Donald Trump – Fonterra are a Bunch of Low Life Domestic Terrorists who Should be Arrested


Featured Image – the Don/ Donna Trump – another transvestite Freemason of the demonic blood line – exposing how intensive cattle farming is a Masonic strategy to destroy land and the environment. 


Fonterra are a bunch of retarded masonic domestic terrorists – created by the Jewish Masons to destroy NZ land and its environment while they fatten their pockets at our collective expense – run by possibly the biggest corporate criminal in New Zealand history – Theo Spierings – whom many Kiwis are surprised he has not already met instant justice from a well positioned deer hunter, or just a family member of one of the hordes of NZ farmers that have topped themselves under his fascist/ Masonic regime, via the same Talmudic Law his company applies to Kiwis.


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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump – Fonterra are a Bunch of Low Life Domestic Terrorists who Should be Arrested”

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    Lee says:

    Just who is this Jacinda cow,with a mouth full like a retarded Jack Ass wearing Jack boots, like Auntie Hell in Clerk, who with its first gob opening remarks reckoned that NZers would have to think in a new way. Try that one on me cow and it is gonna be “good morning nurse”. Who with its first gob opening remarks on the NZ First agreement was said to speak with “torturous illogic”. IllogIc is a group of words used to demean the recipient as being of less than animal intelligence, that is totally fascist, totally rascist, totally sexist, totally demeaning to anything considered human intelligence, that it is referred to as DEMON TALK. Not so much who is she, as much as what is she, with that boyfriend who looks like he uses his backside like a wallett. Then getting itself trained up in the UK doing dirty work related to murdering civilians in Iraq and the suchlike, in concert with that paedo maggot Tony Blair. What a pair.

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    Freaks says:

    I saw a post a while back from someone saying theres X2 Donald trumps, like a good guy/bad guy. First id ever heard of it, nothing would surprise me with these demonic creeps

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