Did Richie McCaw Conspire to Help Cover Up the Murder of Jerry Collins


Featured False Idol  – Richie McCaw – possibly the biggest Mc Whore in NZ media history


Somebody posted this interview below in our comments section recently – as part of a series of comments made asking us to cover the transgender agenda in modern day corporate sport. Apparently all top professional sport stars these days are actually transgender super humans who have been fed growth hormones since they were very young.

We posted the article recently…..

Transvestigations – How Many of New Zealand’s Top Sport Stars are Secret Masonic Trannies?

You can usually pick the inbred masonic trannies by their feminine hair lines, they have no male voice box, and a female brow and eye sockets – usually a bit too close together for a female. They also often have cold blank eyes – like they have no souls. Simon Bridges is a perfect example also as we covered the other day.

They are also usually in arranged and/or fake marriages with another of these genderless ‘Masonic’ trannies. Not that we would want to suggest that any of these All Blacks are transgenders married to tranny wives – but there is certainly a lot of it going on overseas – that much is clear – if not every sports start you can name. And keep in mind how much make up and Photoshop goes into these people.

False Images – Stuff

John Campbell and Richie McCaw do seem to tick many of these boxes also – as seen in the interview below. Check out the hairlines and eye brows/ sockets etc – feminine.

Something else we noticed in this interview though – was John Campbell springing McCaw with some questions about Jerry Collins.

Jerry Collins was one of these characters who ‘woke up’.

When you wake up you start to see and realise that there is a race of demons living among us – often transgender demons – who seem to have no souls – like the walking dead – and it is quite literally like the movie They Live where you then start to see them everywhere.

This awakening can be sparked a number of ways – via a vegetarian diet and also via a dose or three of certain hard drugs – such as ACID, heroin and even coke and meth. Obviously the vege diet is a far safer way to start to ‘see’ as you do not risk destroying your health or mind in the process – and no nasty come downs.

The trick to waking up to the fact that we have a race of walking dead demons living among us is basically not to panic. If you panic you leave yourself wide open to attack by them. They see you the very minute you see them – but they can apparently only feed off the negative energy of humans. If you panic they come at you. If you ignore them they ignore you. You have to invite the vampire in the door so to speak.

Jerry Collins panicked.

A tale of two knives, a Kiwi legend, a gang and a girl

“So, when the story broke on March 17 that this much-loved rugby legend had been arrested after pulling out two knives in the basement of a department store in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, the news wires in New Zealand went crazy and shock reverberated across the rugby-mad islands.

“There was a large man standing behind the counter,” recalled Tani. “When I reached out my arm towards him he suddenly pulled a knife from his right pocket and placed in on the box behind the counter. It was a survival-style knife and had a long curved blade. It was very big, with a serrated end.

“Then he reached into his other pocket and pulled out a smaller kitchen knife and put that down on the box as well.”

Tani said he then quickly took the knives, hid them under the counter and called the police.

Collins was neither violent nor aggressive, said the guard, but he was acting very strangely, pacing backwards and forwards behind the counter, rummaging around and saying random words in Japanese that made no sense.

“He kept saying the word shinkansen (bullet train) and abunai (danger),” Tani explained. “He was moving his head from side to side in a repetitive way and also sweating very heavily. He was wearing a light blue shirt and the top half of it was soaked through.”


It seems however that ‘the Masons’ still came after Collins and got him later in France. Probably chasing him down the motor ways in cars and possibly murdering him and his partner after the crash – but not the daughter. The fact that a professional sports man in peak fitness would die in a car crash but not a 10 week old baby seems very odd.


Now watch Richie McCaw’s face as Campbell springs the question about Jerry Collins on him – his face drops – he goes tense. Pause it if you need to. Is it possible that Richie McCaw knew damn well what happened to Jerry Collins and is playing cover up here in this interview? And is it possible that Richie McCaw is one of these ‘Masons’ himself? If he is part of the club – rest assured he will know the full story about what happened with Collins and would find these sorts of public questions very uncomfortable – as he clearly does here. Plus, very few of these sport stars actually write their own books – it is done for them. So did Richie actually add the bit about Collins – or did the authors? And was Campbell then instructed to drive the message home by his masonic handlers also? ie) part of the conspiracy to cover up the murder of Jerry Collins? They are very careful to always repeat the official story these Masonic demons – to make sure the message sinks in…..

And that famous Masonic handshake after the rigged masonic world cup…

In this interview you can see Richie McCaw’s tongue constantly pop out of his mouth and his skin seems to shift a lot. Check out the speed of his facial expression changes also. And that hairline – ever seen a white male with a hair line like that? A girls one.



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11 thoughts on “Did Richie McCaw Conspire to Help Cover Up the Murder of Jerry Collins”

  1. Reply
    Sham says:

    I am copying a comment from someone from a previous article.

    I have hard recently about allegations involving mccaw where he has ‘bit the pillow’ in his past to advance himself, as well as the fact he does indeed have ties and shares to the 1080 operation in NZ whose prime goal is to wipe out the Native Birds.

    Heres the comment from a previous article that relates to other information I have been hearing about this alleged crook.

    Every video there is of ‘him’ hes always flicking that tongue out. No doubt a lizard?

    Tectonic Taniwha says:
    February 16, 2018 6:01 pm
    Word is around Crimechurch Richie McCaw before he got hooked up with his tranny wife used to enjoy frequenting Menfriends. This came up in a conversation with a guy who used to be a partner in the company, Terence Watt Mcewan, and when he was terminated from his contract he had no issues with spilling the beans among his softball team mates.

  2. Reply
    Mc-whore says:

    Fk when he’s asked rugby questions he doesn’t even know how to answer them lol. A fake blow arse

  3. Reply
    Fear is a sin says:

    He should be called mc-crack-whore, and not only for the drugs he consumes, but for what he’s done and received in order to move himself up the ranks in this country, there are many of people in this country who would know about what he’s done, or received, to get to where he is etc – Allegedly. This information I am passing on is from reliable sources who live within Christchurch and Australia .. similar to mr gay-lord and how he moved up the ranks. Apparently people have tried to speak out about mc-whore and his fetishes, didn’t someone mention in a comment a while back that someone who was fired from a company or something mc-whore was tied to and he knew about this stuff happening?

    Allegedly this crook works and is in bed with someone who has shares and ties to the 1080 dropping throughout the south island and also works for the same company as this person.

    Recently he competed in something called ‘God Zone’, heaps of masonic hand signals and the promotion of red bull (horned Deity) as well as coincidentally wearing a cap from 2012 when the Bulls played the Crusaders (Think Knights templar). Not to mention they finished 6th and it took them 6 days to complete.

    Like you say this is possibly the biggest mc-whore in NZ history

    Have a look at some of the images of these ‘people’ within the article.


  4. Reply
    Lee says:

    Speaking of transgenders, wonder how many of them are in the top layers of the NZ police force, and the old boys club,and are actively involved in the team sport of suiciding and gang rape of NZ children, and who are paedophile Zionist satanist MAFIA members of the Catholic Church. That a total cleanout needs to occur. The Catholic question comes to mind when dealing with the total wrecking of childrens lives, because of the reasons behind the Australian Royal Commission into historical and systematic child abuse with over 4000 institutions involved, and over 15,000 complaints. PETER FOX was the detective who sparked the complete Australian Royal Commission at some $325 million. He clearly claimed that within the Australian police force there existed a CATHOLIC MAFIA that specialised in derailing and side lining investigations into paedophilia. A bit like the claim by Justin Davis that Auckland Police are ordered not to attend child rape complaints. IN THE UK it is also found that higher members within the police derail investigations and cause evidence to disappear. Evidence that is now said to have totaally disappeared and cannot be recovered.

    “More than 4,000 individual Australian institutions have been reported to the commission as places where abuse has occurred. In many cases, institutions harboured several abusers. Some of the most common themes to have emerged from reports so far is the catastrophic failure of leadership within institutions to take the concerns of children, parents and staff seriously; to follow up and investigate complaints; to take disciplinary action against alleged and known perpetrators; or to report alleged or known perpetrators to police. The commission also found some leaders felt their primary responsibility was to protect the institution’s reputation, and the accused person. The impact of this was devastating, allowing perpetrators to continue to abuse, in some cases, dozens of victims over decades”. The Catholic church was responsible in Australia (where the investigations were not derailed or not covered up ) for 37% of children raped and wrecked. So as to generate another inbred layer of criminals and drug addicts and paedophiles in society. That’s a very expensive Church, at least $130 million inquiry worth, and that is before victim compensation comes into it. In the USA some Catholic Churches have been totally bankrupted.

    Fox wrote. “I can testify from my own experience that the church covers up, silences victims, hinders police investigations, alerts offenders, destroys evidence and moves priests to protect the good name of the church.” So it seems a bit double faced this new claim by the Catholic Church that it welcomes inquiries, when in fact the Australian experience was that it goes to extraordinary lengths and in reality rather than go along with an inquiry it manufactures lies and deception on an industrial scale. I further suggest that it is not only to protect the good name of the Church, but to deliberately carry on with the industrial scale paedophile infestation of society by the Catholic Church, as its hidden agenda from the Vatican. Who even have a law of silence made to prevent such disclosure at the threat of ex communication.

    The various States in Australia had already had investigations into child abuse, the Royal Commission of inquiry was established to provide a much more in depth inquiry, mostly due to the claims by Peter Fox, of a Catholic paedophile enabling Mafia at work in the NSW Police force. The NZ inquiry does not do, at all, what a Royal Commission of Inquiry is meant to do, it is just a rort, and allows current youth suicide teams, apparently enabled by the Auckland police being ordered not to attend complaints and paedophiles to carry on unmolested. Or in fact to be even more empowered by knowing they wont be touched.

  5. Reply
    Harry the Dog says:

    A few similarities between this and Greg Hallett’s account of the Jackson ‘car accident’.

    If the bus was really 50m behind and only doing 85, surely the driver could have taken avoiding action.


      1. Reply
        Harry the Dog says:

        Yes, the one that happened in Maramarua.

        French old bill have form when it comes to investigating car accidents

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