Juicy Snooze Hotel Pods Christchurch 666


Featured Image – Juicy Snooze Hotel Christchurch – another fairly obvious black cube/ 666.


Opps hang on – here it is…so liberal…nice non threatening colours….

But wait – there is more  – some people like it – in Christchurch to see his ‘photographer’…cough cough….we will bite the tongue…..but not the pillow….


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    political defect says:

    Just like in the Japanese Airports, and also from the Sci-Fi series ‘LEXX’ where Stanly Tweedle sleeps in a pod as noted on the first episode!
    This will be the next step down from a ‘Tiny Home’ & these terribly tiny accommodations are in fact against the UN and OECD Standards for being considered Habitable Human Housing!
    The Freemasons love it!! Just like a Bee Hive; keeping the Pupae , Drones, Workers and the Queen Bee in check at all times!!!! All On The Square, and never mind those Pillar of Society’ (Jachin & Boaz) that continue to commit high crimes and subversions!

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