The Khazar Jews are a Demon Race


Featured Image – the “Jesuits” – Khazar Jews in Suits


The Khazar Jews are a demon race.

The so called 13th Tribe of Levi / Evil.

Unlike the human race – they have no souls. They are the walking dead. They feed off the souls and blood of the human race instead.

The most elite of them do not die. This is achieved by drinking and infusing ‘virgin blood’ of young human beings. Vampires. This is being done on an industrial scale these days via the blood donation programs in schools, the all new abortion industry  and the Government run child welfare and adoption agencies. Virgin human blood is their number one currency whilst they provide the human race with their counterfeit money – symbolised with the snake on the tree $$$ – as the number one means of controlling and farming them.

Those under them in the pyramid system they run are strung along with the promise of this immortality also – but are never granted it and eventually killed off also. This includes their mind controlled slaves in the churches / religions and Freemasons.

They feed these willing mind controlled slaves some sacred half truths to string them along but never reveal or share anything too serious – the fact that the Earth they live on is flat being one obvious example.

They laugh at all of these people who follow them and worship them – and they sexually abuse their children behind their backs – all of them.

If you are working for these Khazar demons in one of their gangs / churches/ masons etc – rest assured they will be raping your kids and most likely raped you as a kid also. Child abuse is their number one form of mind control as it insures that these children never reach full emotional development and become putty in their hands for life.

They are raping Kiwi children every day – in the churches, schools, kindies, and even in the doctors offices. Using advanced new drugs so the kids have no memory of it. They even do entire classrooms at a time.

New Zealand’s ‘Elite’ Child Abuse Rings Exposed…

They are now even adding aborted human fetus ‘products’ to your food – disguised as “natural flavours”. Slowly trying to turn the entire human race into demons also.

Do all ‘Natural Flavours’ Contain the HEK-293 Aborted Baby Fetus Proteins?

They have never had so much power and can now track, watch and listen to you anywhere in your homes or anywhere there is an advanced silicon microchip. All of the Khazar Jew spies have an App on their iPhones now which gives them access to this “all seeing eye” software system and they can spy on your children even from the house next door, or while parked up in one of those tourist camper vans down the road from you. The younger Jew spies pose as tourists and use this cell phone App to track targets and rape kids around the country also. Go to some back backers these days and you will see entire rooms of them – just sitting their – dead – all watching live kiddie porn on their cell phones or the people changing or having sex in the rooms next door.

If you are married to one of these demons – rest assured your children will be raped also. There will be money, nice cars, nice houses etc – but your children will be raped – rest assured. And you will be lied to your entire life while eventually being cast off into the rubbish heap with all of the other human beings. They have no love, because they have no souls to begin with. They will suck the soul out of you and eventually cast you aside. Most human beings who are dating or married to one of these soulless demons know this inherently/ deep down but are typically paralyzed by fear by the thought of it all. This paralyzing fear most often comes from the child abuse these people suffered as kids also – by design – and thus they end up spending their entire lives in a well kept state of horror and fear – mixed with some nice shopping trips, fashion and hair dos. Deep down however – in that small part of them that is still connected to the human soul, they know the truth and will spend countless nights alone in tears – knowing their children are being raped and their entire souls slowly sucked out of them. Those kids then grow up to become demons also.

After the child abuse, the fake/ half ass religions (re-legions) and the counterfeit money supply $$ – the next most powerful weapon these Khazar demons have over humanity is the food supply. They surround you with a constant bombardment of advertising and related false advice on what you should eat. Dead animals and animal products being the number one form of poison they feed us. With every piece of dead tortured and factory farmed animal you eat – you become a little more dead inside. You are what you eat. Coupled with all of the chemical additives in the corporate food supply now – all of which are designed for the soul purpose of poisoning the human blood and organism/ organs – human beings become gradually older and sicker and reduced to a weakened state – thus blind to these demons and how they suck the life blood / soul slowly out of them each day.

They are vampiristic / psychic parasites that feed off your soul. Until it is gone.

The only way to see all of this and awaken to these demons who are running our government, media and communities – is to get off the dead animal and processed food diets and cleanse the so called ‘temple’.

You will then start to see clearly the lies that surround you – the lies that these un dead vampire demons are constantly feeding you  – and the reality of the World that we are currently living in. One big giant slave system run by demonic blood drinking Khazar ‘Jewish’ pedophiles.

It is not an easy thing to do and most people will be frightened off, scared and threatened into changing their path back to the dead path – eating dead animals – watching TV – voting – agreeing with all of the bullshit / group think etc. And they will then slowly have the souls sucked out of them, their children raped and then be killed off and murdered slowly (or quickly) also.

Those are the only two choices – life or death.

Once you are able to come to terms with this harsh reality – that these are the only two choices – the decision becomes very simple. Choose life .

In fact – best start running for your life. Right now. The sooner the better.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

These Khazar Demons Do Not Die

The Mass Suiciding of Kiwi Children in the Far North – by the Masons…..

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Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts

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