Transvestigations – Is Simon Bridges Another Transgender Khazar Jew?


Featured Image – Simon Bridges

There is no question that Simon Bridges is a psychopath. He oversaw the greatest ever road toll deaths in New Zealand’s history and never even apologized for it. By rights he should really be trailed as a serial killer. Not to mention the complete destruction of our roading system under his ‘leadership’. We now have third World roads on par with many parts of India.

Exclusive – Is Simon Bridges MP a Serial Killer?

This is the agenda of these Khazar/ inbred Jews running our politics these days – to destroy and collapse the West with taxation, regulation and an anti human depopulation agenda as they skillfully replace us all with third World immigrants who will be easier to manage.

And most of these Khazar ass licking puppets are in fact transgender demons – Jewish women posing as men or Jewish men poising as women. They are given fake English sounding names then put in fake / arranged marriages – usually with other Jews and transgenders – and then seem to fake their pregnancies and kidnap some children from somewhere. With pedophilia scandals surrounding them all of the way. They were usually very seriously sexually abused as children and have been on sex hormone drugs since a young age, to turn them into the opposite sex. Most of them then go on to become serial pedophiles also.

When you look closely at Simon Bridges he is also very effeminate looking. Most obviously his hair but you will also notice he has no voice box to be seen in any of this pictures. Then there is his small woman’s hands and fingers, sloppy women’s shoulders and big girly hips. And another one of these annoying high pitches squeaky voices like John Key – who was probably also another Khazar demon tranny with kidnapped and sexually abused children.

Check out the videos below and see if you agree with us – Simon Bridges is another Khazar transvestite posing as our ‘leadership’.

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6 thoughts on “Transvestigations – Is Simon Bridges Another Transgender Khazar Jew?”

  1. Seriously! says:

    I am shocked at how many of them there actually are walking/working/living/sodomising amongst us, every community, city and town!!! I swear overtime I head out I see at least one or two of them.

    They get uncomfortable when you direct energy and attention to them, especially staring at their jaws and other features associated

    Transpocolypse for sure.

    Many of them are leading people astray with ‘new age’ bullshit and literally veering away from TRUTH.

  2. Rise up NZ says:

    Bro, so many fake ‘people’ throughout Facebook posing as ‘New age saviours’ and the sort, totally veering people away from truth within New Zealand.

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