Does Media Whores Suffer from Tourettes?


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One of the questions we are asked the most here at Media Whores – apart from are we Jewish – is do we suffer from tourettes.

The most simple answer is no.

We do in fact quite enjoy it.

The more in depth answer would be – and as explained many times before – every new age medical dis-ease and diagnosis is a masonic fraud – based on fake or falsified science – to hide the truth – that every physical, emotional and spiritual ailment and/or gift known to man is in fact purely astrological….but there is no money to be made in it.

Media Whores does in reality have a rather severe Moon in Aries (look it up), mxed with an equally severe Saturn in Gemini and a somewhat extreme Mars in Taurus, made all the more challenging by a fairly robust Uranus in Libra….and various complicated aspects of such. …..Or so it has been alleged.

Anyone going around telling people some new age medical term to describe their condition – is in fact just suffering from masonic mind control. The biggest disease of all.

Con-vincing everybody they came from monkeys was the start of it all.

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