13 Signs You or a Loved One are Under Mk Ultra Mind Control – #Cucked



13 signs you or a loved one are under TV induced Mk Ultra mind control

ie) have been conditioned to bend over and take it repeatedly up your rear end by satanic inbred communists & Freemasons – usually your boss – while you are slowly starved, underpaid, killed off and murdered….and hand your kids over to the Government for the same treatment.

Or quite simply – you have been #Cucked

  1. You think sky scrapers collapse when on fire and that alloy airplanes can fly through 4 foot solid steel beams.
  2. You think there is a war on terror to keep you safe from bearded men under your bed
  3. You think there is a war on drugs because the elites and their government puppets don’t like, or take, drugs
  4. You think the government puts sodium fluoride in your water because you pay them taxes to look after you
  5. You still think 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust
  6. You believe in dinosaurs because you have seen photos of their skeletons
  7. You believe you came from distant monkeys because the scientists told you so
  8. You think we landed on the Moon
  9. You believe in NASA and all of their bullshit
  10. You believe in satellites because you see moving lights in the sky and you presume NASA put nuclear powered flood lamps on all of their ‘space ships’ so you can see them better at night – just to impress you.
  11. You think you live on a magic gravity ball which is spinning around at 1000 mph throughout the day while hurtling through ‘space’ – as you sit calmly on your sofa and drive down the roads.
  12. You watch TV, vote and pay taxes. (Ok that is actually 3- but we wanted to use the number 13)
  13. You go see a doctor when you get sick and then take the vaccines and medications they prescribe to you.


Don’t think we would recommend all of these guys songs – but these two are a bit of a laugh……they seem to support Trump in the first one which is a bit short sighted – Trump’s entire family being Jewish/ or claiming to be such. Nor do we necessarily support the references to violence – just the freedom of expression and thought…..and despite the fact the mostly Jewish owned media pushes extreme violence on all of us, every minute of the day – while we are all being poisoned to death via the corporations. 

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8 thoughts on “13 Signs You or a Loved One are Under Mk Ultra Mind Control – #Cucked”

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    Sham says:

    mccaw and fontera seem to get along like great mates. He’s even dropping milk to schools via his helicopter this week!

  2. Reply
    Sham says:

    When the timing is right intuitively bro I am going to send you that email

    Without going into too much detail, the more sick perverted shit that one does (regarding the masonic rituals, and various other things these bandits do) It activates the reptilian part of ones brain in a MAJOR WAY. The same way the Pineal Gland is activated regarding the Shamanic/Christ Consciousness

    Its literally like you have a decision, Good or evil huh?

    A personal belief of mine is that the mark of the beat could be the activation of the Reptilian DNA, Receiving the mark in the head? (brain) or the mark on his right hand?? A masonic handshake/hand signal??

    Yup these crooks walk, breed, eat and live within most communities. Not for much longer though, once they’re found out they’re more or less powerless, as they feed off fear the same way we genuinely feed off Love and Joy 🙂


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