Florida School Shooting Hoax – 666


Featured Image – the latest ‘school shooting’ hoax drill in the USA for the Israeli State war of terror. 


Details on the latest Masonic mass shooting hoax in the USA – for the purposes of tighter gun control and to keep the flames of the fake war of terror for Israel burning. Donna Trump, another elite transvestite master mason working for Putin and Israel – is right behind it of course – they all are.

How do we know it is another false flag hoax? Well they have all been so far, and they always run a drill on the same day, with armed police and a small army of new age homosexual Christian, Mormon. Jewish and Freemason crisis actors ready to go. Nothing against the homos per se, but these new age Christian ones are mind controlled lunatics. They are indeed victims – but not of terrorism – of pedophile Churches run by the Masons. Groomed since they were kids. New Zealand is teeming with them also – sprung up like mushrooms in recent years – thanks to unlimited Rothschild funding.

The streets were already all blocked off – armed police everywhere before the ‘shooter’ even arrived – and two fire alarm drills in the same day – some were told one was a “shooting drill”.

Pathetic really…….but once all of these lies are pumped out across the airwaves for a few days, it has the desired effect. Fear…of a false threat…the crazy non Jewish man (white, black, Muslim, Christian etc)….with guns.

All of those people you hear in the International and NZ media today, terrorizing you with this fake bullshit – are pedophiles being bribed by the Israeli and Russian states – as are all of the politicians who use it for their purposes also. Leighton Smith & Mike Hoksing will be spewing it all morning – guaranteed. As will the entire cast of TVNZ and Media Werks.

Jacinda Ardern – another Mormon Freemason trained at Tavistock will leap on it of course also. It is one big global club they are running and straight men are the targets  (the ones always being framed).

Rest assured if you know one of these media whores or Masons – possibly even married to one – they will be actively abusing children in your neighborhood. That is a compulsory part of the Masonic membership and the glue that binds them all in secrecy.

Whilst this seems incredible – that we have so many pedophiles being bribed in our mainstream media and government apparatus – rest assured it is less than 1% of the population, placed very carefully in all top positions over the past decade or two – groomed by the new age churches and Freemason clubs by highly trained Masonic / Sayanim / Mossad spies – the people waging this war against the West, for ‘God’.

These vidoes are usually removed by Youtube throughout the days that follow – but will try post more later also

Just search “Florida Shooting Hoax” on line to see more.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School – the scene of the latest Mossad / Sayanim false flag / hoax shootings – has one of the highest percentages – if not the highest – of Jewish students of any public school in the USA.


The student body has a substantial Jewish population, with hundreds of Jewish students at the school.[7][8]

If the Masons are framing these Jews – they are doing a very good job of it.

Check out this Mormon homosexual’s eyes – gone burger. Sold his soul out his rectum to the Jewish ‘elites’.

A little liar – the door was closed, but it was always open …

More red bearded Jews dressed up as terrorists….

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