Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings is the Equivalent of an Auschwitz Gas Chamber Commander for Dairy Cows


Featured Image – Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings – some are claiming he is the equivalent of a Nazi gas chamber commander for dairy cows. 

Interesting to see people commenting that Theo Spierings – voted the most hated and despised Talmudic corporate lunatic, degenerate and parasite in New Zealand recently – is the equivalent of a Nazi / Auschwitz Gas Chamber commander for NZ dairy cows.

Media Whores doesn’t buy much into the whole WWII gas chamber conspiracy theory but we see what they mean. Fonterra is the equivalent of one for dairy cows, and he is the CEO, making record bonuses out of it.

There is growing and huge public support (as far as we can tell) for the idea of rounding this low life corporate degenerate up and chucking him in the back of a dog food truck to be carted off for ‘processing’ – once new laws are passed to enable this action.

Here’s hoping we get to see this crazy bald head chased out of NZ soon. It’s been brewing for some time. He is a large part of the occupying Fourth Reich corporate invaders.

We stress again we have seen no direct evidence that Theo Spierings is directly involved in the alleged NZ elite corporate pedophile rings exposed below..

Theo Spierings on the Elite Corporate Pedophile Ring Allegations

Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings on the Wholesale Talmudic Dairy Pedophilia Rings in New Zealand

Theo Spierings of Fonterra Voted the Biggest Parasitic Corporate Fkwit & Most Hated Man in New Zealand

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