The Only Religion of Peace


Media Whores can sense a collective frothing of the mouth as vultures from all over flock to that headline.

I fkg knew it ! Media Whores is an Islamic front!


All religious types are a bunch of fkg lunatics. Possessed by demons.

We can go around in circles for ever trying to ‘anal-eyes’ which bunch of demonic religious lunatics are right about ‘God’ – and that is in fact what we have all been doing for thousands of years.

Must be one of those bad language …and grammar days. Or another such day.

Fact is, if you eat dead animals – you are demonic. It is that simple. A blood addicted vampire. The walking dead. You are what you eat.

Human beings are born vegetarians. No sharp teeth, no claws. And all of the minerals we need are in the plants, period. Everything else they feed you is a Masonic lie to keep you enslaved, on Maggy’s farm – being farmed.

When was the last time you saw a human being running through the bush chasing an animal then sitting down to eat it? Or swerving over to the side of the road to scoop up the road kill to take home for dinner?

Why do we have to cook and season all of the meat to make it edible? Because it is disgusting to eat and even look at that’s why.

The very definition of a cow-ard is someone who will willingly pay money to eat a dead animal killed by someone else, but can’t stand to watch how it is done, nor do it themselves. Or the even bigger fools who say “I love animals” – then eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The entire New Testament story is about a man who roamed around eating figs, bread and a splash of red wine – no doubt smoked a bit of weed, dropped the odd tab of high grade ancient acid, perhaps even struggled a bit with the ciggies, preached love thy neighbor and DO NOT KILL – then ascended into the heavens. Admittedly after being nailed to a cross by a small bunch of inbred lunatic pedophile part time dairy farmers working as Roman soldiers, but he made it through the eye of the needle and up there none the less. Christians, Muslims and Jews alike are far too thick to ever figure that one out – much like the shape of the plane-t they live on and precisely due to their dead animal diets. They have spent the last 2000 years arguing with and killing each other while all of them shit on every last word of the alleged Jesus. Do not borrow money, do not pay interest,  and do not contract with the demonic pedophile ring lawyers and judges and expect them to solve your problems for you.

All meat you eat contains parasites and worms which then live and thrive in your body. Those parasites and worms grow and grow the more you feed them animal products. They make you hungry, sick and demonic – all day long. People crave more meat and animal products to feed these parasites and worms and this entraps you in a daily cycle of worrying about your stomach and thus trapped in what they call the ‘lower mind’ – your guts. Constantly at war with yourself and those around you – not least in the traffic – with all of the other demons who can’t read good…..

#3 Genesis 1:29—The Ideal Human Diet

The so called ‘elites’ know this well and thus push non stop fast food and animal products at you from all angles every day of the week. This is what keeps mankind divided and at war – as per Masonic design. They then add antibiotics, vaccines and GMO feeds to all of the farmed animals to make it even more toxic. The red meat you see in the super market is also laced with toxic food colorings and carbon monoxide gas to make it look fresh.

Eat sheep – have the wool pulled over your eyes and be led to the slaughter.

Eat chicken – be chicken hearted

Eat cattle – be the bankers chattel/ property and be farmed in return.

Eat pig – you will behave like a swine. People can see you coming a mile away. Here comes that annoying pig again.

You are what you eat. You are farmed just as those animals are – and eventually led to the slaughter also – usually via a Rothschild hospital or retirement death camp – drugged up to your eye balls so you do not complain about it too much.

If you eat dead things – you are demonic and will be stuck in an animal state of consciousness – fighting over which pedophile politician and fake religion and ‘God’ is going to save you.  It is that simple.

God hates the fkg lot of you. And dishes out sickness, disease and death as a result.

Talmudic animal sacrifice – meat eating – pedophilia – then more Government taxes and war to solve all of the problems created – by meat eating and the resulting conflict. Purely by design.

All conflict starts right in your belly.

If anybody wants to see peace in the World – or just feel 1000% healthier and happier – just start removing all of the dead animal and associated products from your diet.

Peace will ensue.

No government permission or voting needed. You will even save thousands of dollars every year, live longer and healthier and play your part in transforming the economy, landscape and environment, for the better. What is referred to as ‘heaven on Earth’.

Give it a go.



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3 thoughts on “The Only Religion of Peace”

  1. Colin Godzone says:

    Let’s not forget about the parasites that we can contract and sustain from our pets!
    For instance; Toxoplasmosis Gondi is a parasite that actually crosses the blood / brain barrier and eventually eats away at the brain tissue.
    The source of this parasite?
    Feline Faeces!
    IF you are pregnant, have an auto-immune disease, or are HIV positive, stay away from the cat as much as possible.
    NEVER change the litter box; instead, train them to ‘go outside’.
    This particular parasite tends to make a person compliant to the cat, and also serves to convert and transform the bipedal human into a two-legged cat slave! (see Cats, Catholiicism and the Feline Mystery School on You Tube..).
    & then, there’s the Mad Cow Disease that made it’s way into the Human Blood Supply via contaminated beef…!
    Even CDHB put out a circular on this ‘tainted and contaminated blood’ a few years back!
    & now, I need to go and pet my pussy!!!! Joints are locking up,….can’t walk in a straight line…why am I turning in circles all the time????

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