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Still breathing.

Long may it last.

Not sure how serious that threat was/ is, but publishing it is the best/ easiest / cheapest form of insurance.

That said, this website is definitely hands down the stupidest thing we have ever done.

Not to say it isn’t all true – or at least a thousand times more accurate than the Masonic garbage we are fed via TV –  but Media Whores does suffer from a very foul mouth at times and that harsh Moon in Aries which sends us off into a furry whenever we see/ or think we see perceived injustice.

We don’t know if those Justin Davis Files are true or not – but it is one hell of an intelligence operation if they are not. Very detailed information and hard to imagine it could all be made up. Not sure what the alleged offenders all have in common – most seemed to be new age science Christians as far as we could tell. And a large number of chess players. Something of a Soviet ring to it.

We just think that some poor sod claiming to have been tortured and now living on the streets while he tries to expose child abuse allegations in NZ should at least get a hearing – and thus provided him a voice.

Same for everything else we have published really – we see the mainstream corporate media ignoring it, or actively covering it up, and we flare up and reach for the website password. Possibly the stupidest volunteer role you could choose to take on – but none the less.

Allegations should be investigated – not constantly covered up – or we all fall further into a Soviet like state of disrepair.

Plus we wanted to test the bounds of freedom of speech on the internet in NZ. Can tick that box for now and hope the corrupt bastards don’t do something stupid. No need for a culture of Soviet styled fear to go along with the rest of our problems.

Google should be congratulated for still showing the site in search results also – holding to their promise of ‘mathematical algorithms’ and not playing God.

There is something in these pages to piss off everyone really. Just use that search button above and you are guaranteed to find something that will upset you.

But we think all Kiwis should be able to agree – as we all drive around on our new 3rd World roads that we have paid 60% net taxes for, stuck in a traffic light system run by an overseas computer program designed to purposely cause delays – that the degree of lies, misinformation and bullshit coming out of the mainstream media and government apparatus these days is damn near Biblical. Complete rubbish.

We have aimed to get that point across to the public – because if they don’t wake up out of their media induced trance quite soon – those iPhones are going to be inserted up everyone’s backsides. Not pretty.

When left brain lizard logic and accompanying Phd’s start telling everybody that an ‘artificial intelligence’ run by a ‘Silly Con’ microchip is going to replace the human brain and the need to think – because they have done some models and calculated it will be more ‘efficient’ –  it is high time we all took stock – with a view to restoring some natural balance.

Sincere apologies to anyone wrongly caught in the crossfire. Shit never sticks to good people for long. And lots of good people working in the system are trying to do their best. Its the system itself which is the problem. It is designed to continuously fail – and thus create never ending work for itself. Communism – still claiming to be free market capitalism..

This system of divide and rule has well and truly outlived it’s use by date. Not least this fraudulent red/ blue political system.

Peace 🙂



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7 thoughts on “Peace”

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    llloyd says:

    Like you I am surprised by Google. Search engines give my site sargon press, twitter and amazon books fantastic entirely free publicity. I muse the possibility that the Pentagon, inventor of the Internet, allowed this opening of the curtain briefly to crush the real threat to America hegemony. As retired U.S. admiral Moore wrote in his memors. ” If the American people knew what the Zionists were up to, they would be up in arms.” The admiral was an honest man personally burnt metaphorically by USS. Liberty. In Classical knowledge we call it Philippi. 2018 is zero year of NWO, one hundred years after Versailles Treaty. In China, it is year of the dog. U.S Embassy moves to Jerusalem in May, Trump and Netanyahu by then to be replaced by Pence and Baraka. Trump and Netanyahu were at least their own masters. Israel pushing for new Embassy headquarters to be built in Talpiot district in East Jerusalem, Talpiot Program is in Talpiot district I assume. Keep safe. Philippi authors Demosthenes and Cicero came to sticky ends.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      will be interesting to watch
      but they do currently have the ability to switch off the wests entire atm and eftpos system as well as electricity – then ‘suggest’ we all might like to start using bitcoin on our cellphones if they agree to turn the power back on.
      the real sampson option.

      1. Reply
        llloyd says:

        Bitcoin was predicted for 2018 in the Rothschilds Economist magazine in 1988. It does seem pre-planned. Spell check red lined Rothschilds. Did it again. Events are moving fast this year. In N Z, red necks are threatening to walk into public domains declared rahui by iwis. They don’t know N Z is now a virtual reality Maori State. They will be arrested by Maori cops. The iwis always get everything they want and leave the actual governance to their white slaves. When they finally work that out, many whites are going to go Ruby Ridge. They gave away the public narrative of N Z history from the year 1984. I tried to warn them as did Sheila Natusch. But no affect. Rothschilds and iwis are working together. Of course iwis have no idea.

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          very sharp you are
          then look at the avalanche of child abuse allegations coming out of the corporate iwi – and we can see it is the same old power structure – dressed in drag.

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    Sham says:

    Yeah bro, we definitely have to work together to expose this madness.

    The system we live in is literally designed to only benefit those with money, its no other way. There are amazing and beautiful people in all walks of life contributing in positive ways, but there are also tranny/paedo/masonic reptilians who are infiltrating these same work places.

    Like you’ve said before, Once you aware of the trick, the magic doesn’t work anymore!

    You use Facebook?

  3. Reply
    Sham says:

    Sht brother. I feel its fair to say I understand you man, to an extent anyway, Ive never met you and only know you through this page.

    I take my hat off to your courage and genuine Kind heart, who else is raising these issues to the extent you are in NZ?

    I can honestly say I have been ‘at war’ with some masons in the current town I am in, they’re scared bro, scared pathetic and miserable people who think they can live forever .. not the case. Our day will come brother, or should I say, is coming!

    I to do not understand their everlasting quest to put things in their own, and others, backsides!

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      yeah seems different in every town.
      picton was full on.
      really not sure if nz can get thru this and clean it all up.
      they are fighting for the right to work like a mafia and get away with it.
      for the thrills and toys.
      and throws all of the communities way out of balance.

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