The Politicians will Probably All be Lynched in the Streets…Soon


Featured Image – Jacinda Ardern/ Jason Derella / TransCinderella. Watch as they subtly increase the baby bump at each public appearance. 

The fake Rothschild /globalist / corporate politicians will probably all get lynched in the streets at some point pretty soon – for their ongoing child sex trafficking, genociding of Kiwis and other related crimes.

So at least we can all look forward to seeing that.

Perhaps the judiciary along with them.

Media Whores maintains that Molesworth Station will be the best place to house them all.

Unless of course the plan is to switch off all the lights as they all catch military flights to the safety of Israel. Would not be at all surprised.

Jacinda Ardern met by protesters ahead of meeting with CTV families –  Newshub 666

” Jacinda needs to realise that the Mormon Church (which she left and is now an Agnostic, like myself) kowtows and bows-down to Is-Ra-El continously, and that the Masonic Lodge is funded and infested with the Zionists.
I hope that she can return the Masonic Scholarship money that she went to Uni on, and that her Dad gets out of Freemasonry altogether! But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon…
Female Freemasonry is alive and well here ; see the You Tube video on ‘Female Freemasonry UK; it’s been transplanted here as well! The form it takes is the Network of Adm!nistr@t!^e Profe$$ion@ls, and ‘The Old Girl Network under the guise of a past school group!
See also Ken O’Keefe’s videos exposing the greater Kissinger Plan of Zionism.”

Growing Calls to Convert Molesworth Station into a Labour Camp for Politicians, Judges, Media & Rich Listers

Jacinda Ardern on the KGB Tavistock Training Institute in London

Transvestigations – is Jacinda Ardern Faking ‘Her’ Pregnancy ?

Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts

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