Alleged Nelson Car Crash Victim Carmen Yanko Remembered


Featured Image – Carmen Yanko – allegedly


Folks – that last article we just did on every Jew having 2800 slaves – that is probably the best available analysis of what is going on in the World and who runs it that you will find on the internet. We have updated it and added quite a bit more info and we strongly recommend saving it (right click Save) and sharing it far and wide. That compilation of information about the Jews is pure gold and can serve to wake up millions if shared around.

Thought we would do a quick follow up on the Nelson car crash article from the other day.

As you know Phillip Stretch was “33” and alarm bells should ring every time you hear or see that number in the news media. The masons that control this reality use it all of the time in their fake news.

Media Whores asked the question if the article was fake of course – and perhaps the most interesting thing is that there has been no backlash at all. Like a code of silence. No one seems to care too much. We did state however that maybe their was a real victim.

Demonic Masonic Faggot Allegedly Murders Nelson Woman

We went looking for Carmen Yanko on Facebook the same day and could only find one blank profile….

But when we looked again today we found another one …..oddly this one has no name in the URL as most people do – just an automatically generated Facebook ID number…

Interesting to note that not one of her friends or family have made any comments at all about her tragic demise…

We noticed a name in her friends list of the same last name – turns out this is her daughter. She has posted one photo of her mum – with no message at all – and that has around 80 comments. Not one person is angry at all that she was killed – just all sending love and saying how tragic it is.

Lighthouse Spiritual Awareness Centre president Dennis Nolan said Yanko, 53, had been on the centre’s committee for several years. Although her Facebook page says she was “self employed”…..

Lighthouse Nelson on Facebook below – Lucifer and the reptilian man symbols all over it – as you might expect for the fake new age movement…One wonders if his new age “Lighthouse” cult has taught its members they live on a Flat Earth yet? And that eating sacrificed animals is pure Jewish ritualistic mind control – and the only thing that keeps them all unhealthy to begin with?

Found Dennis Nolan’s. It is covered with occult symbolism – not least fiery Phoenix styled reptilian demons – and the customary “X” – the symbol of the planet Saturn. ie)  riddled with Masonic/ demonic symbolism. The Nelson region is crawling with these types – and their fake new age movements…..worshiping the Jewish God, Lucifer or some other sort of reptile/ all seeing snake…..

A policeman (Johnson) said the person they had been looking for had been linked to the fleeing car., but “He wouldn’t say why police were looking for the person, as it was part of the ongoing investigation into the triple fatality.”

Erm – they were looking for someone else – but they found these two – and now they are dead – and now that is part of the original investigation? Give us a break. What a load of rubbish.

And finally – the dates that Phillip Stretch was in jail, but not really in jail, then back in jail while out committing crimes at the same time, then disappeared for 10 years, then reappeared, at age 33, to kill someone else……..erm…- don’t add up…

But there is a death notice in the local paper of course – with friends saying he was a lovely caring young man – that killed two people – so it must all be true….surely…

Go back to sleep NZ – your Government loves you – and it IS NOT the Jews.

Not that we are saying the entire thing has been staged – or that the Masons and their demonic little Mk Ultra queers haven’t murdered another innocent person – but we do know they stage this sort of shit all the time – and when you see the number 33 – always look again 😉

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7 thoughts on “Alleged Nelson Car Crash Victim Carmen Yanko Remembered”

  1. Have you looked into the MacDonalds Upper Hutt shooting? I can send you through some info on that production. The red flag was a training scheme for at risk former youth offenders stationed at Trentham had its closing ceremony attended by the political minister involved the day after the apparent shooting and he was a former attendee of the course!

    1. And on the crash, it looked like it was staged, cars smashed in a controlled crash elsewhere like crash test dummies, the crash was at sparrows fart when minimal traffic is on the road, and not a spot of blood!

      1. mediawhores says:

        nice one 😉
        yo got it
        staging car crashes is one of their favorites
        and always churchie type victims – masons and new age “light workers” lol

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