but this article grabbed our attention today.

This is the face of abortion in New Zealand – Terry Bellamak. Isn’t that the male spelling of the first name? Perhaps worth a transvestigation one day.

She sounds North American – most likely American, but we wonder if she claims to be Jewish also? Simply because that club seem to all be singing off the same song sheet. Hordes of these  ‘Americans’ have flooded into NZ since John Zionist Key was placed in power by Goldman Sachs and so many of them seem to be very vocal social activists and very politically engaged.

The abortion agenda is quite obviously about killing babies. Or fetuses as they like to say. We prefer the word baby, or unborn child. This particular demon campaigns on killing unborn babies up to 20 weeks old. She wants more of it. This is then sold to the chemically dumbed down public as some sort of new age liberal freedom of modern day life styles. Hell – the tax payer probably funds it.

Today she was in a huff in the news because some NZ doctors refused to kill 2 unborn babies in NZ who were up to 18 weeks old.


Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts

Below is a photo of an unborn baby at 20 weeks. Terry Bellamak works to encourage more Kiwi women to have these babies attacked with surgical knives in their mother’s wombs and/or sucked out with surgical vacuum cleaners and killed. What a lovely ‘women’.


She doesn’t campaign for women to be more careful with sex, or to wait until married etc – she campaigns on the right to kill the unborn babies at 20 weeks old in what should be the safest place for a child in the World, it’s own mother’s womb.

What a disgusting monster. Straight out of the pits of hell some would say.

And check out the ALRANZ logo below – 666 all over it as per usual. A few Masonic M’s. Even a giant X in the middle, another symbol of Saturn. Who the fk are these people? How the hell does an organisation that wants to violently murder children get a voice in our Nation? She isnt even a Kiwi as far as we can tell.


In many of our articles, we have described these monsters as ‘Satanists’ and ‘demons’ and one really has to wonder if they are not just throwaway terms.

We attempted to contact this monster today but she does not list a phone number on her website and has not replied to an email.

Some more photos of this witch below – followed by a bloody awful video on abortion which we highly recommend you don’t watch, just to prove our point. Looks like she is part of this large club of very weird ‘feminists’ who are by any serious analysis just  satanists, posing as social activists.

How about just try going without unprotected sex instead of murdering 20 week year old defenseless children in the womb? Or is that being unreasonable?

They are taking donations and memberships also. So making money out of it. Abortion and meth contamination. There are whole new industries popping up in our new glow-ball e-con-no-money. The product of big think tanks, government research, and some big pharma sponsorship. Awesome. They are probably all trained clinical psychologists. Or possibly even TedX speakers.

These people are quite literally, in the child killing business. How far we have all come in the past 20 years.



Terry Bellamak – the abortion face


Terry Bellamak – the face of abortion. Looks like Gareth Morgan’s TOP are big on aborting Kiwis as well. Jennie Condie and Jessica Hammond from TOP.  Check out their Twitter feeds for non stop raving lunatic feminist updates. Oh shit – they aren’t all holocaust survivors are they? It would probably pay to establish that question. 

Seems they are all big fans of Jacinda Ardern who has promised to promote more abortion in NZ if elected.

And this one popped up also “Deb’s on Twitter” – can we abort more babies please? Check out this things posts on Twitter. The faces of fetus killing in New Zealand – cos it’s liberal!


Who/ or what are these people?

Check out this image below from their website – click to enlarge – are those irises shifting into vertical reptilian/snake eyes?

Media Whores is seriously trying to avoid that whole lizard/ snake shit, but what the hell is going on?

“Join us. Kill your baby. Utopia awaits.” Its liberating. Its liberal. Its libel. It’s a lie. From baal.

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