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Featured Image – Bikram Choudhury of Bikram Yoga – the man himself. It is said that the most accomplished Yoga masters (Yogis?) can balance on the backs of their sex cult followers – while fighting off numerous sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits at the very same time. This guy has it down pat. 


As Media Whores falls out of bed most mornings – we often find ‘ourselves’ breaking into some sort of extravagant yoga pose. On a good day this will drag on for at least a few minutes, until we remember our fond addiction to nicotine…and what ever else they are adding to the tobacco these days…then commence around 30 minutes of deep breathing / smoking exercises before ‘shooting up’ some high grade caffeine.

At least that’s what we call it. Yoga. The experts may in fact disagree – but it is our body we are talking about – so fk off.

All the experts can fk off in fact. That is probably the best health advice you will ever get. Tell all and every ‘expert’ to fk off. If you can do this consistently throughout your life – starting today – you still stand a chance.

When you try telling a “Phd” to fuck off however – you will find they are often quite skilled at making you feel somehow guilty about it. Just remind them what Phd stands for – Potential Pedophile.

Anyways – Yoga.

But not just yoga – it is Jewish / Persian Magic Sex Cult Yoga we are covering today. Unsure what has prompted it……

This is the sort of yoga – as opposed to the everyday falling out of or into bed type yoga – that you can pay a lot of money for. Well not huge amounts admittedly – but just enough to insure that those running the new age sex magic cult yoga classes get rich….over time. Yoga is all about patience. And making money. And sex.

If you pay enough money for your Persian Jewish sex cult classes – there will be some very attractive people in them. You know – the high fashion types. The Ponsonby Mk Ultra handbag ladies and those sorts. It will also be teaming with faggots. Faggots have some of the highest disposable incomes these days – due to all of the new age ‘liberal’ and politically correct corporate (communist) hiring policies, and as it slowly becomes illegal to promote straight people – and faggots love yoga.

Not to single out the faggots and Ponsonby plastic surgery hand bag and Mk Ultra sex slaves chicks. That would be politically incorrect and something we will be trying to avoid for the next few days, at least (been told off / warned again).

A better, broader and less controversial description would simply be – people who love sex. Addicted to it. Their entire lives are based around it. And it is a cult. A media driven cult which employs some of the finest Jewish psychiatric methods in the World – pumped out everyday via the media, symbolism, advertising, even the new age sexualized MP’s (our so called leaders) and even the schools. Sex is everything. Sex is your God. The new Jewish Persian God. Of Sex. And Magic. And Yoga.

The best way to keep millions of blind zombie sheep in their permanently dumbed down state – as they are all led slowly but inevitably to their violent $laughter (usually on hospital operating tables) – is by using sex. Followed closely by appealing to their stomachs.

And thus the meteoric rise in the new age Jewish Persian homosexual, bisexual and just good fashion straight sex magic Yoga cult …fad. Followed closely by the rise of heavily processed meat kebab shops.

Our new age mystic leaders – with over sized noses – have managed to convince everyone that in order to be healthy – what you really need to do is dress up in skin tight tights, wax your back, put socks down your undies and go sit in a hot stinking room full of other lost new age lunatics – then twist, turn and stretch in a thousand different ways – all designed essentially to make sure that your genitals are planted squarely in the faces of those next to you.

This will bring you salvation…….eventually… long as you keep paying for it.

You could of course just stop eating dead things – such as dead animals – and do some mild stretches at home as you fall out of and into bed each day – but only by dressing up like some sort of diseased sex slave fruit loop and throwing your bodily fluids all over the mind controlled STD riddled fruitloops next to you – as some serial sexual deviant cleverly disguised as an expert instructor barks instructions at you – will you find peace.

Dear God.

There is nothing happening outside of you.

If you eat right – you do not need to do fuck all.

You do not need to climb a mountain. You do not need to swim the Cook Straight. You do not need to dress up like a homosexual disco ball with a banana hanging out your back pocket and bike down the highways at 80km/hour trying to commit suicide by traffic accident.

You do not need your stomach stapled.

You do not need a face lift.

You do not need to pay some new age doctor with an alleged degree from Calcutta University to put his hand up your bum.

All you need do – for your health – to escape the hell most of us spend a good portion of our lives in – is stop eating dead things.

You are what you eat.

Eat living food – you will live. Eat dead things…..fill in the blank.

Take it from an expert. And learn to know the difference between a government endorsed and certified expert (the Sir’s, Hon’s, PHD’s, Doctors etc) – whose job it is to kill you – and those who have just figured shit out.

Check out this fruit loop…and yes..he is / or has been fighting sexual assault allegations for many years. That is what new age Jewish Persian sex magic yoga is all about. Just another trendy mind control sex cult.

False Images….



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