Khazar Infiltration of Everything


Shite – there we go again with the mass generalizations and sweeping insults. Saying all feminists are mind controlled lunatics. Been back and toned that one down also.

Media Whores suffers from a high degree of 6th sense. Possibly 7th and 8th also but no idea what they are called so can’t prove it.

Every time we drive off down the road we seem to bump into someone who without words reminds us that we have recently insulted them unfairly. This is how the Universe works and the more you pay attention the more you notice – everything connected like that.

There is obviously nothing wrong with strong minded women saying they should have the right to vote, be treated equally, be paid the same if they produce the same results and should certainly never be subjected to bullying or uninvited sexual harassment. Same as men.

These are in fact called human rights and it has only been given its own name so that the Masonic Khazar/ Ashkenazi money men can better infiltrate the idea and control it.

Same with the tranny phenomena we are witnessing. Some dude wants to dress up funny and prance around like a hooker – that is their business and as long as they are doing no harm to others – it could well be considered a human right. Now we seem to have a small army of Khazar/ blue blood trannies dressing up funny and pretending to be our leaders.

Same for the gay thing some would argue – people should be free to make what ever choices they like – as long as they do no harm to others. The masons have now convinced the gays to march down the streets naked waving banners and push the agenda non stop in their media – even on random Google searches – just to better piss everyone else off. And leave the kids out of it we would probably add. If you have made a decision to not have children, don’t go looking around to see if you can have other people’s or trying to pass laws for such.

Same for the religions – congregate and pray as you please. Just do no harm to others. The Khazar masons have spent the last 50 years infiltrating every last church in the world with their top pedophiles so as to help paint them all up as such.

Do the Masons deserve the same respect? Not if they are operating behind closed doors and keeping secrets – no.

Do the Khazar/ Ashkenazi Jews deserve the same respect? Not if they are the ones running the money supply and thus all of this social engineering – no.

What the masonic forces do is infiltrate all and any new ‘movement’ with their counterfeit money and slowly turn it on its head with the goal of building disdain for it from others in society so as to better destroy it before it gets unmanageable. If you print the money – you can afford to infiltrate anything and everything.

They even do it with our food with so called “organic” products now all laced with “natural flavours” – HEK 293 human fetus proteins in disguise.

So before Media Whores gets side swiped on the motorway by an angry transvestite dairy farmer on his way back from one of the new age churches or masonic lodges – we would like to stress that point.

There are called human rights. Period.

All equal before God, under the one common law of “Do no harm”.

Everything else they feed us us is Mk Ultra corporate mind control garbage designed to infiltrate and invert, so it can be controlled and taxed, or destroyed.

Best approach for the entire Nation is to refuse to use their politically correct/ bullshit Masonic terms and phrases – we are all human beings and all share the same rights. Nobody is any more or less special than anyone else in that respect.

We just get pissed off watching everyone buy into it all.

Refuse to use their masonic “N” words. The labels. Names. Nobodies. Nothing. Never. None. Nada.

We all have the same God given human rights – by birth – birthright. Nothing to do with the Government – as long as you do not choose to contract with them of course. If you do sign on that dotted line, well then they can do with you as they please – even with your kids. You even have the ‘right’ to be thrown in jail.





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