Holden Goes Homo


Featured Image – Holden CEO – Mark Bernhard. Another one of these dribbling German liberals and featuring some nice wee homosexual brylcreem twirls. Not sure if those eyes are shape shifting. Some are suggesting CEO should be changed to CBO these days – as in Chief Bullshit Officer. 

Media Whores is under fire.

We have been informed by the guys who do some of our hosting that we have a very serious sounding police / policy officer trying to track us down – leaving messages for them at 9.30pm the other night, around 30 minutes after the first article asking if the new leader of the NaZitional Party – Simone Bridges – could be another homosexual transvestite and Mk Ultra child abuse and kidnapping victim. In fact that was 30 minutes after our first ever use of the word “faggot” if we are not mistaken. ‘Cougar’ is in – ‘faggot’ is apparent out. Mental note to self.

We have been warned that if we publish this police/ policy officers name – or even so much as suggest that he could be a professional communist pedophile minder – we will be switched off.

Being switched off could be the best thing that could happen to Media Whores to be frank. We are being stalked, harassed, eye balled, and baited almost everywhere we appear these days. We have even considered the idea of shutting the mouth, possibly having it surgically wired shut, finding a peaceful woman who is oblivious to the reality in which we all find ourselves living, settling down and maybe even having some kids – but let’s face it, having kids in a Nation run by psychotic masonic homosexual deviants who refuse to investigate their own historic child abuse, as well as the current Justin Davis Files, is a scary concept – not least given that sending them off to one of their schools is compulsory.

So we will soldier on – and bite the tongue. We could probably get away with asking however – what sort of ‘police officer’ works at 9.30pm at night? It shows just how closely the homosexual pedophiles running our Nation are watching us – and that the police are fast becoming the private protection squad for these lunatics – if they haven’t always been.

The same thing is happening in ChCh we note – if you are a political threat – or just start telling the truth or even organizing – the homosexual elite fascists set the private investigators and police upon you. …..ref: Cam Preston….


It is the Soviet / communist model after all and these pervert transgender lunatics always end up becoming more and more authoritarian as they attempt to march us all once again towards their homosexual transvestite lizard utopia. Ref the Bolsheviks..and possibly even the Nazis depending on who you listen to.

Anyways – let’s sneak a few of these articles in while we still can.

Holden has apparently gone homo now also. One of the last iconic ‘masculine’ brands of old.

Many hold out for a while. Until they are either destroyed completely, or their helicopters start dropping out of the skies.


Dick Smith another example – he took the money but still wouldn’t butt out and shut up – so they completely destroyed his brand as pay back and to sully his legacy and name.

Mostly though – they just buy up a majority of the stock and eventually put in a sexually ‘compromised’ CEO/CBO – to do their bidding.

And hey presto – it is pat of the global corporate / communist homosexual agenda……Not they we have seen any direct evidence this is the case here of course….


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  1. Fear is a sin says:

    Agreed bro. I know someone who actually manages one .. his FB screams out that he enjoys engaging in similar activities to that particular logo. And his ‘Mrs’

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