Big Tea Brands Contain High Levels of Sodium Fluoride


Featured Image – Twinings and Dilmah tea brands. Popular in NZ.

The corporate supermarkets are the new gas chambers. Or actual gas chambers perhaps better put.

They are now a mine field of toxic poisons designed to kill you. Real food is almost illegal it seems these days. 95% of the food they sell is toxic to the human body and it shows in the people shopping there. New Zealand is one of the biggest food producers per capita in the entire World – and yet 95% of our food is toxic crap. Biblical.

This is because we no longer have a free market in the West – or New Zealand at least. What we have is a giant communist super structure posing as ‘free market’ and run by pedophile Russian Jewish billionaire mobsters who seem hell bent on murdering as many people across the West as they can.

These Jewish mobsters have bought up all of the global food companies via a network of secret corporate trusts and foreign banks such as Jewish owned Goldman Sachs. If anyone tries to start a natural food company – they swoop in within a few years and make them an offer they can’t refuse, then add poisons and additives almost overnight. Like with those Phoenix ‘organic’ juices – laced with toxic poisonous crap now also, but still using the word “organic”. Most of the big booze companies and new age micro breweries also.

Media Whores drinks the Red Bush label tea and it is quite good.

Some times when on the road we have ordered a pot of black tea and felt bloody crook afterwards. It has usually been Twinings or Dilmah. Makes us sick. The body ceases up and you feel like a snooze within minutes.

Don’t touch the stuff now.

Russian Jewish mob owned Sayanim spy Leighton Smith pushes Dilmah which should be a big warning to people – same goes for the food companies he pushes also. Dilmah owned by some creepy old Indian guy – probably a Jew or crypto Jew.

Any level of sodium fluoride is toxic. So people are actually paying money for a product that will eventually poison them – see article below for the names of some tea brands with sodium fluoride added to them. Same with 95% of the ‘food’ for sale in supermarkets these days – toxic and designed to slowly make you sick and kill.

The agenda is to murder/ kill off as many ‘Christians’ as possible it would seem – so be warned.

All of the global food brands are toxic – and most of the NZ ones also.

“If it has got a CEO – run like hell ” – Santos Bonacci

The human organism and it’s organs only needs organic. Funny that. Everything else they tell you and add to the ‘food’is a lie, designed to better kill you…faster.

If it has “additives” it is poisoning your organs and will eventually kill you – and your family- if you keep eating it.

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