‘Jacinda Ardern’ Covers Up TPP Signing with Elaborate Tax Payer Funded Trip to Samoa


Featured Image – ‘Jacinda Ardern’ greets her alleged ‘father’ at the airport in Samoa. Image compliments of Radio Communist NZ “assets” – assets indeed. Note the cameras have been strategically placed so as to not show the alleged father’s face. They say he was promoted to some sort of ambassador’s role in the Pacific – but could well be dead for all we know. If it is still the same ‘father’ – rest assured he will be worth a lot of money now – compared to the old days of a low level Masonic Mormon in the Waikato. Not sure if Samoa now has a growing problem with missing children but probably worth looking into – we bet many have disappeared after the recent storms – with many more forced into masonic state and church ‘care’. 


There are two types of people who voted for Jacinda Ardern – or who voted at all really – retards and members of the masonic  ‘club’  – mostly demonic blood line family members, freemasons and senior members of the various masonic ‘christian’ churches.

Admittedly most of them would have been just members of the inbred masonic club. And a handful of accompanying mind controlled retards. These fascists just make up the elite-con results these days anyway – manufacture the voter turnout and the actual result. It makes no difference whatsoever who you vote for – if you are thick enough to vote to begin with.

The manufactured character that is ‘Jason Derella’ or ‘Transcinderalla’ was put together decades ago in preparation for the eventual demise of John ‘Key’ – another fake name and manufactured character – and to take over the reigns of the globalist communist (now referred to as capitalist) private corporate beast we refer to as ‘government’ (as in govern the mental).

We have previously covered how the Jacinda Ardern we see on our TV screens now is not the same ‘girl’ that TVNZ tried to pass off as a younger Jacinda Ardern in the lead up to the last elite-con.

The Transvestigations – Has Jasonderella Ardern Been Replaced?

John Key ended up fleeing the Nation before the end of this term and so Peter Thiel – who had long been groomed for the role of first female communist leader to ‘give birth’ while in office – was rushed in from overseas and granted citizenship illegally in just 12 days and commenced his latest acting role…..that of ‘Jacinda Ardern’. For those still struggling with this fact – along with flat Earth – remember that at the top levels of this demonic / masonic pyramid of blood sacrifice, these demons are doing full body blood transfers and can make themselves look 20 years younger within days – as well as pick up the DNA traits of the blood donors ie) use female blood, look more feminine – use the original Jacinda Ardern’s blood, start looking like her. Peter Thiel has apparently also been wearing a nose prostheses for a long time in preparation for covering up his various roles – and thus these extreme profile photos around the place. Surely, it can’t be true……..well…. yes you live on a flat Earth folks…….

Are the ‘Elites’ Drinking ‘Virgin’ Blood to Reverse the Aging Process?

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

Is Mark Zuckerberg a Fictional Character Played by Peter Thiel?

So aside from the small slip up with John Key fleeing New Zealand as the Hilary Clinton child sex trafficking ring stories broke – along with the news that he was helping to fund it – along with the sudden death of Sarah Higgins – apparently implicating both him and his son Max – and his daughter starting to break down in an MK Ultra glitch with naked photos of herself appearing all over the internet – accompanied with allegations she had been part of an elite child sex grooming ring her (his?) entire life ………everything has gone to masonic plan and the carefully laid out script. Well – and the elephant in the room which is the apparent world wide success of MediaWhores.co.nz – but that is just being ignored for now.

The TPP/ TPPA/ CPTTP – a new title each time they fucked it up – has now been signed.


An extravagant tax payer funded trip /holiday to Samoa and the pacific Islands for Peter Thiel and his allegedly homosexual drug addict boyfriend, Clark Gayford/ Gaylord – timed/ scripted perfectly for the signing of the TPP overseas – another $10 million of aid for Samoa, that no one voted for or even got wind of before it happened – that will now no doubt be funneled through all of the masonic child sex churches and related ‘agencies’ – and of course an army of professional photographers to accompany them so as to pump out all of the happy smiley images of Peter Thiel hugging Samoan children……before a good portion of them all disappear into the night.

And the TPP signed at the same time overseas – and given a small little back page article in the NZ newspapers – hidden amongst two pages of smiling Jacinda Ardern/ Peter Thiel kissing baby photographs – and signed no less than by David Parker – another one of these new age MP’s with hidden personal details on his Wiki page (in fact nothing at all)


ie) he is another homosexual . And a fascist one at that. Homosexual fascism is the agenda. They are almost all homosexuals these days, as the state mergers with the global corporations – and they do as they please, despite the biggest protests in NZ history….We are being governed over by homosexual fascist…..same as in Nazi Germany some claim….and clearly the same global agenda of control and domination – that would be anal domination……

Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason

Oh and Jane Kelsey is yet to comment – no doubt another new age homosexual – if not a another of these inbred elite men dressed in drag- She works at a Government university for fks sake. Wake the fk up. If they are given a spot on the 6 oclock ‘news’ they are lying.

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lenin.

This is all very obvious – child’s play really – once you come to accept that at the very top end of this fake masonic / demonic system – these Eastern European / Germanic / Transylvanian  ‘elites’ – the very oldest of them – are in fact shape shifting lizards – who have been around for a very, very long time – controlling our reality.

And they are marching us all towards global corporate/ communist government – the corporations being the new government – as a stepping stone to full implementation of Agenda 21 – which includes reducing the Earth’s population to 500 million….all of whom will be microchiped….while they all drive around the world in luxury campervans and doing helicopter sight seeing tours around all of the new “pest free” green zones – those pests they are referring to being anything other than themselves.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Faggots write fiction.

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