The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand – RASNZ


Featured Image – Dr. Paul Groot – professor of astronomy at Radboud University and guest speaker for the RASNZ. Looks like Mark Zuckerberg a bit doesn’t he? 


Media Whores has been something of a fan of The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand in recent years, simply for the fact that they provide a full down loadable chart of the Southern night time skies.

You can see Jupiter – the King – bright in the early morning / night sky at present – in the sign of the giant scorpion. It is stunning.

Pretty much everything else these guys do however is a fraud – from start to finish.

It is not astronomy for one – it is called astrology. The astro logos or language of God/ Light.

The word astronomy came along with the words Monarchy, Money, Monotheism and Monopoly – four other frauds and their MO/ Means of Operating / controlling the goy’s minds.

Media Whores would advise Kiwis to be very cautious around any and all of these Government / Crown run agencies and the overly funded & excited looking people that work for them – at least until the Justin Davis Files are investigated and the Government agrees to hold a full inquiry into their relentless child abuse.

“If it has got a PHD – run like hell” – Media Whores. 

Note – Santos Bonacci seems to have been given the Kosher stamp of approval – apparently due to his slight naivety about the real world –  but the knowledge / science of the stars he details is incredible …and puts these PHD ‘astro-no-mores’ to shame. 


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