On Jews and Germans


Featured Image – Nazi/ Zionist coin minted under Hitler – who was another Zionist/ Ashkenazi Jew – the same inbred demonic fkwits raping the entire World again now.


Often after firing off one of our ‘extremist’ rants we go back and read it and realize it doesn’t sound quite right.

That previous article about Goldman Sachs bombing the hell out of NZ as they search for oil and gas – it leans towards describing all Germans as being part of this Ashkenazi/ Jewish plot to take over the World.

That is a stretch.

Perhaps were it gets confusing is that so many of the Germans we see traveling in NZ these days are in fact German Jews. The ones with the money – and the tendency towards ‘Necrophiliac Tourism’ – as in paying lots of money to come and watch the Kiwis get bombed, displaced, and chemically murdered under the current Zionist regime – Jacinda Ardern regime included. Nothing will change under Ardern – and if you think it will you are retarded. She is of the Masonic bloodline – they all are. There is no political ‘opposition’ – there is a giant global financial system for which they ALL work.

It would be wrong however to state or suggest that of the Germans are in on it. We doubt that.

It is these creepy ‘liberal’ pedophile types that people should be watching out for. The highly educated ones. The “experts”.

They often like to refer to themselves as “intelligent” – blissfully unaware what that word really means – in-tell-a-gent – being able to remember and then repeat a high percentage of what you have been told to believe by the Jews. You being a ‘Gent’ or ‘Gentile’ – which means a castrated male in Hebrew. ie) those who refer to themselves as “intelligent” are stating they are good at believing then repeating all of the ‘glow-ball-ist’ ball-shit they have been force fed via the masonic education/ brainwashing system – and that they have been castrated. ie) castrated retards.

It is a demonic / masonic bloodline we are dealing with here. The so called Ashkenazi and/or Khazar Jews.

Who appear to be the leadership of all Jews really. Very few seem to speak out about it.


The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary HD


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    Lee says:

    When in 1996, the Kiwi hunter got deported out of Germany under armed guard and so drugged that he couldn’t stand or clean himself etc, and accompanied by falsified documentation in order to have him killed in NZ, he managed to escape that by a seriously Biblical fluke of fate. BUT what is important is after that, when setting up safe houses over there so that he could go back and finish off the job, he was fortuitously made aware of top secret documents circulating in Germany that they intended controlling the world, but this time it would be by pitting religion against religion, that they would not let Germany be destroyed again. As being a bit of information to remember when some stuff gets confusing, the agenda is to pit religion against religion, in order to dominate the world. They don’t care what religions they are, only to use them as their dinky toys.

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    Uncle Hormone says:

    The first video in this article has been disabled by You Tube, as part of the on-going global cansorship to prevent proof and to keep the masses dumbed-down and prevent questioning the scripted history, as opposed to the actual history.
    Get the International Red Cross to send you the actual number of Jews murdered in the Konzentration Kamps!
    That will include a break-down of murdered and gassed Gypsies, 7th Day Adventists, Freemasons, Political Enemies of the State, Foreign nationals, Partisans, Communists, and some POW’s.etc.

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    llloyd says:

    The Nazis obsessed with the JQ were nearly all poor Christian Jews related to the rich Zionist Jews. The recent disturbances in Poland and UK is the truth is being revealed. In Poland and really everywhere else in Europe, nativist populations had turned on their Jewish neighbours in a situation resembling Rawanda. If they had not been put into the camps, more would have died. The camps were really education camps in preparation for settlement outside Europe. That at least was a brilliant success. Hoess’ daughter was sheltered and supported by Jews after the war and died of old age in New York.

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