Latest Statistics – over 350,000 Views in Two Days


Check out the views on that last article on the Florida shooting hoax – over 350,000 views in a couple of days. Some of the Theo Spierings ones have done the same in the past week. Quite an audience now. Our last Clark Gayford one has done 700,000+ in a week or so.

We thought that latest pluggin we added for the views counter would have been hacked fairly quickly. You can see the other three are. Or maybe it is and the views are actually far higher. Quite likely.

Media Whores acknowledges that we are pissing off a lot of people. Like way many. Not least with our attacks on religious types and certainly our attacks on farmers and meat eaters. We are more concerned with the government. child abuse cover ups than the feelings of the mind control victims. In fact it is the same thing anyway. Sorry if you have had your feelings hurt on line but we deliberately aim to shock – with the truth – so as to wake people up out of their slumber. We are motivated by all of the government crime, the degradation of our environment (and roads), our involvement in fraudulent foreign wars and the ongoing covering up of child abuse scandals in New Zealand. Suck it up. Only truth will set you free – and keep your families safe – not that bullshit the fancy corporate whores feed you around the clock – the same ones abusing all of the kids.

If the religious types would like to double check their Bibles – it is all there for them – predicted. We hit Revelations 12 on Sept 23rd 2018. The day the masons ran their phony elections around the World. If you churches aren’t explaining all of this to you – rest assured they are infiltrated and run by demons. The advice is to follow scripture, not false idols.

All will be revealed – like it or not. Best strategy is to get right with it.




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