Tranvestigations – Alison Mau & the Demon Race #MeToo


Featured Image – Liberal Chairman ‘Alison’ Mau. #MeToo . My what large arms and hands you have ‘Alison’.  Chairman Commie Mau has been covering up child abuse, illegal war, fake war, genocide and terrorism her entire career – made millions out of it – but now of course, she is the’victim’. 


There is a demon race that live among us.

The so called seed of Satan or 13th Tribe of Levi/ Evil.

It is a bloodline – they are all related to each other. They are the so called Khazar Jews.

Most of them seem to abuse then transgender their children – usually adopted children. They were all abused as children themselves and then carry on the Talmudic tradition.

They are at war with the rest of humanity. They hate us. Especially straight men who refuse to take it up the ass. They worship sodomy and insist you not only be Ok with people taking it up the ass, but that you eventually take it up the ass also. Then offer up your children to take it up the ass as well. If you object – you will be ‘blackballed’/ hexed/ cursed/ 666’ed/ harassed/ banned/ fired or otherwise ignored.

Thus why they are trying to flush all straight men out of the workplace altogether. They want to rule the entire World – with sodomy and transgenderism.

For this reason. – throughout history –  they have been referred to as the Sodomites. They worship anal sex, and transgenderism.

They run the financial system, the government, the councils, the ‘just us’ system and the media – yet are only 2-3% of the World’s population. Deception and dishonesty are their greatest weapons over an otherwise honest and well intentioned human race.

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They run ALL of the religions – or at least any religion that hasn’t told you that you live on a flat Earth – as detailed in the Bibles they pretend to honor. And that is ALL of the religions.

They lie about everything. As in EVERYTHING. Medicine, health, space, economics, science, even the weather.

It is a demonic Masonic system they run that is designed to pervert nature and turn humanity upside down – so it can be better farmed, taxed and controlled…and sodomised. For their collective pleasure.

They are in your communities and you will know some of them – most people will be working for one of them.

If you get off the dead animal and processed food diet (ie, only eat raw natural foods) you will start to see them. They have no souls. You know this instinctively but have been conditioned to bow your head and accept it. You are their food. They parasite off your energy, blood and very soul.


Image – the new age inbred liberal – as depicted in Sin City

They are the ones who get upset if you raise topics such as Flat Earth, 911, the holohoax etc. They will try to make fun of you and then throw their toys and call you names like “conspiracy theorist” instead of being able to just have a debate or calm conversion about such issues. They get upset because most of them will be abusing, or trying to abuse your children and feel threatened of being exposed whenever such topics are raised. They all abuse kids – it is part of their religion. Many of them are also drugging and raping their friends, partners, inlaws, staff and coworkers. Read the Justin Dais Files. Or just search “name suppression” in the news – they are the ones who are always being protected. This is why government child abuse is never investigated and always covered up.

They staged 911 and are running a fake war of terror solely to better control and farm you.

They have never had so much power and now have an “All Seeing Eye” spy app on their smart phones by which they all communicate with each other and can use it to spy on anybody they like, wherever they like – in full colour – depending on their access level – and as long as the traget person is somewhere near a new silicon chip. They also use this app to spy on and stalk your kids. The app is run from Israel – the Masonic capital of the World and home of these ‘children of Saturn’/ Satan. eL, Satan/ Saturn is their God.

We have thousands more of them in New Zealand right now – posing as tourists. Most of them German – truth be known – but the bloodline is across all races and Nations – Chinese, French, USA Israel etc etc. They are all “liberals”. New Zealand seems to be one of their favorite places and this is the same blood line dropping the 1080 and who have deemed NZ will be “pest free” by 2020. We are the “pests” they are referring to – Kiwis. They cruise around in luxury campervans for 2-3 months each year – while you all toil away each day in the open air prison camps and chemical warfare centers called “Cities”, trying to cover your tax bills so you can eat. They are forcing all Kiwis into the new ‘Super Cities’ so that they can be better farmed, taxed, poisoned, and slowly murdered while leaving the country side empty for them to sight see and enjoy – this is called Agenda 21.

They are poisoning your water, food and air – not to mention the airwaves, with 100% masonic lies, deceptions and disinformation, all designed to create fear. They have even now installed ‘smart meters’ on most city homes so they can radiate you and your family in your sleep once you have turned off all of the other radiation devices in your little cube shaped ‘gas chamber’ that you pay to live in.

If you start exposing them online – they deploy every Masonic/ sodomite spy in the area to come and harass you – while switching off your cell phone services and digital camera and even making you wait at red traffic lights while they all catch up. This is the nature of the new global electronic spy grid they have built around us. #OperationTalpiot. They are like a swarm of locusts when provoked.

They control everything. They are slowly murdering you and your family. And the worst of them are even gang raping whole classrooms of children in our communities using new age drugs so that they get away with it. Raping as many children as they can is part of their homosexual / transgender agenda.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Erm…you might want to start waking up to this shit.




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3 thoughts on “Tranvestigations – Alison Mau & the Demon Race #MeToo”

  1. Maybe Al should start with his own experience while in his union to his wife Simone Dallow. while they were both on the news together Al had to take 3 weeks off work because of the black eye Simone gave him. It was hushed up by TVNZ, no charges laid because Simone’s dad is detective inspector Ross Dallow and West Auckland district commander. Simone is well known for having a short fuse and was knocked out at his gym one day for trying to be an alpha, trouble was the guy she picked was a real alpha male!

  2. Lee says:

    Sodomists are not of the royal male power. They take it up the bum, simply means that they get killed by the last man standing. That is why they are so determined to fill the earth with paedophiles and sodomites. There is nothing wrong with reaching deep into the vast time and space and pulling out the devil and smashing the devils head into pulp into the wall and raping his backside until he is well and truly dead. That is what the last man standing does to sodomites. That is exactly how the archangel Michael behaves. That’s why they call it the royal power. As per “my people are royal”. Its nice and peaceful once that last sodomite is removed from the field of play. That’s why they call him the Prince of Peace. Women who entertain sodomites and paedophiles simply entertain the killers and rapists of their children, which is disguised as politically correct. Women who do that are effectively the very worst enemies of the children of other women. Therefore they are the very worst enemies of other women, disguised as politically correct feminists. Paedophile enablers. The destroyers of the love essence of other women, who are the one’s with the love power to produce as their love essence, the child power of “my people are royal”. These sodomist enabling and paedophile enabling women effectively drink the blood of other women’s children, which is shown to us in Revelations as the woman riding the beast 666, drinking the blood of the saints (children). That is why drinking the blood of children, especially extremely sadistically tortured children is the essence of the paedophile satanist babylonian religion, often disguised as Catholic Priests. That the Catholic church needs the Vatican, about as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

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