These Khazar Demons Do Not Die


Featured Image – Mick Jagger – pleased to meet you – did you guess his name? Once allegedly found in a New York hotel room with a sacrificed child on the floor and his super model girlfriends seem to drop dead around him also. Hidden in plain sight. 


These Khazar demons do not die

Unsure what it is. Some are saying shape shifting, some are saying body jumping, but most seem to agree that they are using ‘virgin’ blood to reverse the aging process. Thus the never ending child kidnapping and abuses scandals. Hundreds of children every month in some US States – disappear never to be seen again. A very long history of it in NZ also – as with the UK, Canada and Aussie – and the Governments refuse to investigate and keep covering it up. Ongoing.

There are two known ways to reverse the aging process – essentially they do the same thing – purify the blood. One is via your diet – which means just fasting really, with distilled water and little more than some raw fruit, veges and herbs. That is the hard way. The other way is said to be by doing a full body blood transfusion with so called ‘virgin’ blood ie) kids of the same blood type.

Any guess which method these demons are using? The wealthiest ones at least.

This shit is 100% Biblical – nothing new under the Sun. They are exposed every 2000 years when the Sun enters a new ‘season’ forcing a sudden consciousness change/ awakening in human beings. The Khazar demons are exposed, chased out, then go about slowly infiltrating again using trial and error – and child kidnapping wherever they still can. Now being chased back into the Middle East as the West wakes up to it all. They attempt to collapse the Nations that kick them out as they run. Anyone driven down State Highway 1 to Wellington recently? Third World and only getting worse.

And for readers who like to see the word “Jew” in all of our posts – the fake Jews are the ones who follow all of these demons, their false idols, fake governments, their brand names, fashions and related transvestite social engineering. . Real ‘Jews’ are the ones exposing it.

We are not 100% convinced on all of these below – but you will get the idea. Very real.

Feminism has been infiltrated and is now just Khazar transvestites – destroying our Nations from within. Everything has been infiltrated by the Khazar / Ashkenazi bankers and their counterfeit money. Women would be well advised to run like hell form the Khazar pedophile controlled corporate offices – and go and have children, as God intended. If you can’t leave straight away – at least stay away form the water and snack vending machines – and ‘free’ vaccines.

Same warning for everybody – this ‘bloodline’/ family are in every community – the ones still calling all of the independent thinkers “conspiracy theorists”. The media whores, doctors, judges, lawyers…and a surprising number of the real estate agents – anything that gives them access to other people’s homes and children. They operate under Talmudic Law ie) deceive you with lies, steal your money, kill you, then abuse your kids.

Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts



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    Jack says:

    As mediawhores is well aware, the Israel problem needs to be addressed. Indication are that what is behind the Israel problem is the Vatican. That at some point in history paedophile Satanist bloodlines took over the Vatican and disguised themselves as the Catholic Church. The reason the satanic occultists were so intent on Vatican control was obvious, they wanted the greatest occultist prize of all, the keys of Peter. That Jesus Christ gave Peter to grant the right to bind on earth as in heaven. Meaning that if the Vatican organised Israel on earth to not allow Christians to be citizens, because Christians are totally forbidden to become citizens of Israel on earth, that this would also prevent Christians being citizens in the heavenly abodes.
    That Israel has been set in place by the Vatican for only one reason, to totally destroy Christianity. To thereby prevent Jesus Christ from being the King of Israel on earth. Authorised of the keys of Peter. The problem is not the gun, the gun is inert, it is who uses the gun.
    This also explains why it was so important to Napoleon to put the Jesuits back into the Catholic Church, and once that formality took place, the business of Christians being forbidden citizenship in Israel could be organised. Meaning, the business of Christians to be forbidden citizenship with the King of Israel could be organised. Therefore Satan must become the King of Israel by law, using the keys of Peter to organise it.
    That in fact WW1 and WW2 were set in place for this particular satanic paedophile religious child cannibalising aim, the removal of Christians as citizens of the King of Israel. On earth and therefore in heaven, to seat Lucifer instead.
    The Vatican does not have the legal right to destroy the Catholic Church. The Vatican does not have the legal authority to totally destroy Christianity.
    And therefore the entire Vatican must be arrested and held without bail and then sorted out for criminal treason against the Catholic Church. It is understood that the Italian police and waiting for the opportunity to make multiple arrests of these Vatican criminals, ever since the latest Vatican sponsored Catholic Priest sodomy and drug party abuse claims, and more recently the 100 boys organised allegedly by the black pope to sexually compromise large sections of the Vatican. Once they are arrested for criminal treason against the Catholic Church then. It must be close to the time of . . .Oh woe, the Harlot has fallen.

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