Transvestigations – How Many of New Zealand’s Top Sport Stars are Secret Masonic Trannies?


Featured Image – the All Blacks celebrate another rigged masonic World Cup victory. Babylonian bread and circuses for mind controlled airheads. Masonic medals, hand shakes and symbolism all round. Led by presumably top Mason & Fonterra bum boy, Ritchie McWhore

Check out the videos and links below and ask yourself – how many of our top sports stars are secret masonic transgenders and full blown transvestites?

Mind blowing stuff.

Almost EVERY top International sports person you can name is a tranny.

The drugs they take turn them all into super humans – for a decade or so at least.

When you see a news article or hear about some new wonder drug, rest assured the ruling inbreds would have been experimenting with it for many years already. Decades even.

Not saying all of the All Blacks are of course – but you can GUARANTEE that some are. Most likely some of the backs. Guys who seem to always get a free pass type thing, despite other obviously better players missing out.

Not to mention some of our top sports stars ‘wives’.

The new global corporate New World Order is run by Freemasons and thus all top level corporate sport is also. The Freemasons are a Babylonian transvestite cult. Behind them sit the most powerful men in the World – some are saying Russian Jews, others are saying the Vatican and Persian ruling families – take your pick – they remain hidden in  the shadows but their Masonic tranny puppets are the ones fronting it all – the ones we can see.

Pretty much everyone and anyone you see on your TV these days – even the top corporate sports people – are in on it in the least. Many are taking mega doses of growth hormones – often since they were first sexually abused as kids.They then seem to be given fake / arranged marriages with other trannies and inbred elites and are protected by the system. Cover up after cover up, just like the politicians and Hollywood entertainers.

The drug testing regime in corporate sports is a 100% hoax – like everything else these Masons do.

The corporate masonic one World order will come at any cost to peace, security, honesty and justice…..and humanity.

It is high time people disconnected from their big boy TV screen induced comas and started paying a little more attention to reality. Sitting there day after day being brainwashed by the masonic tranny agenda – chomping down junk food, beer and sports drinks laced with female growth hormones disguised as food additives, ‘preservatives’  and “natural flavours”.

Being completely brainwashed.



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28 thoughts on “Transvestigations – How Many of New Zealand’s Top Sport Stars are Secret Masonic Trannies?”

  1. I was thinking lately what are the statistical chances the greatest sports people in America at least are all two metre and more black giants. The pubic are conditioned by school experiences and media images to think of black people as statistically taller and stronger. Not true. Most blacks are small and quite weak. The answer is of course their drug dosing. Magic Johnston I am quite sure got his HIV from a dirty needle. He’s never had a day’s sickness after having it for more than twenty years. Probably his sensible health regime after catching the virus has done this. if he had done the normal medication, he would have been dead in five years.

  2. Sham says:

    Yeah bro ‘sticks out like dogs balls’ that Jerry was murdered. Aged 27 too, was when he possibly got offered ‘the deal’ Like Norm Berryman and Jonah Lomu, genuine men of Good faith, all died where the media covered the story top to know .. I have heard from reliable Sources that Berryman used to enjoy the Mary J, noticed he literally played only 1 test too ..

    Labelling sportsman as ‘heros’ is another major MKULTRA symptom.

  3. Maria C says:

    The Allblacks arent sports Team, they are a business.

    There are many All blacks who have ‘left NZ or the Team for personal reasons’ this is not the case. Allegedly, Jerry Collins walked away from the Allblacks because he did NOT want to be part of their ‘club’, if you get my drift? If you have a look into the way he up and left the All Blacks in 2008

    Watch this clip from 3 minutes and 10 seconds, whenever someone is killed by ‘them’ they often publicly talk about it.

    1. Jerry and his wife were assassinated 7klms from the coast where the airbus air NZ plane crashed on the anniversary of the Erebus sacrifice, the plane went down 7klms off the coast in a direct line of a 33 degree angle to Jerry’s car crash!

        1. Man made megaquake! I’ve seen it in dreams and visions I started getting around Black Saturday fires in Australia, February 2009. In my first open vision I saw carnage on the streets of Christchurch,it was a overcast Tuesday, mud up to peoples knees, the spire of the cathedral lying in the square (my great x3 grandad was William Brassington, stone mason who did most of the gothic stone work in CHCH) so when Sept 4 happened and the spire was still standing I knew what was coming and those who called me crazy for saying it would’t talk to me after. I have had many dreams and visions since and the Kaikoura quake came to me in a dream, in it I awoke to water in my house an inch deep and there had been a huge quake just south of Blenheim and a small tsunami and when I awoke I was told this was my last warning however I had slept through it and that is what I did that night, it was like I was so tired I went to bed at 10
          pm and straight to sleep and I never go to bed that early nor sleep that heavily. They used the ChCh feb 22 earthquake to help distract people from the fact Gadaffi was about to be screwed and another illegal war with our taxes was pulled off! Could the almost total destruction of NZ (Taupo blowing as well) be a distraction for WW3 and when the dust settles, the rubble cleared, the lizard people make Tasmantis their fiefdom.

  4. Sham says:

    Just saw your response to the noone overweight should lead anything except to a bbq, hahahah! – GOLD!!

    That response is up there with the best of them lol! I could almost do a Media Whores Funniest one liners!

  5. Sham says:

    And thank you! for bringing genuine light and laughter to the whole situation

    Fk yeah bro I gave up watching ‘rugby’ after the last world cup, knowing then it was a corporate elitist game.

  6. Sham says:

    I wonder how all the super rugby pages/allblacks pages will respond to me posting this in their Facebook pages. Sport seems to be one of the only ways to get peoples attention in this country due to how dumbed the fk down the majority is!

    Hahahahaha Im still laughing

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