Goldman Sachs Plans for the Depopulation of the East Coast of New Zealand


Featured Image – BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. We are repeating our article of this title from 2012 – underneath our customary rant…….and some new info to help put it in perspective…..


Not sure how many people noticed our website going down yesterday for an hour or so.

It seemed to be completely removed from Google search results at the very same time.

‘They’ must have thought better of it because it all came back up an hour or two later – but the kill switch is clearly there and ready to go.

The interesting thing is that just in the past few days, we have changed tact a little bit and instead of harping on about Jews we have instead been using the ‘masonic inbreed demon race’ line – stating once or twice that they are some sort of undead lizard race from Eastern Europe some where – more Germanic than anything else.

And whammo – the shit hits the fans. Seems you can harp on about “the Jews” as much as you like – but not the Germ-mans.

The English Royals are all German of course. Saxe Coburg Gotha. So are the Dutch Royals. They own all of the oil companies some say. Royal Dutch Shell one obvious example. And British Petroleum perhaps?

And think of all of those big wig names they give us of modern day history, Einstein, Freud, Oppenheimer etc – all Germanic,  Austrian family backgrounds – and all full of shit masonic half truthers and fraudsters.

And everything they say Hitler and the Nazis dreamed of has now come true – via the new Israeli State military base command center. Zionist = Nazi = one world (communist) government.


Germany was the only nation still standing after the staged GFC in 2008. Then their banks took over /invaded Greece, Portugal etc. Then another of these homosexual German fascists was put in charge of the EU……

Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason

One thing is clear – these people own EVERYTHING – including Goldman Sachs and the entire financial system. And most of them seem to be trannies…..and faggots…..’liberal’ German faggots…..Ok – two things – they all speak like fucking lizards……Three things maybe –  they all seem to eat more dead animals per day than your average Komodo Dragon – just watch the Gem-man tourists / terrorists as they pass through town…..they sound like lizards and scoff down more red meat than your average oversized reptile. Maybe the red meat helps them keep their human form?

Read this website below for the best clue – AshkeNazi Jews own and run it all. ie) Nazi Jews. lol. As humanity spent the last 75 years debating whether it was the Jews or the Nazis – same thing all along. The so called ‘fake Jews’ and arguably anyone actually calling themselves a “Jew”. Mostly red haired and red bearded it could be noted – but not all red heads presumably  – only members of ‘the club’. Follow the money. Sometimes called Khazars also. The Bible makes clear that you are a Jew within – not without – so all of these guys running around with their black Saturnian hats are presumably a fraud also……it is Saturn worship.

Who Controls Goldman Sachs?

When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America…..

Who Controls America?

They also seem to refer to themselves as The House of David – David being a reference to Saturn/ Satan – see video at end of article – “Marching to Zion”. The ruling bloodline. The children of Saturn is another phrase we have heard – we have often posted Trample on Snakes work…..a young German guy it should be noted….he has done some brilliant stuff on this lizard / reptile bloodline…..

And they are apparently bombing NZ’s fault lines, trenches and hillsides as they search for oil and try to get access to the stuff they already know is there. We have oil and gas fields “the size of Texas” it was reported some years back.

Media Whores’ Top Article has over 150 Million Views – Christchurch Earthquake/ Amazon Warrior

East Christchurch is gone burger – there is massive phosphate resources off that coast line and there will probably be a giant phosphate factory there in 20 years. Once they finally wipe out all of the flightless Kiwi “pests”.

A picture speaks a thousand words…..on those poor ‘liberal’ councilors ( liberal fascists) alway being harassed by the’ antisemitic homophobic white supremacist domestic terrorists’……who had their entire community bombed by Goldman Sachs and then got no insurance payout from the same foreign bank run financial industry……. We are now governed over by a bunch of fascist ‘liberal’ lunatics……in non threatening pink shirts.


Image – Cam Preston – and a new age ‘liberal’ fascist, Southern Response chief executive Peter Rose – who employs use of the SS/ secret police on the public. Its time to say enough Kiwis – to these filthy fascist lunatics. 

In fact they seem intent on wiping out the entire City – now adding chlorine to the already fluoridated water.

Kaikoura is on its way out – thanks to “Earthquakes” that just happened to run right up State Highway One – what are the odds? Even though the quake was centered in North Canterbury. They will do it slowly of course – keep screwing up the repairs and then trigger more ‘earthquakes’ later on.

Earthquakes are another Jewish/ Ashkenazi Hoax folks. Everything is.

And now this – spending $100 million on “earthquake research” off the coast of Gisborne. lol. Give us a fkg break. Laying explosives in the trenches more like it.

Most of these fruitloop “experts” they quote are import Ashkenazi Jews. PHD stands for pedophile. New Zealand has been flooded with them in the past 20-30 years. They are Nazis. The same ones sexually abusing all of the children as far as we can tell. They do as they please – we are their food – and there is oil and gas the size of Texas off our shores. They want all of it. We are just the “pests” in the way – thus the massive chemical warfare we are now under – in the supermarkets, water supplies, 1080, chlorine, poisoned booze and tobacco, and the meth. It is these same Ashkenazi Jews that are running the meth into New Zealand – often using Chinese gangs – they run China also and have done since they installed and financed Mao – another half breed Ashkanazi Jew, if you wanted to look into it..

New Zealand is one of the biggest food producers per capita in the World – and we now pay more for our own food than they do overseas in parts of Europe and Asia – after these filthy fascists ship it there. Not to mention 95% of food sold in the’new world’  supermarkets these days is poisonous and toxic with all sorts of chemical additives in it. It is damn near illegal to buy real food in NZ these days – and people can’t even afford to buy honey any longer – as they all skite about their ‘record profits’. Coca cola is cheaper then clean water – even as these same inbred criminals sell drilling licenses to Chinese companies (that they are all invested in no doubt).

These inbred thieving cnuts should be lynched in the streets – some would well argue.

Meth is a weapon of war, used to wipe out entire cities and communities, as they build more Serco jails to chuck the addicts in – then confiscate their children for their child sex rings posing as charities and adoption agencies – same as the Clinton child trafficking rings that they operate in every country they invade. The meth is run via the local Criminal Bar Association lawyers/ liars, the ‘circuit’ judges – all of the tribe member ones at least – and the top masonic policemen. They use gang members and WINZ slaves to distribute it around our communities, once the Chinese triads get it onshore.

They also have an army of pedophiles working for them – across Government and council – with some arguing that is all they will employ these days – pedophiles. You will notice how deathly quiet all of the NZ First Mp’s have gone? As well as all of the National ones. Pedophilia is the number one masonic weapon and way to enforce the code of silence. Politics is now pure Pizza gate……

Plus an a small army of washed up old Masonic pedophiles hiding out in our communities – dying slowly (and quickly) of all of the various fake new ‘diseases’ that they all worship – because their masonic pedophile doctor told them so ……still sucking the cocks of the people who used them their entire lives and are now murdering them with fake medicines ….as cannabis oil and the other cures remain suppressed and/or illegal. Watching as their loved ones die of the same – yet still following instructions from their pedophile bloodline masters – like faggots….indeed they worship faggots.

These Nazi/ Jewish mobsters are mass murdering Kiwis – under a cloud of “political correctness” – and we are all too fkg brainwashed to even speak out. In fact – we keep voting for them! All of the politicians are either related to each other (ie, Ashkenazi / German / Austrian Jews) or are pedophiles being bribed. It is the same in the media. In fact we even invite them all in as tourists so they can cruise around and watch it all happening – live. Its called Necrophiliac Tourism – paying to come and visit the people you are murdering, remotely.

And they are supported by a small army of brain dead masonic cock suckers across the masonic churches. A masonic church being any church that has never explained to their flock that they are living on a flat round Earth – and that Jesus was a vegan – which is all of them as best we can tell. These are the idiots who offer up their children to these pedophile monsters also. They worship them, even as they are murdered and abused by their masters at the same time. It is called “Stockholm Sydrome” – falling in love with the people that are gang raping you – and your kids. Or just plain old farming you if you prefer that language.

Below is the original article we wrote in 2012 about Goldman Sachs plans for the invasion and depopulation of the East Coast of NZ – it went mega viral overseas and would have had over 100 million views for sure. Note we used to rant about Nazis not Jews? Well its the same thing obviously. “Jews” is just a word they use up to help confuse his-story and keep everyone arguing as they continue their global rape and plunder. We are all “Jews” – the 12 tribes of Israel – Aries through Pisces – the human race. They laugh at us. Germany both created and financed Israel from the start – with help from the Russian Ashkenazis  as well. They still do.

Russias forgotten role in the creation of Israel 

The Soviet Union and the Creation of the State of Israel

The original media whores website was then taken down illegally by some Jew in Aussie who stated “if you want to fight this fight- you are on your own”.

Media Whores is apparently the only real ‘journalist’ in this entire Nation.

Goldman Sachs plan for the DEPOPULATION of the East Coast of NZ for oil & gas drilling by BP, Shell Oil & Todd Energy- next Kiwirail train to Auschwitz! User Rating: / 8PoorBest News – Latest Wednesday, 18 April 2012 02:49


The Dominion Post newspaper recently announced there is Trillions of dollars of untapped minerals, oil and gas around NZ shores… it just a coincidence that we have recently rewritten the Foreshore & Seabed Legislation, ‘elected’ a Goldman Sachs/ Merrill Lynch banker (the bankers for BP & Shell Oil) to run/ruin the Country, sold off Kiwirail and half our news media to the same banks as well as suffered massive/ record floods and earthquakes specifically around the regions where most of these resources lie, all in just a few short years? Or are we indeed under attack by these neo Nazi foreign oil companies and their criminal bankers (including our Prime Minister) over what could be as much as $4 Trillion dollars worth of oil, gas, phosphate and other valuable resources?

This same Global Banking Cartel and their oil companies have recently been carrying out massive genocide across the Middle East to capture their oil and gas resources, so what makes Kiwis think they wouldn’t also have a crack at us? Indeed they have already murdered 185 people in Christchurch and wiped out over 10,000 homes.

The Reality is that huge oil and gas resources were discovered in New Zealand back in the 1960’s during the Muldoon Government & a lot more has been found and hushed up since. The technology for finding & extracting deeper reserves of oil and gas has improved a lot since then and the militant, genocidal oil companies and their bankers have realized deep sea oil drilling in NZ would now be somewhat easier – and it would certainly be easier & cheaper to buy off NZ Government and media then depopulate New Zealand’s East Coast, than it is to invade a Middle Eastern Country and kill off half their populations- illegal and expensive wars these modern day Nazis are now losing.

Corrupt leaders and politicians in New Zealand have been taking payoffs from these criminals ever since. In fact, very few of our so called ‘leaders’ have not been in on it- view the full 40 year history of the corrupt politicians helping these criminals set up/ plan this invasion Click Here.

Any corrupt, sleazy Politician or Media Whore who is NOT discussing these facts – but chooses instead to confuse and divide NZ’ers with manufactured stories on problems created by the same Nazi banks, alcohol and pharmaceutical companies -is in on it and should be strung up by their balls and hung out to dry for future generations of Kiwis to both laugh at and study the corruption that used to rule our Country. There is enough money in these resources to feed, shelter, and educate every child in this Country for generations to come- even funding to help educate parents who are not currently raising their children well – as long as Kiwis get informed and demand these resources are used to our advantage & the good of the Country- and not just for the salaries of treasonous media whores and back handers/secret trust payments to treasonous, corrupt politicians. Perhaps even more importantly – only Kiwis will look after their environment for future generations- these criminal banks and oil companies will decimate it and not care – same as they have done in almost every Country they have invaded and attacked for the same reasons.


Here are the facts:

(To check any of these facts- Google the names involved- you will find these verifiable facts on the public record. They are from Company websites and official news sources. Simply Google the names involved and you can choose your own source)

Goldman Sachs are the bankers for both BP Oil and Royal Dutch Shell– the Global oil company Goliaths owned by the English & Dutch Royal Families (we doubt NZ’ers will think of them as friends for much longer or ever again).

Goldman Sachs recently instructed Ironbridge Capital of Australia (whom they also have a controlling interest in) to purchase Media Works in NZ – the owners of TV3, Radio Live and around 15 other radio stations across NZ – giving Ironbridge, Goldman, BP and Shell Oil direct access to the formation and control of New Zealand public opinion.

Goldman Sachs have invested in Kiwirail with ex Goldman Sachs executives being placed in senior management.

Kiwirail recently announced they don’t think it will be ‘viable’ to rebuild the rail line into the Gisborne area – this would inevitably reduceGisborne’s horticultural industry and further depopulate NZ’s East Coast.

Goldman Sachs were central players in the Finance Collapse of 2008 that wiped out the US middle class, stealing their homes and selling enough of that bad debt to the European banks to kick start the continuing Euro Zone collapse. Sachs were then bailed out by US Congress and tax payers to the tune of around $10billion dollars, then paying out around $14billion in bonuses to staff the following year.Theft on a grand scale which was pushed through the US Congress and House of Representatives using threats of nationwide martial law if the bail out bill was not passed exactly as written.

Goldman Sachs were in control of BP Oil during the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster which decimated that Coast line of the USA. Sachs sold large chunks of their stock in BP just days before the disaster. Inside information one might say & well documented.

Ironbridge Capital, now controlled by Goldman Sachs, have just announced they also wish to purchase Envirowaste in NZ which will give them control over the movements of toxic waste from BP, Shell & Todd Energy oil and gas drilling or fracking around the Country.

Getting the picture? Goldman Sachs, the bankers for BP and Shell Oil (and their subsidiary Todd Energy here in NZ) now have control over a large chunk of our media, the domestic rail network and soon a company that will allow any of those oil companies to ship/ hide their own toxic waste.

John Key can also be traced back to Goldman Sachs which he once actually worked for. A Google search for John Key and Goldman Sachs reveals reputable sources showing their close relationship over time. Goldman Sachs is also looking after John Key’s new convention centre finance.

BP, Shell and Todd Energy can be proven to be involved/ behind EVERY oil and gas company with interests in New Zealand – not least of which is TAG Oil who have the rights to drill up the Canterbury basin and whose share price quadrupled on the news of the first ChCh earthquake (Canadian stock exchange). With their extensive history of destroying environments and communities around the Globe (from Angola to Nigeria and IraqLibya and possibly soon Syria), these three oil and gas Nazi’s are very careful to use ‘small’ third party oil companies that they own with unrelated names.

The Dominion newspaper recently announced there could be as much as $4trillion of untapped minerals, oil and gas around NZ shores. Buying Media Works, Kiwirail, Envirowaste and supporting carefully chosen NZ Political Parties is a small drop in the bucket compared to those potential returns. Certainly easier than invading Iraq.

In the meantime, the Media Whores at TV3, Radio Live etc (all owned by Goldman Sachs) are carefully pushing the corruption around the illegal Casino deal bribery, but remain completely silent on Fracking, Goldman Sachs and oil and gas drilling rights- the most important issue to ALL Kiwis.

Now please allow Media Whores to join the dots here:

Read More….


John Key left Merrill Lynch, another well known partner of Goldman Sachs just prior to the US housing market collapse and just in time to come back to New Zealand and suddenly become the chosen leader of the National Party. On being elected, Goldman Sachs (via Ironbridge) raced in to buy up Media Works and take control over 50% of NZ media. They also raced in to buy Kiwirail around the same time – a deal in which John Key is on record lying about his shareholding to the public and then profiting from.

Since these events, we have had ‘news’ filtered through to us that proven oil, gas and mineral resources around NZ could be worth as much as $4 trillion dollars (Stuff newspaper).Approximately 30 “fracking licenses” have been issued to oil and gas companies around NZ to allow them to carry out toxic fracking which has been extensively shown World Wide to poison local water supplies and cause earthquakes- despite no public debate or mandate. The East Coast of New Zealand has been suffering Earthquakes and ‘record’ floods ever since (please also refer our article on HAARP – the military ‘weather weapon’ which targets the jet streams to cause massive floods and is proven to also cause Earthquakes).

After two record floods in the Eastcape/ Gisborne areas in the past 6 months, the Goldman Sachs controlled Kiwirail have now announced they will not be able to rebuild the rail line for that area – which will destroy the likes of Watties and other large agricultural businesses in that area, forcing even more people to leave their homes. This is small change compared to what these same greedy criminals have been doing to the likes Fiji (who didn’t want a foreign owned central bank), or PNG that is smothered in natural resources, both of which have also been experiencing ‘record’ 100 years floods within months of each other. The media also controlled by this criminal banking elite are very quick to blame such strange weather patterns on the “Global Warming” myth- a theory so clearly debunked by ALL real scientists not on their payroll and the first failed plan for the World’s first Global tax.

Shortly after the Christchurch earthquakes, a massive phosphate find was announced just 450km off the Coast of Christchurch – enough to mine 1 million tonnes of phosphate per annum.

Tag Oil, whose share price rocketed on news of the Christchurch earthquakes that killed 185 people and destroyed 10,000 homes in the City have since also announced that the entire Eastcoast of NZ could be a find “equal to the size of Texas”. In an investor-targeted presentation, TAG Oil has told investors in North America the East Coast is “literally leaking oil and gas”.

The container ship Rena was also grounded during these developments, spilling toxic chemicals, goods and trash into the Ocean and right across the Eastcape region, effecting the local food supply and tourism businesses and further encouraging people to leave the area.

Could it be any clearer Kiwis?

The criminal Goldman Sachs are clearly planning and working towards the depopulation of the East Coast of NZ – or anywhere they have found minerals, oil or gas. They have been employing the US military weapon HAARP to cause record flooding in the areas they need to depopulate. Goldman Sachs will benefit from the convenient accident in which the captain & or owners caused the Rena to go 50 miles off target and wreck a ship where it would cause the most environmental damage possible. As done in Fiji, PNG, Pakistan, India, Thailand and many other places either with resources or a Government that will not cooperate with them, their cohorts used HAARP to trigger Earthquakes around Canterbury, killing 185 people and depopulating the East Coast suburbs of ChCh. They have purchased our media to divert attention from all facts and any public release of accurate information regarding their intentions and on-going activities – HAARP has never been mentioned once in our media, neither has Goldman Sachs who are behind almost every large piece of news we do get (sprinkled with advertisements from the likes of ANZ Bank, also controlled by Goldman). They purchased Kiwirail so they could choose which rail lines to keep working and which to close down for the purposes of depopulation and economic migration away from the areas where the coveted resources reside. They now intend to buy Envirowaste so they can transfer toxic waste from fracking & drilling away from public view and put it where it can’t be monitored or traced.

All this has been happening right in front of our faces and could not be any clearer.

John Key was placed here and the media bought to help him get in power. Key is heavily invested in Bankers Trust and therefore Goldman Sachs and will be profiting both directly and indirectly from this massive attack on NZ resources and Kiwi livelihoods.

The death toll is already rising and will only get worse.

In our prized environment, core industries and tourism are seriously under threat- and purely for the interests of these greedy terrorists- the Royal Families, Goldman Sachs their bankers and the oil and gas companies they all control.

Wake up Kiwis.

The Global Banking Cartel and their Oil Companies, on behalf of the English and Dutch Royal Families are systematically killing off and depopulating whole sections of many countries, including New Zealand, so they can control over oil and gas resources.

Rise up Kiwis.

What can you do ? Tell your friends. Discuss the facts. Research all the information above using Google and / or Youtube for evidence.

You won’t find much by way of in depth reporting or carefully researched FACTS in our newspapers any more, it’s mostly just spin and trivia and always sponsored by the same criminals, if they don’t already outright own that source.

With high volume misdirection such as Casino deals, ACC scandals, P epidemics & manufactured racism, all being used to distract us from the real issues, it’s up to each of us to research the real facts and inform our friends and loved ones.

In an open and honest democracy, where the truth is revealed as a matter of course, John Key would be put on trial for High Treason and probably locked up for the rest of his life. Key and his co-conspirators, the ones behind these covert attacks on our country, our way of life (including Todd Energy and the English Royal family) are being exposed and should be banished from ANY further dealings in New Zealand – forever.

New Zealanders are waking up to the fact that these plans have been in place for more than 30 years. Since Robert Muldoon was Prime Minister, since Think Big projects cost the Taxpayer heavily and the South Basin Todd Energy oil / gas discoveries were made and hushed up in the 1970’s.

Kiwis are beginning to understand that most of our Government is behind this – almost all of our politicians go along with the corrupt agenda – and unless we wipe out our current “fascist old-boy network” political system, Goldman Sachs will simply put Labour or the Greens (or National) in charge next election. Nothing will be changed. Labour and the Greens will make a lot of noise about John Key and oil drilling, hoping they are elected, but they will still be in the pockets of the same Nazi/ criminal/ murderous bankers and politicians and will make sure nothing is substantially changed and those responsible get away with their crimes- as will they.

This is NOT democracy. New Zealand hasn’t been for over a generation now.

Rise up and wake up good Kiwis!

We are being raped and it couldn’t be any more obvious who is doing the raping.


New World Order in New Zealand Overview Part 1.flv


 John Key says: Christchurch Earthquake was man made? MR NEWS


Did HAARP weapon cause Haiti Earthquake killing thousands ?


The house of Rothschild – the Money’s prophets – full 56min

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