Can Anybody Name A Government Policy in the Past 30 Years that the Nation Actually Wanted?

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Featured False Image – Jacinda Ardern – the latest KGB / Tavistock Trained Freemason and some claim also another ‘elite’ / inbred transvestite man  in drag. 


Can anybody name one NZ Government policy of the past 30 years or more that the Nation as a whole actually wanted?

Interesting question.

Presumably there was one or more – but we can’t think of any off the top of our heads.

We can think of many that very few wanted but happened anyway – Fonterra, smacking bill, smoke free Country, mass immigration , super cities, smart meters, sodium fluoride in the water,1080, charter schools, illegal wars, foreign trusts, Saudi sheep deals, the government and winz sponsored meth industry, booze outlets on every street corner, prostitution and on and on. All sold to us by the degenerate media whores as ‘liberal’ and popular – never really voted on or agreed upon by a majority of Kiwis.

This is full fledged ‘elitist’ communism we are under now. Pure social engineering from the top down, run by the Vatican / Rothschild Jewish bankers and their small army of globalist corporations and sold to us then enforced by overpaid perverts elected in fraudulent TV election hoaxes.

Our so called ‘democracy’ is a complete farce – run by a small bunch of closely related lunatics, who all seem to be involved in ongoing child trafficking cover ups.

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