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Media Whores is probably best known for dealing out ‘digital harm’ and often accused of not offering up enough content focused on solutions.

We have mentioned many solutions, often in passing and tagged on the end of very long rants.

The solutions are very simple and involves less not more. Rewinding things……

Get rid of the Government and wipe all forms of personal income tax. A global corporate super structure has been put in place, whether we like it or not, the Government is now just an extension of that – or the enforcement arm of that if you will. Everything is now user pays so they are double dipping. Every time you step out the door you are paying GST, petrol taxes, alcohol taxes, tobacco taxes and on and on. GST should be lowered back down to 5% and this will be more than enough to provide all needed services, once the unnecessary social engineering ones are removed and done away with. The banking industry along with all global corporate activity must be regulated and taxed so that they are no longer raping us all – at present these Talmudic owned and run criminal operations are running the show and remain relatively tax free while Kiwis all labour and suffer under 70% net taxes. There is a strong argument for chucking most of their agents here in NZ in the new Molesworth Labour Camp at least until they have been detoxed from their greed, prescription drugs …and pedophilia. Once the big corporates are paying their way – a fair rate for the privilege of operating here – coupled with a fairer GST rate – there will be more than enough money to cover all services we need such as emergency unemployment and health care etc. Land must be freed up to cover all housing requirements first and foremost. The solution is not to pack Kiwis into 12 story shipping containers, but to insure everyone has access to a quarter acre, as we once did. If people want to go live in inner city shipping containers then they are of course free to do so – the new NZ is fully free market – as long as you are not doing harm to others. Its your choice. You are free to contract privately with others, both here and abroad as you deem fit, no government authority has any business stepping in and taxing or regulating for  it – as long as you do no harm. What is harmful is determined by local community common law courts and a national court for broader issues. Justice is no longer managed by a small group of inbred sex offenders working for a foreign owned corporation, namely the Bar Association and Crown – those guys will be spending some time in Molesworth and invited to leave NZ if they so wish. Molesworth Station, or something similar, perhaps even a small off shore Island, can be left open and running as a time out centre for those who fall off the wagon and do harm. There you are responsible for your own shelter and food with all the tools you need provided. And policed of course. You do not keep human beings in cages and expect them to heal – that is what the privately owned corporate Serco snakes do as a means of growing & harvesting their corporate criminal enterprise. There is no war on drugs. What you ingest is your business but again – do no harm – or it is off to Molesworth etc for some time out. There is no such thing as compulsory education, only knowledge, which is free and by no means compulsory. If you choose to train in a certain field, you are free to do so and likewise free to offer such training services. There is no such thing as factory farming animals. Low intensity / small farming of animals may need more negotiation and time, but it is a demonic process and should be phased out as/ if/when agreed upon. If you want to eat something dead – then own it and do it yourself. There is no such thing as ‘takeaway’ factory farmed animals provided for the greedy / lazy / braindead sods in our midst. You want to dig a hole and look for stuff? Don’t see a problem with that. The West Coast is a fine example – the environment has never suffered much. Regards matters of ‘sex’ – you are a human being – you are free, and sex is none of the Governments damn business – just do no harm – that does of course exclude /outlaw abusing children – as well as running around like a pervert trying to tell everyone about your sex. We don’t give a fk. It is all on line and direct democracy from now on. Better referred to as a Republic. No more decisions made at night and behind closed doors by a small bunch of interrelated Talmudic/ Old Testament pedos , drug addicts and psychopaths.

Income taxes are the number one cause of poverty in NZ and financial stresses the number one cause of health problems, and crime. They are pure evil. Income taxes stifle all economic activity and productivity and are designed for just that purpose – to keep everyone in poverty and under strain – thus needing doctors and lawyers. Those demonic fkwits and child abusers are facing time out also, or will be free to leave.

We currently live in a system run by inbred demonic Talmudic pedophiles – who control the banking system from offshore, and thus all policy in this Nation. Control the means of exchange, control all policy. That is where it has to start. Forget these inbred demonic pedophiles that pose as government and leadership. They are a fraud from start to finish.

We either evolve or stay in the dark ages under these filthy Talmudic inbreds and their demonic mind control.

And quiet easily done – all you do is realise you have ZERO obligation to these inbred pedophiles and their ‘acts’ and you commence living under the laws of common sense and do no harm. Funding pedophiles and their ongoing war against us all – is doing harm and thus both unlawful and immoral.

Once everyone starts to acknowledge this – the job is done. QED.

Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe. – PLATO, The Republic

Start by never confirming to these inbred Talmudic pedophiles in the legal system or government that you are the legal name (person)  – they own it – not you – so they can do as they please with you once you breach their copyright. You can provide a name if put under duress and threatened – which they will always end up doing – because pedophiles are very demanding and impatient types – and then always sign with V.C/ under duress) – a null and void contract. You can administer that name – but you are NOT a “person”.

Acts 10:34 King James Version (KJV)

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

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      mediawhores says:

      israel / the children of saturn have kill switches on all of our infrastructure – thanks to the pedofile masons who pose as our business leaders and mps. they can send us into the dark ages in a day.
      i almost expect it.
      check out flights to israel on line one day – from nz – up to 70,000 passengers per day. which is totally fake. almost like they are preparing to escape one day – which they would/will

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