Florida School Shooting Holocaust Survivors / Crisis Actors Speak Out


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If you think it is ok or in any way normal to put children on International TV hours after it is claimed they have just watched 17 of their classmates murdered – well you are a clown. A mind controlled clown. These kids are all actors. Although some of them seem to have gone off script and told the truth for a change.

Wikipedia have now removed the line stating that “hundreds” of the students at that school are Jewish – just in the past 2-3 days. We reported on that in our first article. Wikipedia is 100% pure CIA.

Florida School Shooting Hoax – 666

The first one literally says she was in “Holocaust” class when it happened. FFKS. Watch her hands – thinks she is doing a rap music video – pure theater. Could be another one of these transgendered ‘elite’ kids – huge man hands.  “Grazed by bullets” and watched many friends murdered – including her best friend – but back on the streets within hours giving interviews, thanking everyone and smiling. What a joke. Note the wrist band on right hand – standard issue.

Many saying there were two shooters. Two fire alarm drills on the same day – one for a shooting. Armed police there hours before the alleged shooting etc. The alleged shooter even has an alibi at the time of the shooting – he was walking outside with one of the fake witnesses lol.

Couldn’t muster up one real tear between them.

Most of the news anchors are trannies also by the looks of it – Megan Kelly being one obvious one. Fox is 666 in numerology after all.

They must have a factory underground somewhere producing all of these little soldiers of Satan  – like that scene out of Lord of the Rings. Its an army of communist child abuse victims. Media Whores recognizes them a mile away – they follow us everywhere we go using some sort of commie spy app on their phones – probably Pokemon Go.

They are staging this same fake shite here in NZ also – as we have also covered – we will post those first……New Zealand is crawling with these lying demons also……

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