The Dead Shall Rise


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Jumping the gun a bit on the Sunday scripture here, but lets sneak it in before everyone drinks from the cup of forgetfulness again on the Saturnday night – as per masonic design.

We will see all of this stuff ‘come to pass’ …..for no other reason than that the Sun is a natural filtration device and it is heating up at this stage of it’s cycle. And it is a cycle – mathematically precise. On repeat.

One black sheep will bolt, and the rest will start to follow.

The dead shall rise. You can put money on it.

The Christ is in you. Not outside of you. ie) only by taking full responsibility for your own actions, now, not waiting for the next election/ erection / false idol Savior.

‘God’ has no respect for persons. A person being your full legal name – a dead corporate fiction – not the Living Man. Each time you sign, you sin, and you will pay for it. Loving thy neighbour requires no legal contract, just your word and maybe a hand shake.

God/ Godliness requires a raw food diet. No if’s or buts. If you eat dead things, rest assured you will dwell in hell. A clean home is said to help also. Remove the fat and grease and you will not even have flies. When you cook your food, you kill it and that in turn is killing you and your family.

Regarding those creepy Jews – or those who call themselves Jews. You are a Jew within, not without. Those going around calling themselves Jews are liars, they prove this by outwardly saying they are such to begin with.

Condemned in the Bible 1) Usury – all Christians are borrowing Rothschild counterfeit money, at interest. 2) Lawyers/ liars – all Christians are using lawyers/ liar…and signing/ sinning for it. 3) Tax collectors – all Christians are paying taxes. 4) Sudducees – these are the false Jew sodomites on your TV screens, the actors, entertainers, media whores and politicians and they are all drug addicts, trannies…and sodomites – seducing you. 5) Scribes and pharisees – this is NASA, the History Channel, the school curriculum, Wikipedoia etc – it is ALL bullshit and 100% of Christians eat all of it up.

One hell of a task aye? Like going through the eye of the needle.

Must be 100% of Christians are failing miserably. Blissfully unaware of what their Bibles tell them. Be Less Fully Unaware.

These fake Bible bashing ‘Christians’ and ‘Exclusive’ Brethren running around pretending to be better than everyone else – are incredibly stupid at best and outright evil liars and deceivers at worst. Money is their only God.

As far as we can tell however – there is nothing against enjoying the odd quality craft beer, weed, good company, even acid (which is a natural compound). Perhaps even good cigars and clean tobacco. If God put it here, it was/is to be respected and enjoyed. Arguably even other man made mind altering substances – on the proviso that you do no harm. Whilst you might enjoy a steak, killing the animal to begin with is hardly respecting God’s creation and in the Biblical sense, you are condemned. Same goes for keeping it fenced without shelter.

All truths.

Take it or leave it.

Media Whores fails on the diet side of things – at least – and for the record. So not preaching, just highlighting facts and not volunteering to be nailed to a cross.

Christians are sitting ducks for the masonic forces that be until they figure all of this shit out.


PS: and the Earth you live on is flat. Not a ball. And you are not spinning.

60 Bible quotes on the Flat Earth. 

Here is one of the new age fake ones – named a few times in the Justin Davis Files – Jonathan Sarfati – with one of his handlers, posing as the interviewer and possibly even the books real author.  Sarfati was probably ‘initiated’ as a kid by the same people and now perpetuates the abuse and fraud. Blubbering high grade bullshit for a living before popping out for a MacDonald’s burger.





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4 thoughts on “The Dead Shall Rise”

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    Lee says:

    Rising from the dead refers to the stuff that Santos Bonacci has discovered in relation to the Bible. Where not only is human physical regeneration present. But the full bizzo of rising from the grave, human immortality.

  2. Reply
    theo is a coward says:

    Absolutely bro! I know of x3 other people who are aware to! You definitely are serving the truth!

    These crooks will be shitting themselves knowing their secret isn’t a secret anymore

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      may the record show that at this stage there are at last 2 or 3 other Kiwis out there who get it
      and up to 500,000 more who have checked it out, but are still thinking it all over

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