Has Peter Thiel & the Masonic Mob put a Contract Out on Media Whores?


Featured Image – Sian Elias – NZ’s chief Soviet mobster, Sayanim spy……& justice. This image has now been removed from the internet it seems. As well as the original link source. It was apparently being portrayed in the wrong light. 


Media Whores has heard through the ether that Peter Thiel and the Russian Masonic mob may have put a contract out on us. And there could be a sizable sum involved.

We are both flattered and disappointed – in true Piscian form.

It would be a shame if Kiwis were not allowed to think for themselves anymore under this Soviet / communist digital one World order regime. Or share their ideas and conclusions. If this is the case.

And it would seem that this gang have become so out of control that they may resort to trying to knock off writers and independent thinkers now in New Zealand. Much like they do in Putin’s Russia. Actually Hallett made those allegations over 10 years ago – so nothing new perhaps. The problem is that those claims were never investigated – or even reported on.

If they get away with such things and get to follow through on their plans – Kiwis could very soon all be living under an electronic control grid run from Israel, by Israeli and Russian IT professionals – with all of your finances and movements tracked via Bitcoin – with the ability to ‘switch you off’ or confiscate your unpaid taxes or parking fines at the flick of a switch. Not to mention turn the brakes off in your new digital car. That seems to be the greater plan – although it will be eased in gently no doubt – like a proctology.

So if this is true and this Globalist mafia are planning to try and silence Media Whores – we would like to make it absolutely clear who we think will be behind it……according to the stuff we have seen and studied in the past years.

The orders will come down from the bigwig oligarchs in Russia –  who sit there each day and monitor all World wide progress and threats to their Global communist plans. Media Whores is getting thousands of views every few minutes from around the World on some days and has become a bit of a problem. Not least for suggesting Jacinda Ardern may actually be Peter Thiel.

We uninstalled all of our hacked view counters this morning and then activated a new one to see if we could get a glimpse of the real numbers. The Dutch/ NZ transparency International article had over 198,000 views within 10-15 minutes while we wrote this post. That one has gone mega viral overseas it would seem. So will the Mark Zuckerberg one most likely. The new Peter Thiel / Jacinda Ardern one had over 13,000 in the same 10-15 minute period. The ‘red dragon’ could well be very upset with us….

(Image being blocked sometimes apparently – shows 198,000 + views on one article within 10-15 minutes of reinstalling the view counter). 


We think Sian Elias – the so called chief justice – would be in charge of the operation and would coordinate it from her ‘cave’ up in the Lewis Pass.

Sian Elias then passes the orders and instructions out to the Sayanim network around the Nation to get feedback about our location and movements/ habits. Ideas are then discussed.

The best of these ideas are then passed out via the Freemason network and local gangs – both of which the Soviet Jews are said to control, directly or indirectly.

2-3 final options are then formalised and discussions held at every level regarding the finer details.

Here are our top picks:

  1. A trained Jewish mossad agent from overseas, posing as a tourist, walking up the driveway, or coming over the back fence with a gun
  2. A local Sayanim agent gaining access to the house while we are out and poisoning something in the kitchen
  3. Local Sayanim working at cafes who poison the coffee or takeaway food – a few people have warned us of that one.
  4. A staged car accident

Actually we think number 4 is the most likely – should they decide to go ahead. They are experts at this and it is the easiest way to manage things…….

What they do is have an agent sneak in at night, or while you are at the supermarket etc and quickly attach a small explosives device under your car. This device is then triggered remotely while you are driving at a point they have preselected, based on your driving habits. They then have local Sayanim who are placed at St John’s or the local fire brigade follow behind you or race out to the ‘crash’. Their job is to finish you off before anyone else gets there. This is usually done by St John’s Sayanim staff in the back of the ambulance using a  lethal injection. This is how they allegedly murdered Allan Hubbard a few years back. Depending on the size and importance of the target, they will have as many as 10 other Sayanim positioned in vehicles near by, often Jewish tourists using fake passports – we have hundreds here at any given time – as we discovered in the ChCh ‘earthquakes’ – and they are all in constant contact. They all race over to the scene and help keep other witnesses at bay while the job is done. They all then corroborate on the official story. A top masonic police officer and ‘compromised’ coroner are then used to issue the final report. Probably even a local Sayanim mechanic for the technical detail.

How tragic. Everyone goes back to sleep.

Rest assured, every single person who gives the official story will be a Sayanim / Jewish spy or Freemason – no exceptions. Check out this recent example if in doubt. Local Sayanim and Freemason actors from start to finish – backed up by both the Government agencies and media. Pure theater.

Wendy Campbell Linked to Fraudster Garry Hobbs – Whangarei ‘Shooting’

They then rehash some of the details of the tragic story once every year or so in the papers if the “conspiracy theories” will not go away. These sell out Masons and Sayanims all then disappear overseas for a well earned holiday before returning back to NZ to renovate their homes.

Except for a good % of Kiwis and those overseas who are reading our website and have woken up to the reality of this world we currently live in – run by these terrorists. It will then become their job to try and share the real story – as published here – to try and wake up more Kiwis so we can all continue to work towards keeping children safe from these demonic inbred freaks and death worshiping globalist monsters.

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The Dead Shall Rise. Very shortly after realizing – you are what you eat.




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9 thoughts on “Has Peter Thiel & the Masonic Mob put a Contract Out on Media Whores?”

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    Mike says:

    Craig Sawyer ex Seal and organiser of Veterans for Child rescue in the USA, when their head man was threatened with assassination, by such same powers as are alleged to threaten media whores, simply explained that if anything happened, there would be an extremely bloody mess to clean up and top end murder would pay. That retribution unlike anything known would be let loose. However that is beside the point. MORE TO THE POINT is this business of another super prison. That prisoner numbers are getting out of hand, and help perpetuate the crime spree propaganda. By sending them back into society with almost no money, is a favourite trick. Gotta keep those families and especially the children vulnerable. To be saved by drugs of the paedophiles who front the NZ child protection agencies. In Australia it is totally different and even Ned Kelly was earning a shilling a day, over 100 years ago. Brendon O’Connell complained at the TOTAL LACK of facilities in NZ. PERHAPS they might like to address such important matters as (1`) Lawyers convincing clients to plead guilty to not guilty charges. (2) Police filing charges that are totally out of proportion to the actual offending, so as to provide the lawyer with ammunition to coerce a guilty plea. (3) Remand in custody where not even the most basic facilities are available, especially dental and medical, so that people plead guilty just to get access to the dental and medical services they need. (4) Judges who are actually totally aware that/when a false guilty plea had been entered, who still play the game of abuse. (5) Totally incompetent lawyers who are only good for siphoning money off the system until they get chucked out, once they realise what a corrupt fraud the circus actually is, and (6) heaven forbid anyone on remand in custody who decides to defend himself after finding that the police and legal aid have stitched him/her up with lawyer whose only job is to force a guilty plea, not one lawyer but several lawyers all in a row, who all try the same tricks. Then the prison itself goes to work and makes sure that the defendant can’t get access to legal material, cant get access to law books etc. Deliberately holds back court documents from being filed on time. So as to make the “not guilty” remand inmate have no choice but to give up on self defence. There are cases of a remand inmate getting access to a computer to use to produce court documents and then the computer being accidentally thrown out. There was one extreme case in Auckland of a Pauwel Musaic, who was so good at self defence, after having his money milked from him by the local NZ lawyers, that he managed to appear over 150 times in front of local Justices of the peace, all of whom refused to hear his case. So as to deliberately keep him locked up on remand, while his two young boys were getting dealt to, by guess who????. NZ’s legal system is not only totally corrupt, but pure evil. As only Satanist paedophiles or as Gregg Hallett points out , an occult mafia, can create pure evil. Cut those nand nothing has been done about it. umbers they proclaim by at least 50% and you will see a real indication of the truth of the matter. AFTER ALL when the Privy Council noted that at least 1500 NZers had been denied their rightful Justice, by the Appeal Court, those responsible weren’t told off, instead they were promoted to the Supreme Court. The fact is that the NZ Judges have been deliberately and knowingly locking up not guilty people in NZ. There are cases of legal aid, who sign off the legal aid money deliberately refusing legal aid to a good lawyer, and forcing the NZer to have a “police club” lawyer, who then sets the NZer up, just for fun, or for the parochial interested party to control. USA intel 2011, via WikiLeaks stated that NZ didn’t have a legal system, that it had a system that was less than an image of a legal system, controlled by parochial interests whatever they may be. Gregg Hallett maintains these parochial interests are connected to some 8000 war criminals given safe haven in the greater Auckland area.

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    Lee says:

    Lauda Finem commented last year, regarding how it stuck out like the balls on a short haired dog, that the NZ franchise brand Catholic Church and the NZ Police were not signatories to the request for a child abuse inquiry. Funny how the Catholic church is now making new claims that they are sad that the Churches are not being included. It being very well known that kiddie fiddlers and killers like to get into areas where they can get their hands on”vulnerable” children. In Australia some 40% of the 60% of historical child abuse claims, were against the Catholic church. Marist brothers where Bill English learnt his skills, had a 20% kiddie fiddler group, and the highest of them all, when NZ was included was St John of God was 40% being kiddie fiddlers. This was the only NZ inclusion in the kiddie fiddlers Australian inquiry. Which was a MASSIVE criminal failing on the Australian inquiry, because indications were clearly looming that NZ was a training base for paedophiles within the Church, to deliberately infest society. Who still exist and who are still at work infesting NZ with these paedophile zionist scum disguised as Catholic Priests. IN CANADA it was found that the collusion between the Church and State was responsible for the disappearance of over 100,000 Canadian children. With the Canadian supreme court admitting last year that the Canadian Government was applying a policy of genocide to the native indian population. Doing this with the usual combination of Church, State (especially schools) and Police. VERY WELL PRACTISED MASS MURDER and moving children into satanic ritual torture and murder systems. By this combination of Church and State. That this is the way they operate. That this is just a massive cover up operation, by keeping the Churches out of it. That type of child rape and abuse arrogance only comes by knowing that you can get away with it, because cover up systems are in place. Such as the current one, where the Churches are not included. Robert David Steele ex CIA is very clear that the Catholic Church has been involved in slavery and child sex trafficking for a very long time. Not including the Churches means very simply that child sex trafficking routes are continued to be covered up.

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    Bob says:

    There is a long arse spiel on Thiel written on his Geni.com profile.
    Mostly on his academia,vast business interests/acquisitions and chess prowess.

    Gleaned a few bits n pieces….most of it on Wikipedia but some stuff not mentioned.

    Between himself and a few close colleagues,founded/co-founded/financed/invested in dozens of company start ups incl the likes of PayPal,FB,LinkedIn,Geni.com,Slide,Yelp and Yammer…with an aggregate value of $30b.
    When Thiel became lead investor for FB with an initial $500k stake,his main advice to Zuckerberg was quote.. “Just don’t fuck it up”
    In 2012 Thiel sold off most of his FB shares and pocketed over $1billion.
    However he still retains 5 million shares and a seat on the Board of Directors.

    He’s right into sci fi and most of his companies are named after Tolkien characters/references.
    One he founded in 2003 was Palantir Technologies…a big data analysis company,which was initially funded by CIA venture capital arm In-Q-Tel
    In 2015 Palantir was valued at $20b,with Thiel being the chairman and largest shareholder.
    He concentrates the bulk of his philanthropic efforts,through The Thiel Foundation, on potential break through technologies.In 2015 Thiel became one of the financial backers for Open AI.
    A “non profit” company aimed at the development of artificial general intelligence.
    He was also an early investor in Xero,a software firm headquartered in NZ.
    Made a NZ $ 1 million donation to Christchurch quake appeal(same year he became a “fast tracked” NZ citizen…Had only visited the country four times prior to his application and stated he had no intention to live in NZ.

    When asked in 2014 what was the biggest achievement he had not yet attained,he replied,quote “Certainly the area I am very passionate about,is trying to do something to really get some progress on the anti-aging/longevity front”

    He donated $3.5 million in 2006 to Methuselah Mouse Prize Foundation,to foster anti-aging research.Also supports the SENS Research Foundation,that is working to achieve the reversal of biological aging.
    Thiel says he is also registered to be cryonically suspended after his “death”

    Eight years ago Thiel held HOMOCON 2010 for Go Proud,an LGBT organisation in his NYC apartment…according to Wiki his spouse is Matt Danzeisen who he married last year

    He is listed as a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and attended every conference between 2007-2015.

    To wrap this long rant up,……to Media Whores,Greg Hallett et al…
    The Thiel Foundation is a supporter of the Committee to Protect Journalists,which promotes the right of journalists to report the news freely
    without fear of reprisal.

    Well bugger me….he’ll have to tear that contract up now bro

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      hey thanks for that.
      interesting read.
      there are always a few reoccurring themes with these ‘leaders’.
      being able to clearly identify who is running the show is the goal.
      so people can stop wasting their efforts on side shows.
      everybody focused in the right direction.

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