Simon Bridges on the Elite / Inbred Communist Transvestite Politician Agenda


Featured Image – Simon Bridges / simple Simon builds bridges. And destroyed our roads

Reaching out to Simple Simon for comment on the ‘elite’ (inbred) commie transvestite agenda in Western politirix.

We think he may be qualified.

3.8 million registered cars in NZ. Traveling an average of 50km each per day (some travel 500km per day, some none at all) is a total of 190 million km’s per day. Around 15km per litre of fuel equates to 12.6 million litres of fuel per day. Around 75 cents per litre of fuel in government taxes equates to around $9.5 million in petrol taxes PER DAY.  That is $66 million PER WEEK in fuel taxes alone. Plus registration fees and WOF taxes on top of that. Plus whatever taxes on the big commercial trucks.

Where the fk does it all go?

We could rebuild the entire road network in a few years with that sort of money and probably still have enough money to build a Japanese styled high speed electric train from Auckland to Tauranga and Hamilton and Wellington, then the South Island also a few years later.


If anyone has more accurate data feel free to post it below. That took us 5 minutes.

They don’t even allow those large double trailer trucks on the roads in parts of the USA – because they destroy the roads! If you dare to drive at night these days you will see an almost non stop procession of them – shipping all our resources out of the Nation in the cover of night while no one is looking. Our roads are being destroyed by design by these inbred communist freaks as they plunder our Nation and it’s natural resources.

Total theft by these new age degenerate inbred commies posing as our leaders, under their latest ‘ism’ ie) capitalism. It is pure Soviet communism under a new name.

It is the same sort of astounding math across most industries in NZ now also. Wholesale government theft on a Biblical scale – keeping us all in the dark ages – by design.

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