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Excuse the grammar and writing style please – not in mood for any rules or structure. 

Media Whores emerged from a few months laying fairly low recently.

After exposing the Winston Peters Mr Asia allegations, the Jacinda Ardern transvestite/ fake pregnancy rumours, the Peter Thiel Jewish Russian baby fetus and blood drinking claims and publishing the full text of both The Sex Collectors and The Justin Davis Files showing that Soviet type Jews are raping thousands of children across NZ in a highly organized and systematic manner – we had started suffering from slight pangs of early evening paranoia – often resulting in sitting up late with all of the lights switched off and a loaded weapon, hockey stick and fairly decent sort of a hunting knife sitting close by, watching the driveway.

So we had headed for the hills so to speak. Or the bush really. Or the closest we could get to the bush and still have running water, cell phone coverage and wireless internet.

There is such a thing as a little too much peace and quiet however so we had somewhat reluctantly decided to reemerge.

Here is a brief summary of the 24 hour period that followed that decision – namely to pack up and hit the road again – in no particular order.

Note Media Whores prefers to use non specific and usually plural pronouns in our ramblings – but this was a solo adventure.

First stop – a Thai restaurant to get a vege cashew curry. Across the road from the restaurant was one of those flash new automated toilets where you push the button to open and close the door. Went to open the door once done and nothing happened. Stood there for a few minutes pushing the button – nothing. Panicked that might have to spend the night in a public bathroom – no cell phone in possession to call anyone – so figured we might as well see if we could break out. After a few minutes of trying to kick the solid steel door down, someone came over from outside to see what all the noise was. After a couple of minutes explaining to the guy outside that the door was stuck and would not open and could he call the cops or something, the door magically opened again and let us out (thank you brother 🙂

We would note that this was only a few days after publishing the story below about how the Russian Soviet Jews have “kill switches” on everything with a microchip in it these days. The smart asses can apparently lock you in one of their toilets if they want to also. That was apparently a little welcome back message.


Soviet & Israeli Jewish Spies have Kill Switches on all New Zealand Infrastructure – Operation Talpiot


Driving through or around Marton on SH1 at around 1am a turbo charged late model Subaru flew past us at around 180kmh. Out of the blue. No other cars in sight. Pitch black. Middle of nowhere really. About a minute later red and blue flashing lights appeared in the rear vision. Two cop cars flew past at about 200kmh. All three cars disappeared into the distance and out of sight. Pitch black again, middle of nowhere. Another minute and more red and blue flashing lights. Three or four more cop cars flew past at 200kmh. Media Whores has a hard time believing in coincidences these days so we pulled out the recording device. A few minutes later we saw the red and blue lights flashing ahead. They had apparently pulled the speeding Subaru over. The entire road – in the middle of no where was entirely blocked off by cop cars. Now you can understand that after 3 months hiding out in the bush (so to speak) due to the nature of what we had been publishing – and within a few hours then approaching a police road block in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, with no witnesses around, was a little concerning, to say the least. By the time we pulled up behind the road block, two other cars were starting to approach from behind also. Ourselves and the two vehicles behind then sat in our cars watching around 6 police offices knee the crap out of the Subaru driver in the middle of the road as he screamed “I surrender”. This went on for a few minutes until eventually Media Whores realized – much to our surprise – that this scene apparently had nothing to do with us at all, so slowly pulled out and drove slowly around the check point – stopping to lean out the window and yell out to one of the cops “you all right mate” – at which point the cops stopped beating the guy up and dragged him off to the back of one of the cop cars. The policeman we spoke with – who was dripping in sweat from 3-4 minutes of rather intense work out  – replied “Yes all good …..Thank you Sir” and slapped the door of our vehicle as if to say cheers, move on.

Sometimes the Universe just chucks strange stuff at ya – but can’t rule out that something more sinister was in the making there and that the two other vehicles that pulled up behind us saved the day. We drove on. Checked the papers the next day and no record of any driver being arrested that night in that location. Would also note that the cops could have been saving lives by catching and stopping the guy, and some would argue he got what he asked for.

Slept a few hours at a holiday park close to Wellington.

Had a few hours to spare in Wellington so found a car park and popped out for another feed and a drink. Counted around 7 Sayanim / commie spies swooping around us within minutes of sitting down for a meal on Courtenay Place. They are always very creepy looking bastards – very ugly inbred demonic looking types – like their very souls are missing – cold blooded or something – and are always talking or tapping into their smart phones as they approach, then look sort of stunned when they see you and drop the phones down and pretend to be doing something else or going in another direction, then just loiter around somewhere close by, looking over sometimes while tapping or speaking updates into their phones. They are always painfully obvious. Usually homosexual looking types and no doubt the same sorts who are always getting name suppression in the papers for kiddie fiddling and perving. They are all mostly child abuse victims after all – their entire religion runs on it. Interesting to note these commie spy freaks are always of a wide ethnic range – but presumably all Jewish. We have noticed quite a few Chinese ones also – China having been taken over by the Rothschild/ Soviet Jews a few decades ago and we are seeing the product of their usual rape, plunder, inbreeding and paedophilia in China as the new breed of communist Chinese Jews are handed the North Island to own and manage by Rothschild – and as detailed by Greg Hallett in NZ a Blackmailer’s Guide.  It’s one big old Globalist family after all. Possibly a few extra adjectives than needed in that rant, but not happy about being followed!

Ignored the commie spies whilst eating another quick meal – 3 or 4 of them had arrived in the near empty restaurant immediately after us. They track their targets via the chips in the credit cards and cell phones these days, but our  vehicle has been tracked for at least the past 18 months – so they would have known we were approaching the City and had time to prepare. They are all nerds at heart – into computer games and porn – so they all get off on the chance for a real live adventure. A live drill if you like. The instructions come through to them via their smart phones and whatever Jew spy app they are using –  probably sent to them by the same family members that abused them as kids – the wealthy ‘holocaust survivors’ who hide away  in big showy houses on the hills, behind a network of corporate trust funds, conspiring against the rest of NZ for a living. Why work for your money when you can just conspire against everyone else right?

Got up and walked across the road to a bar for a quick drink. The trendy bar on the corner of Courtney Place and Cambridge Terrace. Same deal. At least 3 or 4 Sayanim already at the bar just by chance and another few showed up within minutes and took their positions. Wellington is crawling with them, much like Auckland. The bar tender almost dropped his till keys when he saw us standing there in front of him at the bar. They pass photos of their targets around each other also you see, plus all of their cell phones alert them when some action is on – covering up the latest local child kidnapping etc. Noticed the Jewish ‘rainbow’ wrist band on his right arm and realized he was one of them. He then did his very best to ignore us and went off to serve someone else. Eventually had to come back and serve us – reluctantly. He was almost in a state of shock as he took our order – even asked for the money up front. How rude. We suggested he pour the red wine before we paid.  Sat outside and watched as the 3 or 4 more Sayanim mentioned above showed up and took position around the place. It is like a swarm of flies and no such thing as a little peace in the places these freaks haunt these days.

Jumped in a taxi after one drink so as to get back to the car park quickly and without any more stress.

On the Cook Straight Ferry – wondered upstairs with the other passengers after parking and found a nice quiet seat. Within minutes a rather attractive girl had approached and asked if her and her ‘boyfriend’ could sit next to ‘us’. She and her ‘boyfriend’ then immediately staged some sort of little argument, resulting in the ‘boyfriend’ getting up and leaving the table, never to be seen again for the entire 3.5 hour journey – leaving his rather attractive ‘girlfriend’ sitting right next to me, swooning, smiling and flicking her hair around for the entire 3 and half hour journey. Now to be fair – Media Whores struggled with this one.  She was rather attractive and we all have our weaknesses. What gave the game up however was what appeared to be at least 2 or 3 other commie spies taking seats nearby, with one very creepy / soulless looking older lady positioned smack in the nearby corner with her smart phone trained directly at the both of us the entire time. Every time the attractive girl flicked her hair and smiled, Media Whores would look around and see the creepy old commie woman pointing her iPhone directly at us. We decided to refuse the ‘bait’. Who knows what they had planned. Best case scenario is they are offering you a little fun so as to slowly butter you up and ‘bring you in’, worst case scenario is an angry ‘boyfriend’ making a scene, or even a false harassment complaint (something they specialise in). Not worth the risk. And so a slightly awkward 3 and 1/2 hour fairy trip. They used to place these Sayanim / Mk Ultra hookers right outside our apartment door in Auckland, as previously covered also. Admittedly it took us a few times to cotton on, initially putting it down to good luck.

Picton – parked the vehicle in the main downtown car park area to go for a walk and another feed. A Saturday afternoon. Car park was full due to all of the apartments around that inner city area and some boating event on in the bay.  Paid $2 for two  hour’s parking, came back and had a $200 parking ticket for “Unregistered Vehicle”. They never send us our vehicle registration card when we do it on line anyway – something we have previously covered. There were no parking wardens in sight anywhere and no other tickets on any of the other cars. The commie masons who run Picton were tracking us also and sent out an agent to sting us with another ticket. Media Whores has a box of these fraudulent tickets as previously covered and we always write back in and bill them for wasting our time. Even if the rego had expired recently – it is fraudulent to target certain individuals alone for covert political means.

And that’s it.

The first 24 hours after reemerging from a few months laying rather low – locked in a public toilet, police road block in the middle of the night, another Mk ultra hooker served up, commie spies all over of us in Wellington, and one more fraudulent parking ticket.

What are the odds?

New Zealand has been literally invaded by these people in the past 10-15 years. They have always been here of course, but the ‘family’ have flooded in in recent years, as the Jewish/ Soviet Goldman Sachs bankers have invaded and taken over – lusting after those giant oil fields off our East Coast and to help implement their communist agenda for the West. Brendon O’Connell does a very good summary of it below, as has Greg Hallett. Both have also detailed being followed around by these people.

And they did warn us they were coming 🙁

They are a giant inbred club of communist spies and perverts with unlimited funding, who use covert means and spy tactics to invade, subvert, take over and destroy – and NZ is now literally crawling with them.They are even staging their terrorist attacks here now as well, as we have previously covered – copied again further below.

And if you start speaking out or writing about it – these demons swarm on you – like flies to a holocaust BBQ.



The Media Whores Story – Stitched Up by the Synagogue

Julie Pepper – ‘Black Salt’ – Jewish Sayanim Terrorists & the Whangarei ‘Shooting’



When the ‘Jewish’ Mafia Deep State Comes After You….Randy Quaid




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8 thoughts on “Ramble On – Sayanim Spy Updates in New Zealand – #TheyLive”

  1. Reply
    Bob says:

    If you need to lay low again man,have digs up North you can head to(or even over the ditch if you have to)
    Just enough out of the way,but not too secluded….plus good people to help out if needed.
    Got a direct line to some of the top dogs in South Auckland and Bay of Plenty for 24/7 back up too bro.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      thank you brother. appreciated.
      i see people around who are watching out.
      but an army of the walking dead also.
      the strategy is really just to leave it up to ‘gods’. the real ones, not these fake ones 😉
      but make damn sure the truth will be known should they snap and take the bait – jewish russian mobsters run it all. and order the hits – usually using local fools.
      they will use sayanim spies posing as fake witnesses, top mason police, and a compromised coroner. no matter how mkuch they all lie. jewish russian mobsters and most likely ordered by either Sian Elias and/or jacinda Ardern/ Peter Thiel.
      brer rabbit

  2. Reply
    Bob says:

    Now you’re back on the radar and have the freakshow following you everywhere again,is their intention just to keep fucking with your head ….or are they biding their time to bust a cap in your ass,once they get the green light……and you
    got anyone covering your back if these cats really start turning the heat up?

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      not many covering my ass bro.
      but doing my best to cover my ass – by making sure there will be confusion as to what has happened.
      any accidents – its the jews/ sayanim.
      no ifs or buts and no matter how convincing the senior police inspector and coroner are

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