Marcus Lush Night Time Tours of New Zealand Men’s Public Toilets


Featured Image – Marcus ‘Lush’ of ZB Nights. Just how does he stay employed in this homosexual Masonic new world order media?


Shit – that last Theo Spierings post stopped dead in it’s tracks at 109 views. Gone mega viral internationally according to the back end numbers. Possibly our biggest hit yet.


Media Whores is inviting Marcus ‘Lush’ to front a new series called “Night Time Tours of New Zealand Mens’ Public Toilets” to gauge the temperature of the Nation’s goy slaves and how they are feeling about things in this new homosexual Freemason corporate world order.

Judging by the sound of 90% of his callers – he is probably already an expert and will need very little guidance, nor pay.

This gig could even help him kick start a career in politics.

Image possibly unrelated we should note….although a good example of the sort of things Marcus Lush has been hanging up on callers for exposing his entire time in talk back radio. 



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