Soviet & Israeli Jewish Spies have Kill Switches on all New Zealand Infrastructure – Operation Talpiot


Featured Image – Soviet Israeli Jews can switch off entire Cities – power, traffic lights, even the Eftpos system and ATM’s. Can you imagine the carnage? 


Soviet/ Israeli Jews have kill switches on ALL Nations’ infrastructure – including New Zealand.

This is how they did Fukashima – as we have covered previously.

They can switch us all off in a second from their Israeli/ terrorist command bases.

This was apparently achieved by bribing pedophiles and sexual deviants in politics and councils across our Nations and by promoting only Jews or crypto Jews as well as Freemasons.

These are allegedly the inbred demons running the global corporations, most city councils and public infrastructure – mostly now privatized.

Creepy looking hooked nose Mr Smithers types, on high incomes.

It has reportedly been a 75 year plan since the WWII, run from Israel and the mother land in Russia, carried out while the sheeple across the West were all fed a constant stream of rock n roll, sex and TV. Kept fast asleep. We have in fact funded the lot of it, not least Israel itself.

You can read about it on Amazon….

Not sure what the best advice is – except maybe buy a generator, matches and some bake beans and try to keep your children safe from these people – not least at the doctors and in the government schools, especially around the local court houses.

It would be wrong to suggest that all business leaders, councilors, MP’s, lawyers, judges and doctors are in on it – but Kiwis would be well advised to keep their wits about them – especially where the safety of children is involved.

Media Whores is seeking comment from the following NZ ‘leaders’ and industry types and will update you if/when we hear back –  images fair use/ public commentary/ political incorrectness / before it is too late. 

Hi friends, a longish explanatory email. People have asked why I have not done a video the last week. Since I uploaded the video titled, “Israel’s Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program,” life has been hellish.


I am instantly hacked – high level. My network stack is destroyed. Once I log off, I no longer am able to get back online and must dump a saved image of the Operating System back onto the hard drive.

Recently, I visited the Israeli online journal Israel21c. This featured in my last video. Within minutes of looking at the article which showed Israel controlling the entire “Smart Cities” program which every single country has signed up to – Israel will control your fridge and washing machine – I had my computer go crazy and the C Drive where the OS is stored fill itself up till all 100GB’s was full. I recorded it all on camera.

My W10 is as secure as the average person can get it. I have the best corporate level firewall installed – they blow past it. Previously W7 Pro was destroyed – I had that running well.

Instead of me making the next video to explain the high court case debacle, I’ve spent the last two hours getting back up and running. This will go on forever.

Now, I want to make the point for two reasons – if I am not posting it’s because I am spending all week trying to keep three laptops running – that’s why I have three laptops – to keep running. I had the process down to a fine art. But now, it is far worse. It is instant.

I used to have 4 phones. Thats right…4! They would kill my phones constantly. I would throw my sim from one to the next. When I had finally had enough and went to get an old $20 phone and told people I would no longer be carrying a smart phone or be contactable instantly – the hacking of my phone stopped. Over night. They want me trackable. They want me carrying a phone.

The reason for my grumpiness at times is because I am in a constant battle to stay online. Its been going on for a long time. There are periods where it eases up, someone appears to give up, then they are back. I note that at times it backs off on a Sunday, so I think this is a small group operating from an official government agency – but it’s “on the side”. This is not official work. Just a theory. There is an identifiable pattern.


Since that calm and reasoned video on Talpiot – life has not been fun online. I also find “Russians” following me around. They walk behind me, sit behind me, pale and pasty – straight outta a Moscow winter. They have not been to a beach in Tel Aviv recently but maybe a friend gave them a call and asked them to make a trip? Plenty of Russians/Israeli/Jews all over Indonesia, Thailand and here in KL. This is the second time where, after a video, I find “Russians” making sure I know they’re there. Russian Jews? People also want to catch up with me in KL, say hi. In my eyes things have moved to a new level. Mention Talpiot and Israel’s control of the worlds high technology sector and watch the fur fly. Mention Russia’s self evident IN BED with Israel and get a bunch of pale and pasty “tourists” behind you on your way to a chicken and rice dish.

I have to leave in less than a month for a visa run and I do not have a good feeling about this. The Australian government is hiding a warrant for my arrest with regards the serious “threat to kill” a prison officer. I know this because it does not show up in the Perth District Court database but thats what they are telling the Malaysian government. They told the N.Z government there was no District Court warrant. My NZ immigration lawyers asked me why I was so worried about a joke Magistrate Court warrant and being arrested in Australia if I was deported back there from NZ. I told her they were hiding a higher level extraditable warrant and sure enough that is exactly what they have done. I know because the Royal Malaysian Police told me what the Australian Federal Police told them when I was interviewed at KL international.

I have to get two video’s done before I leave this country for a visa run. One is for the high court and explaining to people what happened – some of you have the full video link to where instructing solicitor Kevin Foley states on camera how scared he is of Israel. That will be front and center of the video. Then I have to explain Iran and what happened there. I need these done before I head off as I have a feeling it is 50/50 I make it back to Malaysia. Malaysia itself will come under enormous pressure from Israel. Malaysia HAS to work with Israel due to it handling Intel chips – packaging. No Muslim country can resist them now. The Smart Cities program is being signed onto by every single country – no exceptions.

As long as the major players continue to ignore – willfully – The Talpiot Program and its central role in Israel’s power, people like me have to cop the flak, largely alone. If this issue was widely talked about I would have far less fears for my safety and freedom.

The Talpiot Program is the HAMMER Netanyahu pulls out when other Zionist “influences” are failing to yield the required result. He flies over and lays it out for the recalcitrant politician or corporate head – “We have every single country kill switched, we own your infrastructure, your corporate networks, your banking and medical. Now shut your mouth and do as you are told and we’ll let you in on the program [smart cities] and wont collapse your economy and/or publish the details of your hidden Swiss Bank account via Wikileaks.” Thats how Netanyahu does it.

There is not a SINGLE outfit on the net pushing this except a small band of people with a few hundred subscribers. As long as that continues, I will not be feeling safe flying around on a tourist visa with no place to call home.



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60 thoughts on “Soviet & Israeli Jewish Spies have Kill Switches on all New Zealand Infrastructure – Operation Talpiot”

  1. Reply
    Sham says:

    I don’t know how true this is, but I wish I had of asked more questions at the time,

    I wonder if the likes of Zac Guildford for example is someone that doesn’t agree with what really goes on, and thats why he got shafted?

    I can honestly say first hand, as I have seen it with my own eyes, that there are guys out there who get away with behaving way worse than what Guildford did.

    Makes you question why he was naked in rarotonga though? Maybe he didn’t agree with a particular type of ‘celebration’? Or maybe he was all for it, who knows?

  2. Reply
    Sham says:

    Sonny Bill williams often loves pulling a masonic hand signal that most would agree and say its simply a ‘hang loose’ signal. Id hate to know exactly what he did, or should I say allowed, in order to get the status within society that he has.

    Allegedly himself and guy williams are ‘close mates ‘

  3. Reply
    Sham says:

    Are the majority of sports people, or at least a LOT of them that are seen on T.V trannys? or at least obviously masons.

    Trannys that have the latest and greatest testosterone boosters designed for them to perform to their peak.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      khazar jews bro. in disguise. they dont die, if they make enough money, rip off and kill enough goy- they are promised blood transfusions from kids and get to live on. mc jaggar been doing it for a very, very long time.

      1. Reply
        Sham says:

        Wow! Yeah bro the more you tran-alyse the clearer it genuinely becomes.

        The more one makes an effort to fully decalcify the pineal gland the more obvious it becomes.

        Due to the ‘food’ thats sold at super markets and demonic meat markets such as mcdonalds .. many people have a MAJOR overgrowth of candida in their digestive tract (candida being parasites/worms) and has literally taken over their minds. Turpentine protocol works magic to clear it out and to activate the pineal gland … Turpentine is simply Pine oil from the pine tree, not the adulterated shit you’d find in the corner of a hardware store covered in dust., I am thinking I might make my own Natural health page and work in conjunction with you???????? Thoughts??????

        1. Reply
          Sham says:

          I studied to be a naturopath, but didn’t like the fact I had to pay money for my education when the only thing we should pay is attention, So I pulled out. NOT to mention the fact that all is this information Im learning already exists on the internet thats backed by studies and genuine science and paying thousands to learn that only gives money to the crooks who are in control of our resources .. (for now).

          Id rather use the knowledge I have to give people ways to actually activate their pineal glands and detoxify from all the chemicals, fluoride, and meat they’ve eaten. Will get onto this over the next two-three days.

          You are a positive influence on someone like myself – Thank you.

  4. Reply
    Sham says:

    Allegedly, rueben thorne is a major creep who did what he was told in return for some fame, a similar path clarke gaylord took ..

  5. Reply
    7pm weeknights says:

    I don’t own a T.V, let alone watch one .. but tonight I was at someone house and a certain show was on Tele, I actually couldn’t help but watch it.

    Theres a very VERY obvious Agenda these guys are trying to push ..

    Heres a good one to look through

  6. Reply
    Sham says:

    Allegedly many of these ‘sports stars’ are female to male transvestites with it happening from a younger age, being pumped full of testosterone from a young age and the right testosterones give the right abilities. Only hearsay but hey, if I can add it I will lol. Funny how many of these ‘sports hero’s’ were ripped and muscular from a young age, and they ‘stood out’ not in the normal every day awesome natural sporting ability kid who more than likely hasn’t been fucked with.

    Allegedly many sports stars take blood transfusions relating to masonic rituals and because the blood is young and full of life force, it gives them that extra boost. Works like blood doping.

    Allegedly the HIGH high level masons have to marry a tranny or getting a sex change themselves. I think they may pick the sports stars partners?

  7. Reply
    Mccaw is a crim says:

    Richie mccaw/dan carter .. hence looking into these guys .. so several people I have genuinely met have shared stories about them, the state they get into at parties etc .. I won’t go into detail on here, I am simply sharing what others have said to me!! Also apparently, and I say apparently, macaw went through the initiation process whilst at university .. i don’t know how true this is but I thought id simply add this information.

    I will be honest, Ive been trying to put my finger on these two for AGES! and when I learnt about how in your face the ‘agenda’ is … Boomfah bro, lol

    I have also been told from other people I will add, that he’s been paid big bus to do helicopter missions. I am not saying anything but the words ten eighty were used

    Rugby has lead a big part of NZ astray .. why worry about a fucking take over of talmudic tranny pedos when you can crack a beer, put on the game, cook some carcinogenic dead flesh, crack a beer full of fluoride and say ‘shell be right mate’

    The amount of people that worship these sports stars literally gives them a form of vibrational power due to the illusion and magic they have created .. if we keep these people asleep .. WE BENEFIT!!

    1. Word is around Crimechurch Richie McCaw before he got hooked up with his tranny wife used to enjoy frequenting Menfriends. This came up in a conversation with a guy who used to be a partner in the company, Terence Watt Mcewan, and when he was terminated from his contract he had no issues with spilling the beans among his softball team mates.

      1. Reply
        Yup says:

        I can confirm that I have heard very very similar things also!!

        I can also say I have hard stuff about Macaw and his buddies through someone who was fired from within a business.

        Allegedly I have also heard macaw being involved in mass orgies with various other ‘celebrities’ while taking illicit imported drugs etc

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          you been on the transvestigations bro
          usan bolt is a tranny woman, on mega dose testosterone
          …anything is possible
          yeah should do a post on it

          1. Sham says:

            Hahahaha definitely brother!! Upon looking at most of the allbacks partners it raises some suspicions

            I always knew something wasn’t right about our ‘sports stars’ selling their souls for a bit of fame..

            Aaron smiths toilet tryst/cover up??

          2. Sham says:

            They trialled testosterone boosting stuff on Arnold Schwarzzneggar, he was the guinea pig I reckon

          3. mediawhores says:

            yes. that one is mind blowing. there is a post on elite tranny sportsmen brewing. and their ‘wives’ lol

          4. Sham says:

            The sportsman post is going to make me cry with laughter I reckon. Especially seeing them exposed for who they really are.

            I genuinely always wondered how and why certain people get picked for sports and are given these ‘opportunities’, and how on earth they genuinely get their ‘super abilities’, it all fits now though however ….

            Wouldn’t be surprised if Jonah Lomu’s Kidney failure had to do with drugs etc they possibly made him take?

          5. mediawhores says:

            i think he turned good on them. a christian at heart. so his doctor was ordered to slowly muder him
            worth more dead.
            the estate
            that post is coming.
            the timing comes from above lol

          6. Sham says:

            I would genuinely have to agree with you on that one bro, I actually couldn’t imagine him ever being sinister. Makes sense how his career curtailed because of ‘them’.

            I hope you have genuinely had a good day and hope wherever you may be you are keeping warm and dry!

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      very creepy that jason gunn
      like most of these media types.
      raised in in the thick of it, pimped out since kids

  8. Reply
    Sham says:

    Found this

    Definitions of Darkness

    Darkness as ignorance is a lack of awareness, a.k.a. unmanifested potential.

    Darkness as evil is perpetuated by judging some aspects of Creation as being more deserving of God’s love than others. Since God’s love is everywhere equally, this causes one to fall into illusion and believe one is separate from God.

    Darkness as void is the absence of light.

    Light as truth has no opposite, so the absence of light must be an illusion.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      my intuition every time i drive past one – is demonic / masonic/ jewish necrophiliac and organ trafficking operations.
      would bet on it

      1. Reply
        Sham says:

        Brother want to flick me your email? I had it but can’t remember what post you gave it to me on Plenty more to share mate.

        By the way, I learnt today through someone that APPARENTLY (one other persons opinion, an opinion I deeply trust, but is only one persons words) that .. a LOT these children who ‘have life saving surgery’ etc are actually getting the chop, or the add on .. thats when a lot of them are having their operations! After hearing this news I flicked through some new idea magazine, thats life etc .. and FAAARRRKKKKK heaps of kids in NZ are ‘having life saving cancer surgeries’ and little so and so managed to survive grade whatever cancer .. when in reality they’re just part of the transgender agenda.

      1. Reply
        Sham says:

        My email addy I messaged you from last night, what was the name of that??? lol I made an account to avoid my normal one being spied on.

        I am so keen to help you in any way I can. . .

        I have seen genuine first hand evidence of one particular criminal in this country hahahah and I will laugh so hard when he’s finally exposed .. for who he really is! Not who he is on Tele

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