Cougars v’s Faggots


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Hands up if you know someone who is wetting their nappies over our use of the term “faggot” of late?

Just ask them why – or if – they think it is appropriate to use the term “cougar” to describe older women who hunt younger men. The mainstream media use it all of the time – make jokes about it – have done for years.

Those two terms are the very same thing.

Do you still eat food with “thickeners” in it? And other additives? Do you still drink the big city tap water? Do you still eat a lot of dead animals? So you need us to explain this to you? Sure thing – that’s what we do here at Media Whores.

Cougars are women of an older age who have been abused – usually both sexually and emotionally – and usually from a very young age. Most often by their fathers, or other close family members, then again often by their ex (or current) husbands. The men that abused them are of a cold blooded/ reptilian nature and were often sodomised as kids – but will never admit it. They blame their mothers for not protecting them – which is usually also true and then seek to control and hurt the women in their lives later on. Love…hate…codependency….never ending abuse.The cycle continues…….on and on…passed on down through the family…and the ages.

These ‘cougars’ then act out in anger later in life and try to fuck the hole in their hearts better. Doesn’t work. They become hooked on the thrill,/rush/ blood/ hunt and are rewarded with an equal dose of pain, suffering, shame and loneliness. That is called Universal Law – seek pleasure, get an exact equal dose of pain. Eventually the lucky ones learn to find peace and feed the soul, one way or another.

Faggots are almost invariably the victims of child sex abuse and/or emotional abuse from family members, usually from their parents and then act out in anger as they age, trying to fuck as many other people as they possible can to try and fill the gaps in their hearts and souls. Doesn’t work. Most end up with STD’s and many more are convinced by the masonic doctors that they have a nonexistent disease called “AIDS” and then proceed to kill themselves with drugs. The lucky ones heal.

The trick to healing for both of these types of sex addicts – is to cut the ties with those who have abused them – asap. Most however are hanging on to the purse strings or social status of those who abused them and eventually go to their graves with their secrets and suffering. They never find the courage (which is the same word as cougar oddly enough) to seek their own way/ soul.

It is the exact same story.

Now do you know why one of those terms is socially acceptable – celebrated even – while the other is called “politically incorrect” and can even open you up to a prosecution from the Government and even jail time these days?

Well here are some clues below.

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ie) we are not governed over by cougars.

And certainly not suggesting we should be. Sex addicts of any description are not fit to lead nations………in the older/ more sane days it was considered that they in fact had ‘demons’ controlling them……..and pedophilia scandals were almost unheard of….children in our Nations were safe…these days it is relentless…and always being covered up……they have built not just a culture of child abuse, but an entire political system around it.

Allegations Clarke Gayford is a Speed/ Meth Smoking Drug Addict & Built his Media Career by “Spreading his cheeks”




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