Can You Handle the Truth? #TheyLive


Trample on Snakes


It ain’t pretty folks – but it is the only thing that will ever set you free – so they say…….everything else is just some form of child abuse…..passed on down through the family….and ages…..lies…begetting more and more lies. Cover up after cover up. Swallowing spiders to catch the flies.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. May 8, 2013

Demons……in their ears…..

They are Reptilians. Slits if you remove 6 stars, reptilian Hegemony symbol. The 8 Ray star is the symbol of Reptilian universal ownership. They eat us and enslave us. They don’t look like how they are portrayed in movie. The reptilian was the one that seduced eve in Genesis and made man fall. Reptilian was a shapeshifting supernatural being with psychic capabilities that seduced eve, putting reptilian seed in her. That’s why Cain murdered his brother able, reptilian seed. Able was from the seed of Jesus… Reptilians eat us and need too in order to keep shape shift human form. Over 800k people/children go missing in America every year. From alien( Demons/fallen angels) abducting humans at national parks across America. So it’s not aliens in the documentary They Live, it’s supernatural shapeshifting Reptilians. They Live.



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    Lee says:

    NEW ZEALAND, HAVING AN “ILLEGAL” “CRIMINAL” GOVERNMENT, “at the beginning of time”. (including the criminal, illegal Government of NOW). Ever since the paedophile enabler and criminal thief of the “sovereignty of the law” of the people of New Zealand Prime Minister Massey allowed his Zionist puppet masters to create this situation at the end of World War One.
    As discovered by the Kiwi hunter. While THE ZIONISTS hunt the death of the people and not “my people are Royal”, the true hunter hunts the life of the people. With “life” being the guide, therefore Jesus Christ naturally becomes the guide, as “the way”, as the “truth”, since “I am the way, the truth and the life”.
    If that could ever be imagined!!!! Beyond the treaty of the funeral of the source of all life, (the Treaty of Waitangi) as being the criminal and illegal birthplace of New Zealand. That is serious stuff to have as the sacred geometric form, at the beginning of time, to control human beings present and future with. IN NEW ZEALAND. Because that is the only place where the power to do this “eternally”, and therefore seat Lucifer “eternally” resides.
    But this additional criminal Government and criminal (as opposed to legal) Law situation has even more implications as to the Rothschilds $ trillions, being returned to the people, where they belong. The people from which $ trillions were stolen from, in order to bind them into eternal debt slavery.
    So the business of “the dead shall rise from their graves” indicates NOT ONLY PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL freedom being restored, “in the last days”, BUT ALSO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Because it is ok to have the physical and spiritual freedom, only to be eternal (the power of all time) slaves to financial debt. The face of a merciful God would presumably not be content with this. Because that is what appears to be at work here and therefore it must obviously be the business of the face of a merciful God interceding. That enough is enough from this ZIONIST synagogue of Satan.
    It was mentioned also that their religion was made totally illegal once the intercession by Jesus Christ occurred. They seem to be at work splitting hairs at that point by creating an illegal law and an illegal Government (eternally) (by control of the beginning of time by sacred geometric form).
    Because if the law and Government are totally illegal as they are in New Zealand “at the beginning of time”, for the entire Aeon of Pisces (the ancients appear to have measured time in Aeons, so the term “all time” regarding the Israel of Abraham related to the Aeon of Aries, and not the Aeon of the new Covenant.
    Then that makes their religion of pedophile Satanism legal, not only at the beginning of time, but throughout all time. Therefore Lucifer reigns eternally. Requires illegal law and a criminal Government to exist in New Zealand at the beginning of time.
    As to the money involved and how the financial thievery worked.
    (1) The fruit of the labours of all those involved in World War One, was to establish the removal of the Treaty of the funeral of the source of all life at the beginning of time. It was also to establish a new and legal Government at the beginning of time. So as to thereby empower all nations and peoples with legal law and the removal of the funeral of the source of all life, from their lives. ETERNALLY. INSTEAD, as absolutely evil in the extreme THE EXACT OPPOSITE TOOK PLACE. In New Zealand and the ZIONIST control by the synagogue of Satan began. Simply as the usual denial, by whatever means possible, of the fruits of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Meaning the power of the antichrist was set in place to command sacred geometric form in New Zealand, and thereby control the earth.

    Therefore all monies spent by all Governments and all Nations of peoples, in World War One including Germany, was stolen by fraud and criminal deception. Along with all the interest terms on this money borrowed etc. So therefore all this money must be repaid by the synagogue of Satan (the ZIONISTS), with interest, and with interest on the interest paid on all this money borrowed. This interest on money to be paid by the synagogue of Satan would obviously be accumulative over 100 years.

    Then there are all the massive damages to each and every family involved. For every son and daughter maimed, butchered, cannibalised in war, and every mothers suffering and every fathers suffering and every town rebuilt, and all loss of production incurred. ETC.

    Then there is the question of whether World War 2 would ever have taken place at all without this original theft of the sovereignty of the law and the implementation of a criminal form of the treaty of Waitangi, at the beginning of time, so as to control all time by the synagogue of Satan, by the effects of the power of sacred geometric form. Because Hitler convinced the German people that their war would be the war to end all wars. (the milleniumn of peace). YET that had already been achieved in World War One when all the people rushed off the “the war to end all wars”. RESULTING IN A PEACE AGREEMENT. That was then stolen by the Zionists to be able to enthrone Lucifer eternally on earth and enslave all the peoples of all the Nations.

    So it would be suggested that the $500 trillion belonging to the Rothschild criminal mafia cabal, will almost be enough to pay the bill. Most of which belongs to the American people, due to the massive future damages caused.

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