Fonterra Dairy Milk Upates – New Zealand Dairy Farmers are Degenerate Swine


Featured Image – Life of a NZ dairy/ bobby calf – NZ Dairy Milk Farmers are degenerate swine. 


NZ dairy farmers are degenerate swine. Greedy corporate fkwits and soulless swine. So far infested up their rare ends with Rothschild/ Talmudic debt and money – they have lost their collective souls . Inhuman. Sold their souls to Rothschild for some chump change so they can prance around in over sized four wheel drives like a bunch of short dick retards. Dropping dead like flies due to anal cancer and suicide as symptoms of, and payment for, the demonic /ungodly work they engage in. You feed your kids this demonic milk – they become ungodly swine and corporate slaves also – rest assured – its called universal law. Thus why the ‘elites’ push it upon our society – using corporate swine….


Featured Degenerate Corporate Swine – Theo Spierings – mass murder milk for schools 

Theo Spierings on the Elite Corporate Pedophile Ring Allegations

Theo Spierings of Fonterra Voted the Biggest Parasitic Corporate Fkwit & Most Hated Man in New Zealand

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One thought on “Fonterra Dairy Milk Upates – New Zealand Dairy Farmers are Degenerate Swine”

  1. Sham says:

    Agreed with you on this 100% degenerate swine is fitting!

    You speak T R U T H about these topics, something a LOT of people refuse to accept and justify it due to a lack of genuine empathy and refusal to understand.

    I truly cannot wait for the day that the corporate masonic scumbags are made accountable for their horror show

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