Homosexuals v’s Faggots & the Mk Ultra Pizza Gate Victims


Featured Image –  Simple Simon destroyed our Bridges – and has now been promoted to ‘leadership’ as a result. And a somewhat demonic looking Mk Ultra handler / media whore ‘Tristram Clayton’ – looks like his teeth might be shape shifting a bit. Neither ‘men’ have a voice box you will notice. This is probably their 20th take for the clip – remember to smile at the start Simone. 


A cold chill fills the ether whenever Media Whores wonders off into that heavily fortified domain of calling these ‘elites’ a bunch of faggots.

We can sense it via whatever sort of 6th or 7th sense it is we have been both blessed and cursed with. Not sure it has a name, which is just as well because it would no doubt then just be registered and taxed by the Crown.

Media Whores calls everyone names – readers may have noticed this – but that word faggot seems to hang in the air like no other.

We thought we might have an attempt this morning at better explaining how we see that issue. Which we have done before admittedly – but repeat, repeat, repeat, as they say in Media Whore School…

Media Whores Accused of being Homophobic

These inbred corporate/ communist/ Bolshevik ‘elites’ rape everything around them. They rape our environment, they rape our resources, our economy, they rape our Nations, they rape the communities, they rape children, they even apparently rape their own children. They are – in short – serial rapists.

They suffer from a left brain / lizard like logic disease which slowly eats itself – and everything around them – alive. They are detached from their right brain creative side and thus have no meaningful relation with their own hearts nor their souls. They are indeed frightened of such. They are smart enough to know the heart can be cruel and deceitful and so just avoid it altogether – as if it doesn’t exist and this in turn detaches them from their souls – the very essence of being a human being. Thus all of the lizard analogies we see around these days and many argue that there is in fact some sort of lizard DNA in their blood which causes this – not to mention the shape shifting we seem to be witnessing.

This left brain logic disease drives them all slowly insane as they invariably rise to power due to their cold and calculating methodology and then try to control everything around them – including creation it’s very self – and seek to destroy anything they cannot control and thus deem a threat. They are in short – a snake eating it’s own tail. This has been well documented throughout history. In fact – it is the story of history as well documented in scripture – the sky script / language of God or Light / the astro logos…..a snake’s tail/ tale….

“The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet..” – Genesis 


So this is not a “conspiracy” of homosexuality – it is a conspiracy of serial rapist snakes.

They rape everything and everyone around them. These days even using new age drugs to help them get away with it.

If one looks into the whole ‘Age of Aquarius’ thing – which simply means that the Sun is now ‘in the sign’ of Aquarius, after being in the sign of Pisces for the previous 2160 years (a scientific fact) – there is and will be a sort of merger going on between the masculine and feminine – with men in theory becoming more in tune with their feminine side and vice versa – women becoming more emboldened.

“Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years” – Genesis 

The very word ‘queer’ comes from the word Aquarius. There are no coincidences with our language and these words – the most used language in the World – English – the language of angels/ angles – and the World being made up of words and L / light. World.

The left brain logic lizards know all of this of course and so plan many many decades in advance with all of their social engineering plans and objectives. One of their strategies is quite clearly to control this astrological merger of the masculine and feminine – they seek to control everything – and the goal is apparently to work towards the complete destruction of the traditional family – forcing women and men into meaningless desk jobs with poisoned water and snacks available just down the corridor – so they can be slowly sterilized and then sold fertility solutions – so they can bread state sanctioned children – and then offered 20 hours per week free day care in day care centers run by a snake run government that is constantly covering up it’s never ending child abuse scandals. Rest assured, there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ with these people.


Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

We made mention yesterday of the avalanche of evidence coming out overseas that most if not all of these new age ‘queer’ politicians are in fact ‘Pizza Gate’ / MK Ultra child sex trafficking victims – seriously abused as children and then mind controlled and promoted into top leadership roles – so as to pose as the [counterfeit] ‘liberal’ leadership for the new age. This is what the masons do – the run a counterfeit artificial system over top of the de jure / astrological system of creation. They infiltrate everything.

Khazar Infiltration of Everything

You will notice that Simon Bridges’ Wiki page is sketchy on a few details – not least his actual date of birth – and also his Mother’s name. You can guarantee shall will be of this Jewish ‘blood line’, but they usually refer to them as ‘white’ to help blame white people for all of their generational thievery and crime. Also note the reference to the church background – the Jewish mind controlled churches are breading grounds for these types. This is standard these days – all of these new age leaders have clouded or confused histories, some details always missing, ties to new age churches and then meteoric / chosen by God success in their careers.


We have seen no direct evidence that Simon Bridges is an Mk Ultra/ Pizza gate child sex trafficking victim – but he is clearly psychotic, given he has never apoligised for the record carnage on our roads under his watch – and that John Key lisp is something of a giveaway. You will also notice that he has no voice box – as all males should and do and he ticks most of the other boxes – small hands, woman’s shoulders, eyes, brow, hands, fingers, hips etc. We think they are just making up entire family backgrounds and histories these days also – we think Winston Peters fits that category also. When Ian Wishart writes a book of half truths on it – its an official cover up. John Key being another obvious example.

Exclusive – Is Simon Bridges MP a Serial Killer?

And so to close – Media Whores is not at war with homosexuals. Couldn’t give a shit what any people chose to do. If you are an honest Kiwi and not trying to deceive and rob everybody else – you are all good with us. Effeminate men are the least of our problems.

We seek to expose the faggots. The ones who rape everything – so they can continue to abuse and control it.

Hopefully that sounds a little more ‘politically correct’ – whatever the fuck that is.

These demonic monsters are kidnapping children, sexually abusing them, transgendering them – then trying to pass these psychopaths and victims off as the new age of ‘liberal’ leadership – so they can continue to hide in the shapows and keep raping and sodomizing everything.

At the top end of the masonic pyramid of death – the wealthiest and most powerful elites are doing full body blood transfusions of their same blood type  – thanks to the blood donation programs in schools – which can reverse their age by decades within weeks. The life force is in the blood. They have been at it for some time.

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    1. From wiki on William the 2nd and his brother Harold the 1st
      Modern scholars have reopened the question, and some have found the assassination theory credible or compelling,[29] but the theory is not universally accepted. Barlow says that accidents were common and there is not enough hard evidence to prove murder.[30] Bartlett notes that hunting was dangerous.[31] Poole says the facts “look ugly” and “seem to suggest a plot.” John Gillingham points out that if Henry had planned to murder his brother it would have been in his interest to wait until a later time. It looked as though there would soon be a war between William and his elder brother Robert, which would result in one of them being eliminated, thus opening the way for Henry to acquire both England and Normandy through a single assassination.[32] Tirel fled immediately. Henry had the most to gain by his brother’s death. Indeed, Henry’s actions “seem to be premeditated: wholly disregarding his dead brother, he rode straight for Winchester, seized the treasury (always the first act of a usurping king), and the next day had himself elected.”[33][34]
      The plan was to take out many of the royal family at the 2012 London Olympics and have Harry as king but the plot was foiled and Michael Shrimpton was put up as a lone nut on an unbelievable conspiracy theory.

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