Slight Retraction/ Modification


Again – had to jump back on line and fix something.

In that post about the Talmudic/ Masonic meat eating slave system/ religion we stated “God hates the entire fkg lot of you”

Wow. Possibly our most sweeping insult yet.

We have modified that now. What we meant was – the punishment from ‘God’ for our treatment of his creation, namely animals, is ongoing disease, sickness and death. And war. And taxes. And a pervert Government. And their relentless child abuse.

90% of violence on this Plane comes from our violent & thoughtless treatment of animals = almost as if we were all some sort of alien species – and by then eating that ethereal fear, violence and suffering. In the true spiritual sense. Rest assured.

Eat tortured factory farmed animals – you and your family end up under the knife yourselves. Guaranteed. A universal/ inescapable law.

The army of Rothschild/ Vatican / snake death cult  doctors and ‘health’ professionals will never tell you that. Out of business overnight if they do.


Media Whores has never seen a Youtube video as censored as this one. Been up for 1 year and widely shared. Our estimate is 10’s of millions of views – shown as 21. 

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3 thoughts on “Slight Retraction/ Modification”

  1. Sham says:

    One thing you probably don’t get told on this page a lot .. you have a heart of GOLD and I see, feel and hear you brother.
    I cannot reiterate enough how much I appreciate your work

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