Is Mark Zuckerberg a Fictional Character Played by Peter Thiel?


Featured Image – Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel These super rich ‘elites’ are constantly inventing new characters and names to go along with them. Think Suckers and Icebergs. Zuckerberg. Images fair use/ public commentary. 


Media Whores continues our look behind the thinly veiled ‘character’ that is Peter Pan Thiel today and asks could he also be playing the part of Mark Zuckerberg – as well as the part of NZ’s prime meat/ minister – Jacinda Ardern?

You will notice with photos of Peter Thiel that he does not appear to have a voice box as you would expect from a normal male. Media Whores has done many recent articles on this transgender phenomenon we are witnessing in globalist politics and business these days. Transgenders seem to be leading the charge. – or fronting it at least.

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

Now admittedly – new ideas and posts like these are a bit like our Flat Earth posts in that the majority of people will go into shut down mode and denial at the very first thought of it but those who are able to keep their minds open will eventually cotton on. Much like when people started presenting 911 evidence some years back – it can take many years for truth to eventually filter through.

Not that we would claim to know for sure that Mark Zuckerberg is in fact Peter Thiel but let’s float the idea out there with  some accompanying evidence  and see if it catches on.

Let’s start by showing these images of Jackass comedian Johnny ‘Knoxville’ (possibly another one of these stage names) which provide a great example of what a team of make up artists can achieve in just a few hours. Add to that a highly skilled plastic surgeon for the bigger/ longer term roles….and really, anything is possible. Water into wine.

Media Whores first got onto this idea when we went looking for interviews with Peter Thiel the other day to hear what his voice sounded like – so as to compare with the voice of Jacinda Ardern.

With the first interview we found – we noticed immediately that Peter Thiel sounded almost exactly like Mark Zuckerberg.

Check it out below – Peter Thiel being interviewed by his Persian handlers…..

Agreed? That was Mark Zuckerberg speaking.

These people are actors – not leaders – Peter Thiel comes across as an idiot really – just spouting off rehearsed lines in overly rehearsed interviews in what is usually a very awkward manner…..these people do not ‘invent’ nor do they ‘lead’ – they are simply actors carrying out a preordained globalist agenda….same as our politicians these days…that agenda being crypto currencies – one of the last big steps towards a ‘microchiped’ population and the global new world order means of total control over your life….tracking everything you do, everywhere you go.

We then decided to look more closely into this idea and learned that Peter Thiel is in fact on the board of Facebook. We would also suggest that all three of these Bloomberg ‘experts’ doing the talking are also transgenders…the ‘male’ would appear to have a voice box implant, which never looks quite right. Thiel looks like a chubby girl as he waddles up the the microphone at the start of the clip. Also of note is that Zuckerberg “defended” Thiel in regards a recent controversy. If they are the same person one might expect that they will usually agree with each other……

Sounds whacko?

Well how about the fact that if you then go looking for images of Peter Thiel together with Mark Zuckerberg, you will not find any of the two men together in the same room. They are apparently close friends and have both been on the board of directors of Facebook for many years – one of the world’s largest companies – yet there has never been one photo taken of the two of them standing, or sitting together, or even in the same room. Although you can bet your bottom dollar the CGI experts will be working on a few as we ‘speak’ and will sneak them out with false dates in the days to come.

Here is a screen print of image searches today for Peter Thiel Mark Zuckerberg. Not one image of the two men actually  together or in a meeting etc. All of the ones you see are composites. Come back and check in a few days however and we bet you this ‘error’ will be fixed and new cgi images will have been released appearing to show the two men in a meeting, or playing golf or some crap. The team from NASA are probably working on it right now.

We would suggest to you that there are no real images of Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel together because they are in fact the same person/ man/ tranny.

The Mark Zuckerberg character has been ‘designed’ to look slightly geeky and somewhat ugly, a non threatening sort of new age liberal with an odd sounding name who as per usual seemed to have come out of nowhere and through hard work and a dose of luck – not to mention stealing the original idea and plans – just happened to become wealthy and successful beyond his wildest dreams, or anyone else’s wilded dreams.

It is a fraud folks.

And high fives all round – man these Goy are dumb


Images – fair use/ public commentary. 

Facebook –  much like Bitcoin – is a CIA/ military intelligence invention designed purely for globalist new world order social engineering and control.

It is not the ‘free market’ and it is not even genuine public demand – it is in fact pure military intelligence and social engineering – posing as something successful, fun and cool.

Where it gets more interesting is when you start tuning into the work of Australian man Brendon O’Connell and start to realise that it is all in fact being run from the Israeli State which is now the forerunner for all of this new technology we are seeing. Not to mention all of these bad actors appear to be Jewish.

Then add to that the fact that Jared Kushner – Donald Trump’s son in law – runs the companies that are designing some of the most advanced microchips available, including the ones meant for human implants – and of course also being done in Israel – the new Silicon Valley. Jared Kushner also apparently being one of these transgendered Jewish ‘men’. See videos below.

We would point out that Brendon O’Connell’s work has exposed how it is in fact mostly Russian IT experts and contractors who are employed to do this work in Israel these days and behind them are some of the wealthiest men on the planet – the Russian Jewish oligarchs. They do not appear to be transgenders for the record – they are very much straight male mobsters – but it seems that the transgender Jewish puppets are the only ones they trust to help implement and carry out their plans. All in the family. Those plans being total world wide control – via the silicon/ silly con microchip.


Harvey Weinstein – a lower level Jewish mogul meets with his Russian mobster bosses for a telling off. Abuse as many people as you like –  just don’t get caught FFKS!

You will also notice that not one of the so called new age ‘freedom fighters’  such as Julian Assange or Kim Dotcom have apparently ever figured any of this out – nor ‘leaked’ any of it – and seem to instead be constantly running the counterintelligence line that they are being persecuted whilst leading all of their followers away from the facts and ideas we have detailed. Media Whores would bet money they are both Jewish also – we remember first seeing those large black limousines in Auckland with their “666” and “God” number plates – the Jewish Russian mob moving into New Zealand, along with all of the corruption and meth..and ‘super cities’. If our site is finally hacked or goes down today – you will know why.

And if it doesn’t go down – perhaps one day we will learn who has been protecting it. There must be some as we have never installed even one security system on this site – possibly the best way to stay safe.

One point we should make here is this – Media Whores is not ruling here on whether crypto currencies could be a logical and efficient way to remove inflationary usury from the finance system – not to mention all of those bloody bank fees – but what we are highlighting is that the way this new system is being packaged and sold to us is a total fraud from start to finish – and being sold by the very same people who are telling us it will all be ‘safe from fraud’, un hackable’ and will ‘protect your privacy’.

What we are saying is that if the public are to adopt all of this new technology – how about we discuss it in an honest and open fashion form the onset? Instead of by deceiving everyone.

And a quick point for the Christians out there who are constantly hauled between one theory and conspiracy to the next – yes, the world wide banking industry is largely Vatican and Swiss controlled – but Peter Thiel and the Jewish Russian mobsters were given the back door keys to every bank in the World when they started Paypal a few years back. These mobsters must own the Vatican and have done for some time. Nobody gets open access to the banking industry like that. And no doubt the same way they control the world’s politicians – via spying, espionage, mind control and bribery.

“Tricksters preside over moments of passage, rupture and transformation.”
Dr. R. S. Tannen,

“Jewish trannies and Russian mobsters preside over the transitions to the new ages” – Media Whores.

‘Mark Zuckerberg’ breaks into a sweat under the weight of all of the make up and prosthetics….and privacy questions.

Trump’s Jewish Russian mob sponsors and handlers detailed below – all of these videos that hit the nail on the head have the lowest “views” of any videos on Jutube – a bit like our view counter. The entire internet is hacked from Israel….the promised land of fraudsters and criminals….

O’Connell has also noted at some stage that not all Jews are behind this grand deception and conspiracy – although their collective silence on it all is rather deafening.

Please note – never donate money to a Christian ministry until you hear them admit that the Earth is Flat. Not to say they don’t have some good info and even good intention, but they are clearly still under a degree or 33 of masonic mind control.


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8 thoughts on “Is Mark Zuckerberg a Fictional Character Played by Peter Thiel?”

  1. Bob says:

    Your UK counterpart,Christopher Spivey,is probably the foremost proponent
    on the freakshow and their “fictional characterisations”.
    He has dedicated the last few years of his research to fully analyse and expose this cunningly, deceptive bullshit from the JWO.
    He is working frantically to get this other massively important info out to the lublic before they shut him down for good.
    Chris rows the same boat up shit creek like you MW…..and also like you,he ain’t scared of the PTB…tells it all like it is….dry,funny fucker as well…..Highly recommend his work.

    1. mediawhores says:

      got every old commie and mason in town lurking around.
      does seem like some excitement out there.
      sell outs from way back – all of them. casino types.
      proping up this entire communist freemason system

        1. Bob says:

          Actually gonna be in Picton in the not too distant…doing a little South-North jaunt….Will have to go check the goon squad out at the Crown now you’ve mentioned it bro.
          I’ll rock up and put on my best “air garn” Aussie accent,pull out a wad of “Ernie Rutherfords”…. get em all pissed as parrots…..see what shit they start dribbling.
          Gonna be staying in South Auck the night before heading out…should see if ol’ mate wants to head into the hood for brews with the bros….my shout Steve.

          1. mediawhores says:

            the crawl out of the wood work like the undead.
            in picton, blenheim etc
            just look out for the freemason sings at the entrances to the towns.
            a gang of pedofiles and killers.
            demons. no souls
            just summons them 😉
            ‘Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.’- Remy de Gourmont

    1. mediawhores says:

      another successful bank robbery – millions in nz tax payer funds for the ju lawyers
      and another lawsuit on the way
      great work if you can get it – but u have to be a jew

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