Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?


…with a big old mouth guard/ false teeth obviously.

Peter Thiel is an actor who most likely plays the part of Mark Zuckerberg. Or sometimes plays the part of Mark Zuckerberg in the least. The voice gives him away – see interview further below.

Look closely – he doesn’t have a voice box – as all men are supposed to. He is a tranny. A woman dressed as a man. Which seems to almost be the norm with the ruling class these days.

He seems to wear a prosthetic nose and various other prosthetic facial features and a wig for the Zuckerberg role. As well as brown contact lenses. There is a very weird poky little voice box on Mark Zuckerberg in some photos, but not in others. That can be surgically implanted and then removed again later with ease.

We can’t find one image of Zuckerberg and Thiel together despite the fact they are supposed to be good friends and both on the board of directors of Facebook. Not one.

Could he be wearing false teeth / a mouth guard and a wig for the Jacinda Ardern role as well?

Losing some facial weight /fat can be achieved in 2-3 days with the right drugs.

Some are also starting to claim that these elites are drinking children’s blood to reverse the aging process almost overnight and that they develop DNA traits from the donor blood.

Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts

Admittedly you can get similar results – as in regain a youthful appearance and good health – simply by going on a vegan diet – but Thiel does not help his case by publicly stating that he is interested in injecting himself with the blood of children.

Thiel has a private jet and can move from one country to the next in a day. Changing prosthetics on the airplane would be a breeze. He would have a team of make up artists and his own full time media people and camera people – all in on it.

He would not be the only one of these ‘elites’ doing this – playing multiple roles. More videos below.

He would have undergone months of voice training to get that Jacinda Ardern Kiwi lesbo twang happening – but not hard.

John Key resigned December 2016 – deserted his post in fact and fled the country. Peter Thiel flew here for 2 weeks in June 2017 and was awarded immediate/ urgent citizenship (illegally). Right at the beginning of the election campaign.

Thought we would chuck the idea out there – we had already come very close to this conclusion in an earlier article.

Interesting days – and guessing far more to come 🙂

If the shit ever hits the fan in NZ – like running out of fuel or the ATM & Eftpos machines all turned off – these inbreds will be in Israel days prior – you can guarantee it – using a green screen to appear from the Beehive.


Image credits fair use, political commentary

The lying little demons at The Spin Off are frantically trying to cover for him also – calling him a “white man” lol.

Peter Thiel is looking for paradise in New Zealand. History is against him

Mark Zuckerberg starts sweating due to all of the prosthetics and make up attached to his face….note the voice – its the same guy/ Peter Thiel.

All three of these Bloomberg anchors are trannies – one shape shifts live. Note Zuckerberg wanted Thiel to stay lol – same dude

These Khazar Demons Do Not Die

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