Peter Thiel Promises Not to Threaten New Zealand Journalists


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Well say what you like about these people – but there is no denying that they have a sense of humour…..getting Thiel to buy a ‘sheep farm’ as part of the story/ packaged illusion…..

“Peter Thiel seems to like New Zealand. In 2011 the billionaire IT investor asked for and very quickly received New Zealand citizenship; later he bought a house in Queenstown and a 477 acre sheep station near Lake Wanaka” – The Spin Off (ie, just a different slant on the same lies and spin).

And very encouraged to read in this comment we received yesterday that Peter Thiel has promised not to threaten journalists … perhaps we get to keep our freedom of speech in New Zealand after all 🙂


“There is a long arse spiel on Thiel written on his profile.
Mostly on his academia,vast business interests/acquisitions and chess prowess.

Gleaned a few bits n pieces….most of it on Wikipedia but some stuff not mentioned.

Between himself and a few close colleagues,founded/co-founded/financed/invested in dozens of company start ups incl the likes of PayPal,FB,LinkedIn,,Slide,Yelp and Yammer…with an aggregate value of $30b.
When Thiel became lead investor for FB with an initial $500k stake,his main advice to Zuckerberg was quote.. “Just don’t fuck it up”
In 2012 Thiel sold off most of his FB shares and pocketed over $1billion.
However he still retains 5 million shares and a seat on the Board of Directors.

He’s right into sci fi and most of his companies are named after Tolkien characters/references.
One he founded in 2003 was Palantir Technologies…a big data analysis company,which was initially funded by CIA venture capital arm In-Q-Tel
In 2015 Palantir was valued at $20b,with Thiel being the chairman and largest shareholder.
He concentrates the bulk of his philanthropic efforts,through The Thiel Foundation, on potential break through technologies.In 2015 Thiel became one of the financial backers for Open AI.
A “non profit” company aimed at the development of artificial general intelligence.
He was also an early investor in Xero,a software firm headquartered in NZ.
Made a NZ $ 1 million donation to Christchurch quake appeal(same year he became a “fast tracked” NZ citizen…Had only visited the country four times prior to his application and stated he had no intention to live in NZ.

When asked in 2014 what was the biggest achievement he had not yet attained,he replied,quote “Certainly the area I am very passionate about,is trying to do something to really get some progress on the anti-aging/longevity front”

He donated $3.5 million in 2006 to Methuselah Mouse Prize Foundation,to foster anti-aging research.Also supports the SENS Research Foundation,that is working to achieve the reversal of biological aging.
Thiel says he is also registered to be cryonically suspended after his “death”

Eight years ago Thiel held HOMOCON 2010 for Go Proud,an LGBT organisation in his NYC apartment…according to Wiki his spouse is Matt Danzeisen who he married last year

He is listed as a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and attended every conference between 2007-2015.

To wrap this long rant up,……to Media Whores,Greg Hallett et al…
The Thiel Foundation is a supporter of the Committee to Protect Journalists,which promotes the right of journalists to report the news freely
without fear of reprisal.

Well bugger me….he’ll have to tear that contract up now bro”


We would point out however that our views are still being hacked – when we posted a screen print of these views two days ago the articles had raced up to around 200 ,000 within hours – now stopped dead in their tracks again today. Gone Global is our best guess…..Some people are reporting trouble trying to click on these image galleries now also. Not to accuse Peter Thiel of censoring our website of course – we would like to think he is a man of his word.


Has Peter Thiel & the Masonic Mob put a Contract Out on Media Whores?






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  1. All media in NZ has been in ‘D’ notice since 11/09/2001, that came from my uncle, who he and his wife were highly respected journalists. When recently being asked why the road toll claiming less lives each year than suicide is over reported and the suicide rate which is higher than the road toll wasn’t being reported especially when it came to dairy farmers.

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