Is Simon Bridges another Homosexual Transvestite Inbred ‘Jewish’ Sodomite?


Featured Image – Simon/ Simone ‘Bridges’ – is ‘he’ the latest homosexual transvestite inbred ‘Jewish’ sodomite to be placed in our parliament and held up as some kind of elected ‘leader’ in this fraudulent communist/ Soviet new world order system? Most of these Khazar/ Soviet invaders are using fake names – Simon is most likely Simone and Bridges would have been allocated due to his planned entrance on the scene as a transport minister – they literally plan that far in advance. 100% pre-scripted. 

Image compliments of ‘right wing’ blogger Cameron Slater – who is ‘Lebanese’ ie) another ‘Jew’ in drag.. God help us

Cameron Slater 666
Cameron Slater 666


Media Whores has days where we really feel like giving up this whole game.

The game of actually reporting the truth in the midst of an army of lying communist faggots who seem to be trying to take over the entire World while convincing people to let computers and ‘silly con’ chips run their lives for them – not least with the impending introduction of driverless suicide cars controlled from the Israeli State so they can easily knock off whomever they please without all of the hassle of putting up meaningless roadsigns and creating potholes everywhere.

Can we use that word “faggot”? Older woman who sleep around are quite openly called “cougars” and other names, and men who sleep around are called all sorts of names – so why not faggot? Do the homosexuals have some kind of special protection these days? We would probably distinguish the word “faggot” from “homosexual” in that faggots are the type who do try to fuck everything they can get their hands on – while homosexual would be a more moderate description of a sexual preference. And let’s face it – our roads are fucked – as are many other things in our society these days, while the new bread of homosexual elite remain untouchable and afforded special rights and protection. How about we just call them faggots?

One of the main reasons we would quite like to move on from this thankless task of trying to actually report the real news – and as we have previously explained – is that these days, where ever we go, a small army of homosexual communists show up and start following us and are trying to provoke us into some kind of reaction. We have explained that these inbred commie demons have some kind of spy App on their ‘smart’ phones which alerts them when a ‘target’ is approaching or nearby – presumably via the tracking device microchips on credit cards and in cell phones and vehicles etc. They all apparently drop what they are doing, leap into action, jump in their cars and drive around in circles for an hour trying to spot and then harass us. They walk around in circles at the stores we visit and wait outside on the park benches with their iphones pointing directly at us etc. It is quite literally like a scene our of some kind of Zombie Apocalypse movie. Don’t know what it is – generations of inbreeding perhaps, or the fact they were all raped and abused as children, or just the demonic infestation they suffer from, but these communist / masonic / Sayanim spies are some of the ugliest people you will ever meet and having scores of them following you around is not very nice – at all. Admittedly we are a bit more used to it these days but still…..picture this….

“Stop exposing us….it hurts…..”

Obviously they dress a little bit better than that and tend to wear slightly less make up – but in effect that is what Media Whores is dealing with on a daily basis these days –  being followed around by creepy undead communist demons. In the meta psychical sense – that’s what they are. They have no souls and you can see it. Their souls were stolen off them when their fathers first raped them up the bottom at age 3. They swarm in from up to 100km away as far as we can tell – many of them here as tourists – combined with all of the local ones. If your boss or middle manager suddenly pulls out his / her cell phone, drops everything, jumps in their car and speeds off, only to reappear 30 minutes later looking like a demon possessed  – rest assured, Media Whores has just passed through your town. And spare us a thought please.

If we were a stronger and more patient sort – we would probably stop and talk and actually try to help them. Perhaps that is what we are supposed to be doing. In fact Media Whores would not be be at all surprised to learn at the pearly gates that was indeed our purpose and that despite thinking we had been quite clever throughout much of this reincarnation,  we had failed miserably and will be sent back down for another attempt.

But then – usually after a good snooze and well earned rest –  we see or notice something that immediately gets us fired up again and reaching for the laptop.

Today that was the sight of this inbred demonic freak Simon Bridges on the front / intro page of Youtube.

It can’t be ruled out that those who run Youtube are actually doing this to us deliberately – as in making sure there is something sitting right there that is guaranteed to piss us off and thus extract another article from us – and more visitors for them – but never the less – here we go again.

Now let us first make the point that Media Whores has nothing personal against faggots. We have known a few over the years and they have never done us any harm – to the best of our knowledge – and touch wood. Media Whores can respect any human being who knows who and what they are and can stand on their own two feet and be honest with people. And as we have stated before, we couldn’t give a shit what other people – or grown adults at least – agree to do in their own bedrooms – as long as we don’t have to hear about it.

It is when a group of people start all ganging up together and trying to take over the entire World that we start to get a bit nervous. Not least when they start demanding that they get to teach other people’s children about their faggot sex and sodomy and even demanding that other people’s kids are taught how to become transgenders in schools – or have to use genderless bathrooms etc. Then we think – and we would hope that others would agree – that it has all gone a little bit too far.

If these inbred communist/ ‘Jewish’ elites want to rape their own children – and their friends children – and turn them all into homosexual transvestites to honor the ‘new world order’ and age of Aquarius – well some might well argue that is their business – but when these demonic inbred faggots decide to force it upon the other 97% of the public – well that is obviously not fair play. Nor is it so called ‘democracy’. It is an agenda. The a-gender agenda to be precise.

“ The New World Order will include changes in the family: homosexual marriages will be legalized; parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will); all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be “homemakers”; divorce will become exceedingly easy and monogamous marriage will be slowly phased out. ” – Source

Which brings us not so neatly to the issue of Simon Bridges.

Firstly – Simon Bridges oversaw the biggest ever increases in the NZ road toll in our history –  thousands slaughtered violently on our roads under his guidance & ‘leadership’ – and many of our roads are now worse than parts of third world India. He never even apologized. The man is a full blown psychopath. Bridges should by rights be put on trial as a corporate serial killer – not promoted to leader of the party.

Exclusive – Is Simon Bridges MP a Serial Killer?

Now take a close look below at his small woman’s hands and fingers. Those big old girly hips. Slopey shoulders. Beady little woman’s eyes. No brow. Woman’s forehead. And of course the woman’s hair.

We are pulling no punches – we think  Simon bridges is a girl. A transvestite / transgendered woman who has been on growth hormones since ‘he’ was first abused as a child in one of these demonic inbred Khazar / Old Testament/ Talmudic families.

Check out the videos below – his recent interviews – and evidence coming out from overseas. The queer Herald reporter in the first link (who clearly has no voice box and could well be a transgendered Christine Rankin) has Bridges positioned in front of multiple TV screens playing male type images and sports to help give the appearance of Bridges being a man. He is not. He is another political elite / inbred transgender in our opinion. They take it up the ass for a living. All of them. In the figurative sense at least. This is the new world order religion. There is no ‘leadership’ – there is just a bunch of transgendered child abuse victims playing dress up for the cameras as a preordained global communist agenda is handed down and enforced upon the rest of us.

And then in the first video there is Hilary Barry and that other nob Jeremy Wells (whom we have previously suggested could also be a tranny girl in disguise). Hillary Barry should be embalmed once this is all over as a reminder to future generations of just how mentally ill the media had become – before ‘Pandora’ was finally put back in her make up box. Given the amount of plastic and/or make up in/on her face these days, she is probably half way there. Note the endless masonic triangles across the screen in that one also – standard these days-  hypnotizing the chemically dumbed down public into a masonic /demonic trance.

The communist owned faggot media even stage a little scene where Bridges points at the water for Pullya Benefit – the alleged local park hooker – to get him a drink – just to show the Nation who wears the pants. lol. It’s the transgendered fat little girl with the rather severe John Key lisp, of course.

The evidence coming out from overseas follows – the super rich ‘Jewish’ elites rape everything – the Nations they live in – the environments – the other non Jew/ Goy people in those Nations – everything – all of the time – even apparently their own children. They are serial demonic rapists. Then to better cover it up, they simply convince their children as they grow up that they are in fact gay and even the opposite sex – put them on gender bending growth hormones – give the boys breast implants and the girls hormones to grow facial hair – and hey presto – the next generation of ‘genderless’ faggots and child abuse vicims to lead the world (and economy) for them in this new age under the new global corporate (and digital) World order – with no pesky arguments or debate from the annoying Goy who usually disagree and fail to conform….ie) the other 95% of the population who are actually human beings, with souls and real families to look after.

There are no longer ANY straight males or indeed straight people in the NZ parliament. Meaning they are ALL either homosexual sodomites, pedophiles, pedophiles being bribed, thieves, drug traffickers or drug addicts (mostly on those new age prescription psychotic drugs – which are just heroin and viagra mixed in a sodium fluoride base). How do we know this – well they all remain silent on all of the masonic hoaxes. From 911, to the chemtrails, to the sodium fluoride in the water, to the fake war of terror – to the NASA hoax and flat Earth. ie) they are ALL compromised in one way or another. Every single last one of them. Some say they are also all related to each other. And the transgendered ones now seem to be running the show. Paula Bennett is starting to look like she is on the virgin blood diet also – if not sharing the same blood as Simon Bridges. We doubt very much that Amy Adams is a woman either. When that hair suddenly goes spikey on fully grown adults – stand back – in fact, run like hell- something went wrong or is missing from their childhood – and they want it back – at any cost it would seem.


A quick note in regards Jacinda Ardern also – we have previously claimed ‘she’ might well in fact be Peter Thiel dressed in drag. It is interesting to see some older footage of ‘her’ below in that she looks much more feminine. Keep in mind that at the very top of this Masonic pyramid system of blood sacrifice and vampirism – the top elites are actually having full body blood transfusions using ‘virgin’ blood of children. This can make them lose 20 years in age in a matter of days and also makes them take on physical characteristics of the donor’s DNA. We suspect Peter Thiel has been ‘drinking blood’ since the very first day he was granted citizenship in NZ – illegally – by his ‘Jewish’ cousin who was running the immigration department. Thus the rather ‘unbelievable’ changes we see in Jacinda the shape shifter – each time we see him/her in the media – in our opinion at least.

Men who have that John Key lisp – are faggots. Period

Note – we put the words Jew and Jewish in ” marks – as most of them seem to claim to be Jewish – but it is some sort of Transylvanian/Khazar blood line and not a religion as far as we can tell. 

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis


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