Exclusive – Jeremy Wells on the Elite Inbred Transvestite Agenda in Mainstream Media


Featured Image – ‘Jeremy’ Wells of Seven Sharp. It is said the entire transgender process can take as little as 10 months. The transvestite Masons just love their 7’s – and the 10’s. Did someone Say Ten? 


Media Whores is reaching out to leading corporate/ corpse media whore Jeremy Wells for comment on the elite transvestite agenda in the corporate media.

Some are saying these secret trannies are in fact demons from the pits of hell – often sexually abused by their own families when young, then fed hormone drugs their entire youths as a way to cover up the abuse, turning them into Mk Ultra mind control trannies who are then sent out into the corporate world to help bring in the corporate one world government system by pushing lies non stop to the public – from fake heath advice, fake diet advice, fake medical advice, fake news, and covering up non stop for the elite communist / Soviet pedophiles who are running the show. Usually on prime time TV slots.

The truly sad part though is that people actually sit there at night getting their ‘news’ and information from these types.]

It is the silence of the lambs.

Wondering if Seven Sharp would do a show on it perhaps?

The key to spotting it in the ‘men’ is said to be their apparent fountain of youth (they look youthful because they are actually chicks in drag) high pitched voices as if their balls never dropped, or have been removed, and a feminine brow and eye sockets…..All of these new age corporate leaders for one.



False image – Jeremy Wells and his tranny poodle – deceiving the TV viewers stuck in the mainstream media corporate pit……

Has Jeremy Wells had the Chop Chop? The Transgender Agenda in Corporate Media

Transvestigations follow: 


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