Rumours of War….& Shape Shifters….


Featured Image – Benjamin Netanyahu warns of impending war. Again. Soon.Yahoo is a Hebrew reference to Satan. Net and Yahoo. Caught in Satan’s net. 


You will hear of wars and rumors of wars” – Matthew 24:6

 ‘Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.’ – Remy de Gourmont

Readers would have noticed our references of late to “demons” and even the undead ‘Khazar Jews’.

This is a slight variance from our usual rants about ‘the Jews’.

Although some argue they are in fact the same thing.

We have headed off in that direction more recently as more and more evidence and suggestion comes out about how there appears to be a race of ‘people’ among us who do not die. They keep reinventing themselves and seem to come back as new identities with fake names – and often as transgenders. The scariest bit is perhaps that they seem to be using the blood of human children to reverse the aging process – thanks mostly to the massive blood donation program being run in schools – but also via the ongoing and rampant government run child kidnapping via the welfare and adoption agencies. The most wealthy of them all seem to be doing these virgin blood ‘transfusions’ at least – with those who follow them all aspiring to at some stage also, presumably. It is a pyramid system – of blood. Our blood. The most ‘elite’ of them have been around for a very very long time.

These Khazar Demons Do Not Die

The Khazar Jews are a Demon Race

Youtube and the net are now awash with examples of such ‘people’ most of whom are very well known / famous type, rich listers and especially politicians. If not all of them. Many of them also seem to play the role of more than one character – with the help of some highly skilled make up artists, if not thanks to some sort of secret DNA and cloning science.

Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts

Media Whores did its best to avoid these types of ‘conspiracy theories’ for a long time and instead focus on things a bit more obvious. These days we are not so sure.

In fact if some of the people that have been following us around the place are anything to go by – it would seem quite possible. Soulless types with cold dead eyes and a very cold dead sort of aura. We know it inherently when in their presence perhaps. Like that cold chill when your boss is loitering around in the background.

If anyone wanted to investigate this idea more for themselves – just check out some of the links below and Youtube will serve up more of the same types of videos for you also. Then take a closer look at some of the people in your own communities and on NZ TV and use your intuition to sense if you think they have a soul or not.

These are the same TV and media personalities warning us all of war all of the time. Of death by Global warming, death by AIDS, death by cancer, death by Zika, Bird Flu, Fukashima and on and on. NOne of which ever actualy eventuates. Yet none of these so called ‘leaders’ are yet to admit that the Moon landings were staged, NASA is a complete hoax and that the Earth we live on is indeed flat. Well – bumpy and flat. All World leaders and their media puppets work together and sing the same lies in unison. Lies designed to keep us all in fear and thus continuing to pay taxes and serve up our children to them at the day care centers and schools.

It is pure mind control. This ‘club’ control all of the Nations you can think of – China, Russia, UK, USA, Aussie, NZ, Canada etc – because not one of these ‘leaders’ or politicians has ever once questioned NASA, or the Moon landings or even 911. They are all part of the same demonic club and all sing off the same song sheet. They all work together – to farm us all.

Call them what you will – but we leaning more towards some sort of undead demons.

If there were to be a real war – it would in fact be the awakening to this quite obvious reality by the public – Worldwide – and the process of then exposing and removing these demons from our societies and system of governance- and then from our communities. Not least for the safety of children within these societies.

There are now thousands of these videos on line. Almost everyone famous you can name is shifting all over the show on camera.

Could they be the undead demons referred to in the Bible?

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    Sham says:

    Jason-derella and clarke is gay for-real’s baby is due in june … There has been so much ramping up of this supposed quake thats meant to be hitting NZ, all the civil defence etc etc

    I am currently reading a book recently called “New Zealand Adrift” it was written in 1980 and on the front cover it shows the fault line going through NZ. Funnily enough it has reptilians in it!

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