Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft on NZ’s Masonic Child Sex Trafficking Rings


Featured Image – Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft. A very creepy looking little man. 


Not one word as yet……but you can bet he is being very well paid – by you.

Do the math…..

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

The Justin Davis Files – Full Transcript


The Mass Suiciding of Kiwi Children in the Far North – by the Masons…..

NZ’s Latest Masonic Murder Cover Up? Cindy George & Her 3 Children – Ashburton

Kelvin Davis and the Northland Masonic Pedophile Rings

Are the Masons Covering Up their Latest Child Abuse Drugging Attempt in Putaruru?

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