Latest Media Whores Statistics – 100% Proof of the New High Tech Global Prison State Run from Israel – & GCSB Treason


This article concludes / summarizes 18 months of dedicated research into who runs the show and the true nature of this new high tech digital World Order and its agenda. It is the best intelligence available to the NZ public and has all been provided for free – in the interests of the NZ public (although admittedly made possible indirectly via a fairly passive internet based income – proving that there is still a whole bunch of very good people out there/ in there also – our guess is in the USA and possibly NZ ;).

If you are reading Media Whores, you are better informed than most around the World, and anyone in NZ who doesn’t. But you should make every effort to share this information with them – as soon as you can – for the safety of your community. 


Media Whores statistics are proof of the new high tech global prison state run from Israel – actually Israel and Russia – and as detailed and documented very well already by Brendon O’Connell.

We have previously posted our back end raw visitor numbers – the only numbers that didn’t appear to be hacked – and these always show between 30,000 and 75,000 views per day, compared with under 10,000 per day via the front end numbers. It seems that data is also hacked. We are now well over 800,000 views per day.

Yesterday we plugged in another hit counter from WordPress and so far the Israeli and/or GCSB spies have not noticed.(No doubt they will fix it today). Treasonous spies who are being paid salaries – while their children and wives are all being drugged and raped by their Talmudic employers while they are at work – are no match for human dedication, intelligence and passion – the same traits the Masonic/ Jewish powers are constantly at war with so as to keep us all – the Goy – down trodden, in poverty and enslaved.

Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but {b} slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. – Bible

What those new numbers have shown in just the past 18 or so hours is a 100 fold + ‘discount’ in our reader numbers. They are in effect running an algorithm over our visitor numbers – at the server level – which discounts / lowers our reader numbers by 100 fold or more. It appears to be a non linear algorithm in that the higher our numbers go, the higher the degree of discount with 100 fold being the base level.

These screen shots below which we have just taken show the hacked front end numbers, along side the new visitor counter we plugged in. The large numbers shown on the posts are the new ones, the others are the hacked ones. 100 fold + difference. So from the overview screen shot one can deduce that we are in fact getting 800,000+  views per day/ in a 24 hour period – from around the World. Possibly far more. That was in the past 18-24 hours as the Theo Spierings Dutch pedophilia article went viral overseas and making Media Whores probably the most read news website in /from New Zealand. There is a factor of around 1/10 in terms of actual visitors v’s views – which means that the average visitor/ IP address reads around 10 articles on each visit, or simply visits the site on average 10 times per day – or a mixture of such. Which sounds about right when you consider there will be many regular readers who check it a number of times each day – not least ourselves – as well as the Jewish spies. This equates to over 80,000 individual readers per day – probably higher than the Jewish owned NZ Herald whom you can guarantee use fake numbers.

There are no records of any visits from Israel at all – where all of the spies are – and thus blatently obvious by ommission – but quite a high number from Russia – meaning the Jews are quite happy to use Russia as the scape goat for their spying while protecting their new Israeli New World Order empire command base – the same narrative we see in the mainstream media also. True Russians must really despise the bastards also. The Israelis seem to be cloaking their IPs with both Google Cloud and Verizon IP addresses from the USA.

As Brendon O’Connell has well detailed – this is all being done at the server level of the entire Internet – from Israel – with the help of Russian IT contractors. Israel is now awash with them.

We would also point out that this means the the tax payer funded New Zealand GCSB are doing nothing at all to address this – nor even mention it – which makes them guilty of treason – but nothing new for the Goldman Sachs/ Jewish/ Soviet owned New Zealand government these days. They are all guilty of treason – not least ALL of the MP’s who remain silent on this entire Jewish fascist/ corporate (now global communist) agenda dating right back to the staged 911 attacks and much longer than that.  They are in fact most likely all pedophiles being bribed as per numerous leaks and allegations. A bunch of kiddie fiddler bad actors, masons and Jews being bribed by the Israeli state whose Sayanim spies provide them with drugs and children to abuse as reward for selling out their entire Nation and fellow man. All of them. Ex military man Ron Mark is yet to comment – but we have been sent the allegations….lest we forgot.

And think of what this means for the World’s population in general – the entire Internet is being run by a small group of highly inbred Talmudic lunatic Jews based in Israel who operate under Jewish Talmudic Law which instructs them to sexually abuse children and murder Goy for ‘God’ (the Kabba/ Black Cube/ Saturn/ Satan/ the 666) and they have the ability to switch you off, read all of your emails, all of your on line business accounts, delete your text messages before they arrive, switch off your house alarm remotely so the local Jewish spies can poison your food or your dog, channel on line transvestite porn to your children while spying on them in their bedrooms and lounge via the LCD TV/ phones and ipads (which rest assured they are doing), turn up the microwave levels of your smart meter remotely to give you and your family cancer, or just ‘discount’ your value/ bank account/ phone records/ internet speed/ data etc by up to 100 fold at the press of a button if they deem fit. Not to mention track your vehicle everywhere and make you wait for long periods of time at the traffic lights so you miss that important business meeting or while the local Jewish / Masonic spies finish drugging and raping your family. Or simply make your ‘smart’ car brakes fail or swerve violently to the right one day on the motorway. And these are the exact sort of things they are doing to any of the Goy who they deem to be a threat for any reason – most often those in business for themselves. Media Whores has experienced almost all of these in the past 12 months – with the exception that we have been largely on the road – using slightly older vehicles – and have no children to worry about.

This is the most accurate description of the New World Order run by these lunatic religious Jews from Israel that you will see – next to Brendon O’Connell’s work – it compliments and confirms his work.

Only the lunatic pedophiles and Jews are allowed material success – the rest are constantly persecuted,  harassed and trodden on, by covert means

Xero- Black Hole Sun? Rod Dury also named in the Justin Davis Files
Xero- XXX/ 666 & the Black Hole Sun? Rod Dury also named in the Justin Davis Files


The command structure goes like this – 1) The Masonic / Talmudic Ashkenazi/ Khazar Jews in your community who are ALL Sayanim spies working for Israel – and they are ‘holocaust survivors’ all right,  the run an ongoing holocaust around the World and are the only ones who survive and thrive. 2) the senior Goy Freemasons – most of whom work as judges, lawyers, doctors and corporate management types etc 3) Lower level Masons, Councilors, politicians, and churchy types, most of whom just follow instructions.  4) a small army of pedophiles and drug addicts whom they keep on a rope using meth/ heroin / free drinks – and pedophilia – all of whom were seriously abused as children.

That is the true nature of your Government today – rest assured. Oh – and the Roman Catholics who haven’t figured out any of this also – those ones are all under MK Ultra / Talmudic Mind control. The Roman Catholic Church was set up by these same AshkaNazi Jews over 2000 years ago and has the Masonic 666 and 33 coded all the way through it – not to mention a giant Egyptian obelisk in their front yard as well as a 6660 inch high obelisk placed in Washington. They are the leading Goy foot soldiers..and mind control victims. Roman Catholics are in a deep sleep state of amnesia and mind control and can’t even figure out what their Bibles tell them – not least what they should eat and the fact they live on a flat round Earth. Many of them are good people at heart, but they all follow masonic instruction eg) vote, pay taxes…and sacrifice animals for their AshkeNazi ‘God’ – Saturn – while waiting for their savior to arrive, as per instruction. They all claim to worship “Jesus” while shitting on his alleged words every day of the week. Do not use lawyers, or worship false idols (NASA, Trump, Key, Jacinda, Putin, the Hollywood trannies etc), do not pay interest to Jewish money lenders or money to tax collectors and DO NOT KILL.

To even mention religion in terms of ‘God’ is blasphemy to begin with – Isis Lamb included. The Hebrew scribes wrote all of it – and it is all pure astrology, served up as Talmudic mind control for the Goy.

Santos Bonacci has all of the facts on the Roman Catholic Church below – but someone has edited out the bit where all of the Vatican trusts add up to 666 – as on display on the Israeli flag now. He also apparently hasn’t figured out the etymology of the word “Jesuits” – which is quite clearly “Jews in Suits”, or that the “red dragon” is Russia. Suffers from a slight degree or 33 of real world naivety  – but incredibly well read none the less….

Happy Valentines Day to the New Zealand Government spies – this Talmudic system works on Mk Ultra mind control – and pedophilia is the key to it – the people you work for – and no doubt your bosses directly – rape as many children as possible in the schools, churches and doctors offices, even in basements under the Court houses – so if you are working for these Jewish lunatics, rest assured you are under this Mk Ultra mind control also and were probably drugged and raped at some stage – most likely still being drugged and raped – and your children will be also because you will be sending them to one of the schools they control. That is how they control you, your family, and the next generation of slaves and spies also – as detailed in the Justin Davis Files which you have all no doubt now read.  Congratulations.

And rest assured they aim to drug and rape every single one of them at some stage of their fake ‘education’ – you will notice the sudden drowsiness and then sudden mood problems in the weeks and months that follow….but most parents will have no idea what has happened/ gone wrong.

Northcote Primary School's principal Andrew Brown

False Image – ex policeman (ie, Freemason) Northcote Primary School Principal Andrew Brown – the man the kids call “Batman” – is yet to comment on the Justin Davis Files – but holds Mk Ultra cocaine parties for the parents instead. 

The new age of ‘liberal’ Freemason/ new age churchy type councilors, MP’s & media whores are all yet to comment, or apparently even notice any of this at all…...(Images fair use/ public safety) 

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

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